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Two things that can never be contained? Velociraptors and zombies.
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— Kresley Cole
Zombies are then a symbol of our own mad urges to destroy ourselves, and a terrifying portent that we might succeed.
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— Kim Paffenroth
Say what you will about zombies and their hygeine issues,at least they kill you fast.College acceptance boards? They like to draw out the torment as long as possible.
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— Kiersten White
I'm obsessed with zombies. I like watching zombie movies and I read zombie books.
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— Kevin Bacon
The zombies were like Canadians, in that they looked enough like real people at first, to fool you.
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— Kelly Link
Zombies are the proletariat. Long live the workers!
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— Justine Larbalestier
Knowing without any doubt that the newly elected cannot help but be his zombies, Obama is the cat who swallowed the canary.
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— Judi McLeod
I love zombies. I don't know how else to answer that... I have trouble falling asleep, so there are certain scenarios I use in my head to relax. I find sniping zombies very relaxing.
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— Jhonen Vasquez
I quickly decided my zombies weren't really zombies. It was instead something you called people who were on this club drug, who then exhibited aggressive behaviors. And then like everyone who writes about zombies, I found it was so much fun.
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— Jess Walter
I think that voodoo as a spiritual tradition has been demonized for so long in popular culture. I wanted to write against that and write a character who practiced that spiritual tradition who was not evil and intent on creating zombies or causing pain through voodoo dolls or whatever.
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— Jesmyn Ward
As technology improves, on-screen avatars look more and more like real people. When they start looking too real, though, we pull away. These almost-humans aren't quite right; they look creepy, like zombies.
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— James Surowiecki
I saw the first episode of "The Walking Dead," and that's all I've seen. I thought it was good. I used to love zombies when I was little, but I don't like them the way I used to. I'm not knocking the show.
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— James Patterson
Holly: Seriously, you don't like unicorns? What kind person doesn't like unicorns? Justine: What kind of a person doesn't like zombies? What have zombies ever done to you? Holly: Zombies shamble. I disapprove of shambling. And they have bits that fall off. You never see a unicorn behaving that way. Justine: I shamble. Bits fall off me all the time: hair, skin cells. Are you saying you disapprove of me?
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— Holly Black
My main influences are pop and folk music - Bob Lind, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, the Motown collection, The Zombies, Elliott Smith, and a ton of 70's AM radio hits. I love powerpop too.
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— Greta Salpeter
A lot of the conventions aren't full of "Cheers" fans. They are more themed for fans of monsters and zombies.
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— George Wendt
Zombies are the real lower-class citizens of the monster world and that's why l like them.
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— George A. Romero
It is amazing to me how deeply into the popular culture the creature has become. There are zombie walks in every major city. I live in Toronto, and last year 3,000 people came out dressed as zombies.... I do not get it. Maybe it's an easy costume: Splash some ketchup on and rip up your jeans - although most people already have torn jeans - and you're done.
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— George A. Romero
I'll never get sick of zombies. I just get sick of producers.
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— George A. Romero
My zombies will never take over the world because I need the humans. The humans are the ones I dislike the most, and they're where the trouble really lies.
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— George A. Romero
I also have always liked the monster within idea. I like the zombies being us. Zombies are the blue-collar monsters.
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— George A. Romero
I think zombies would fit in anywhere. You can tell any story, and put zombies in it. I don't know how I'd find the backing, but I think it'd be great to make a zombie gangster movie.
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— George A. Romero
I always thought of the zombies as being about revolution, one generation consuming the next.
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— George A. Romero
I'm like my zombies. I won't stay dead!
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— George A. Romero
Zombies are the blue-collar monsters
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— George A. Romero
I can't really make fun of zombies. They're not liars. They're not cheats.
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— George A. Romero
I keep a little notebook of things that I can do to the zombies that might be silly and fun.
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— George A. Romero
Zombies are always moving fast in video games. It makes sense if you think about it. Those games are all about hand-eye coordination and how quickly can you get them before they get you.
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— George A. Romero
Zombies aren't about zombies. It's not about the dead bodies. I think it's a very hopeful subgenre. It says that regardless of what happens, humanity will get through it. We'll figure out a way to survive.
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— Gene Luen Yang
Zombies, believe me, are more terrifying than colonists.
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— Frantz Fanon
I like Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory because some children deserve to be taken to a chocolate factory and tortured. I like Dawn of the dead because you don't normally get to kill all of the zombies hanging out at the mall.
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— Doug Benson
In language that is searing and lyrical, evocative and precise, this exceptional book thinks with the zombies, specters, felons, slaves, dogs, cadavers, and other entities that are the remnants of loss and dispossession in the law. Dogs and people are abundantly present here, even as the legal fictions they are made to inhabit are exposed with acid lucidity. These are hard histories made readable by Dayan's precious acts of writing.
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— Donna J. Haraway
Something coming back from the dead was almost always bad news. Movies taught me that. For every one Jesus you get a million zombies.
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— David Wong
Zombies - obviously they're doing it in a much more expansive way on The Walking Dead - basically, what you used to do is you put a bunch of goo on an actor and have them shamble towards you, and it's a very effective creature. It always has tremendous impact, just that feeling of death coming for you; that's universally accepted.
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— David Hayter
Cillian Murphy is the guy who battled viral zombies in '28 Days Later' and put a gas-spewing bag over his head in 'Batman Begins'. With his pallor, cut-glass cheekbones and glazed blue eyes, he's right on the border between dreamboat and spooky freak.
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— David Edelstein
Because the idea of zombies seems to make sense, and seems to, in a certain sense, be possible, I think one can use that to argue against the thesis that everything is purely physical. Now many people, I think, agree that the idea of zombies are conceivable, including people who want to be physicalists.
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— David Chalmers
I think the existence of zombies would contradict certain laws of nature in our world. It seems to be a law of nature, in our world, that when you get a brain of a certain character you get consciousness going along with it.
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— David Chalmers
A philosopher might find the general work unsophisticated, and scientists are often bemused by esoteric talk of zombies, supervenience, and possible worlds.
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— David Chalmers
Since I had a soft spot for zombies and my curiosity was killing me, I opted for plan Z.
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— Darynda Jones
Zombies, vampires, Frankenstein's monster, robots, Wolfman - all of this stuff was really popular in the '50s. Robots are the only one of those make-believe monsters that have become real. They are really in our lives in a meaningful way. That's pretty fascinating to me.
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— Daniel H. Wilson
Some international relations scholars would posit that interest in zombies is an indirect attempt to get a cognitive grip on what U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld famously referred to as the "unknown knowns" in international security. Perhaps, however, there also exists a genuine but publicly unacknowledged fear of the dead rising from the grave and feasting upon the entrails of the living.
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— Daniel Drezner