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    youth Quotes

    Today's youth have been cast in a condition of liminal drift, with no way of knowing whether it is transitory or permanent.
    — Zygmunt Bauman
    tags: youth  knowing 
    I accidentally entered a youth pageant when I was 14. That's like a beauty pageant, but without the beauty. It was terrible.
    — Zooey Deschanel
    tags: beauty  youth 
    How do I know that loving life is not a delusion? How do I know that in hating death I am not like a man who, having left home in his youth, has forgotten the way back?...someday there will be a great awakening when we know that this is all a great dream. Yet the stupid believe that they are awake, busily and brightly assuming they understand things, calling this man ruler, and that man a herdsman- how dense!
    — Zhuangzi
    I think we are in a time where the youth play such a huge role. It's up to us to go the extra mile to vote and raise our voices.
    — Zendaya
    tags: time  youth 
    I can't read or sleep. Without hope or youth or money I sit constantly wishing I were dead.
    — Zelda Fitzgerald
    tags: youth  sleep  read  hope  money 
    Youth doesn't need friends - it only needs crowds.
    — Zelda Fitzgerald
    tags: youth  friends 
    Possessing by letting go of things was a secret of ownership unknown to youth.
    — Yukio Mishima
    tags: secret  youth 
    Off pitch, I keep things simple. I enjoy spending time with my family. I never forget my roots and regularly give back to children in West Africa. I support several youth associations, and I am also involved in the protection of the forest in my country [Ivory Coast]. When away from home, I mostly miss people and enjoying a good laugh with my peers.
    — Yaya Toure
    When you're faced with a choice, remember this: Everything else will pass away. Your family. Your friends. Your material possessions. Your beauty. Your youth. Your life. And there is only one thing that remains. Ask yourself: Which are you chasing?
    — Yasmin Mogahed
    tags: beauty  youth  friends  choice 
    Jazz celebrates older generations and not just the youth movement. When you "sell" only to people of a certain age, you get cut off from the main body of experience. The power of couple dancing and courtship, it's elegant, and you wouldn't realize America was once a nation of dancers and singers today. People of all races could dance and sing.
    — Wynton Marsalis
    A hundred things are done today in the divine name of Youth, that if they showed their true colors would be seen by rights to belong rather to old age.
    — Wyndham Lewis
    tags: youth  age  true  right  divine 
    I am so glad that I am young, so that I may give my youth to you.
    — Woodrow Wilson
    tags: youth  young 
    Growing up in the '80s, questions of style and music and youth culture all seemed inherently political - like gay rights issues, dressing up, wearing makeup, arms protests. A lot of attitude and opinions were expressed through clothes, and they all were meaningful. So in that way, I was so excited about the connection between our private lives and politics - who I kiss, how I like to dance.
    — Wolfgang Tillmans
    I grew up in Austria, and for me real comfort food is Wiener Schnitzel. Wiener Schnitzel and mashed potatoes because it reminds me of my youth... It reminds me when I grow up and it feels very comforting.
    — Wolfgang Puck
    tags: youth  food  comfort  real 
    In European and American society, many pundits started to lament the death of literature; looking at youth who were getting more and more attracted to sitcoms - hard, adventure films and said, our children are no longer reading, or else they're reading cartoons.
    — Wole Soyinka
    The youth should come together to challenge the status quo. They must not give up.
    — Wole Soyinka
    tags: youth  challenge 
    To achieve any change in the minds of the youth, there must be reorientation in terms of materialistic tendencies, corruption and crime generally.
    — Wole Soyinka
    tags: crimes  youth  achieve  mind 
    It is in the prime of youth that man sinks into empty phrases and grimaces. It's in this smithy that our maturity is forged.
    — Witold Gombrowicz
    tags: men  youth  maturity 
    Youth was so mercilessly hard in its decisions; it had its own unyielding standards and had not yet learned enough to know that time would prove them arbitrary.
    — Winston Graham
    tags: time  youth  standard 
    Youth knows no remedy for grief but death.
    — Winifred Holtby
    tags: death  youth  grief 
    I would be disappointed if I were remembered as a runner because I feelthat my contribution to the youth of America has far exceeded the woman who was the Olympic champion.
    — Wilma Rudolph
    tags: youth  women  america 
    That's where the future lies, in the youth of today.
    — Willie Stargell
    tags: youth  future  lies 
    Youth is the ultimate limited resource.
    — William Shatner
    tags: youth 
    There have always been grievances and youth has always been the agitator.
    — William O. Douglas
    tags: youth 
    Once established, an original river advances through its long life, manifesting certain peculiarities of youth, maturity and old age, by which its successive stages of growth may be recognized without much difficulty.
    — William Morris Davis
    tags: youth  growth  age  maturity 
    With the arrogance of youth, I determined to do no less than to transform the world with Beauty. If I have succeeded in some small way, if only in one small corner of the world, amongst the men and women I love, then I shall count myself blessed, and blessed, and blessed, and the work goes on.
    — William Morris
    The belief that youth is the happiest time of life is founded on fallacy. The happiest person is the person who thinks the most interesting thoughts, and we grow happier as we grow older.
    — William Lyon Phelps
    tags: belief  time  people  youth  thoughts 
    How essential it is in youth to acquire some intellectual or artistic tastes, in order to furnish the mind, to be able to live inside a mind with attractive and interesting pictures on the walls.
    — William Lyon Phelps
    tags: youth  live  mind 
    Experience hobbles progress and leads to abandonment of difficult problems; it encourages the initiated to walk on the shady side of the street in the direction of experiences that have been pleasant. Youth without experience attacks the unsolved problems which maturer age with experience avoids, and from the labors of youth comes progress. Youth has dreams and visions, and will not be denied.
    — William James Mayo
    All education is despotism. It is perhaps impossible for the young to be conducted without introducing in many cases the tyranny implicit in obedience. Go there; do that; read; write; rise; lie down - will perhaps forever be the language addressed to youth by age.
    — William Godwin
    The lessons of their early youth regulated the conduct of their riper years.
    — William Godwin
    tags: youth  lessons  year 
    But the watchful care of the parent is endless. The youth is never free from the danger of grating interference.
    — William Godwin
    tags: youth  care  danger  parent 
    That was Youth with its reckless exuberance when all things were possible pursued by Age where we are now, looking back at what we destroyed, what we tore away from that self who could do more, and its work that's become my enemy because that's what I can tell you about, that Youth who could do anything.
    — William Gaddis
    tags: enemies  work  youth  self  age  enemy 
    Successful salesmen, authors, executives and workmen of every sort need patience. The great liability of youth is not inexperience but impatience.
    — William Feather
    The reveries of youth, in which so much energy is wasted, are the yearnings of a Spirit made for what it has not found but must forever seek as an Ideal
    — William Ellery Channing
    tags: youth  forever  energy  spirit 
    Passions weaken, but habits strengthen, with age, and it is the great task of youth to set the current of habit and to form the tastes which are most productive of happiness in life.
    — William Edward Hartpole Lecky
    tags: happiness  youth  age  passion 
    Our disregard of civic and moral virtue as an educational priority is having a tangible effect on the attitudes, understanding and behavior of large portions of the youth population in the United States today.
    — William Damon
    Anticipated rents, and bills unpaid,Force many a shining youth into the shade,Not to redeem his time, but his estate,And play the fool, but at the cheaper rate.
    — William Cowper
    tags: time  youth  fools 
    I view tea drinking as a destroyer of health, an enfeebler of the frame, an en-genderer of effeminancy and laziness, a debaucher of youth and maker of misery for old age. Thus he makes that miserable progress towards that death which he finds ten or fifteen years sooner than he would have found it if he had made his wife brew beer instead of making tea.
    — William Cobbett
    My surface is myself. Under which to witness, youth is buried. Roots? Everybody has roots.
    — William Carlos Williams
    tags: youth 
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