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The script was always the most important thing to me and I loved the script. For one thing, I've always admired trees. I just worship them. Think what trees have witnessed, what history, such as living through the Civil War, yet they still survive.
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— Kim Novak
I love you, my brother, whoever you are - whether you worship in a church, kneel in your temple, or pray in your mosque. You and I are children of one faith, for the diverse paths of religion are fingers of the loving hand of the one supreme being, a hand extended to all, offering completeness of spirit to all, eager to receive all.
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— Khalil Gibran
I am bored with gabbers and their gab; my soul abhors them. . . . Is there any place where there is no traffic in empty talk? Is there on this earth one who does not worship himself talking?
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— Khalil Gibran
Many are the places of worship, but few indeed are those who worship in Spirit and in truth.
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— Khalil Gibran
A God who is good knows no segregation amongst words or names. And were a God to deny his blessing to those who pursue a different path to eternity, there would be no human who should offer worship.
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— Khalil Gibran
Buildings are tools to reach people, raise disciples, reach students, train up our kids, heal marriages and families and worship God.
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— Kevin Myers
I would never behave with so little dignity. Nor would I wish to be confronted in such a manner by anyone else. Vampires inspire screams, not squees. Involuntary urination is common, I grant, but it properly flows from a sense of terror, not an ecstatic sense of hero worship.
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— Kevin Hearne
The goal of revelation is not information only, but affection, worship, and obedience. Christ in us will be realized only as we drink deeply of the Bible, which is God's word outside of us
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— Kevin DeYoung
If we do not worship God, God will not be the lesser for it. But we will.
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— Kevin DeYoung
The worship of Christ is our joy and privilege today. And tomorrow, and next Sunday, and for all eternity.
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— Kevin DeYoung
Ive had many idols growing up. The inclination for idol worship comes naturally to me. Or it did, anyway. I think Ive gotten over it. It came as naturally to me as wanting to act.
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— Kevin Corrigan
The Goat of Mendez is the god of the witches. (Mendez is another spelling of Mendes, a city of ancient Egypt where fertility worship - Baal worship - was practiced). Masons admit readily that Baphomet is a pagan fertility god and, more importantly, that Freemasonry is a fertility cult religion. At any rate, this mockery of Jesus is a satanic symbol and figures prominently in Satan worship.
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— Kerr Cuhulain
The kind of hero worship you have, when a parent is lost early and you don't know all their faults and misgivings, is a very strong influence.
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— Keri Russell
The beauty that men seek is half a dream- Where'er we wander, yet it lies afar; It touches with its wand a setting star, It stirs the ripple of an ebbing stream. And though we run beyond the dawning gleam, Or kneel to worship at an altar bright, We may not know the soul of its delight, Or more than marvel at its palest beam.
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— Kenneth Rand
Why do we idolise Christian singers and speakers? We go from glorifying musicians in the world to glorifying Christian musicians. It's all idolatry!Satan is getting a great victory as we seem to worship these ministers on tapes and records and clammer to get their autographs in churches and concert halls from coast to coast.
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— Keith Green
We must have something of substance to say in our worship [services] that reminds us why Christ's story is so unique and so utterly essential.
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— Keith Getty
Worship should not be primarily about the worship leader up front, but about the worship leader serving as a conduit to allow the family of God to sing together to their Creator.
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— Keith Getty
There's no scientific definition. A hymn...is a song of praise to God. I think there were three real goals with our hymns that made them seem more in line with traditional classical hymn writing than with the modern worship movement and differentiate us slightly.
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— Keith Getty
All ages serve and worship the same God, gather under the same gospel and add to the collective song that praises the faithfulness of God as each generation shares in his promises to us.
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— Keith Getty
Congregational singing is a holy act, and as I organize my thoughts, I hear my old pastor, Alistair Begg, reminding me that in our song worship, we have to be spiritually alive (dead people don't sing), spiritually assisted (through the enabling of the Holy Spirit), and spiritually active (committed to daily walking with the Lord).
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— Keith Getty
I think it's of huge importance to us as worship leaders...to ask ourselves these two questions: What were the words we put into our congregation's mouths, minds, and memories? And how well did our congregation sing? Our role is simply to be an accompaniment to them as they sing.
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— Keith Getty
Silence is a strange thing to us who live: we desire it, we fear it, we worship it, we hate it. There is a divinity about cats, as long as they are silent: the silence of swans gives them an air of legend.
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— Keith Douglas
I'm free of an abusive cult, based on money and power that worships a fictional deity and safely back with the Catholic Church.
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— Katie Holmes
And in fact, I think the more we start to worship perfection the more soul leaks out of art.
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— Kathy Mattea
The Lord loves holiness and transparency, and I think that if we are to worship Him properly and lead others to do the same, our day to day lives have to reflect that.
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— Kathryn Scott
But it is daily tasks, daily acts of love and worship that serve to remind us that the religion is not strictly an intellectual pursuit, and these days it is easy to lose sight of that as, like our society itself, churches are becoming more politicized and polarized. Christian faith is a way of life, not an impregnable fortress made up of ideas; not a philosophy; not a grocery list of beliefs.
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— Kathleen Norris
There has been a concerted effort to frame caring about climate change and the environment as an alternate religion - one that worships the creation rather than the creator, so to speak.
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— Katharine Hayhoe
You can support trans-positive legislation, tranny artists, and the inclusion of trannies in your neighborhood, schools, place of worship, whatever. For the long term? Join or initiate some good legal battles against the puritanical laws that exist around sex and gender.
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— Kate Bornstein
I have a husband who literally worships me. And cleans the house. And blow-dries my daughter's hair.
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— Kate Beckinsale
One of the great things about America is that we have the freedom to worship or not worship as we please. It doesn't matter whether you're a Christian, Jew, Muslim. It doesn't matter whether you're an evangelical or a Catholic or a moderate Jew. You're entitled to worship - or an agnostic or atheist.
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— Karl Rove
You're entitled in this country to worship as you please or to not worship. It's one of the great things that defines us as a nation, and it's at the heart of what it is to be in America.
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— Karl Rove
The poorer people and criminals of Mexico who are not very religious but not quite atheists, either, worship Saint Death.
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— Karl Pilkington
Money is the alienated essence of man's work and existence; this essence dominates him and he worships it.
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— Karl Marx
We cannot escape from our daily routine, because it will go with us wherever we go.... God must be sought and found in the things of our world. By regarding our daily duties as something performed for the honour and glory of God, we can convert what was hitherto soul-killing monotony, to a living worship of God in all our actions. Everyday life must become itself our prayer.
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— Karl Edward Wagner
Christian worship is the most momentous, most urgent, most glorious action that can take place in human life.
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— Karl Barth
There is a danger in monotheism, and it's called idolatry. And we know the prophets of Israel were very, very concerned about idolatry, the worship of a human expression of the divine.
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— Karen Armstrong
It is clear to me that the imbalance of power between the genders is a major part of the world's problems right now. Anything out of balance is going to eventually be bad for us and presently the male energy and the worship of maleness is in fact a major contributor to the decaying state the world finds itself in.
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— Kamala Lopez
I tell my daughter Nyssa, 'You should respect my work, and I will also respect yours when you grow up.' 'Work is worship' is what I have told her.
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— Kajol
The stone neither speaks nor gives anything. Therefore its service is fruitless and its worship is of no avail.
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— Kabir
We have strayed from the Immortal's ways And worship with a dull and senseless mind Idols, the workmanship of our own hands, And images and figures of dead men.
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— Justin Martyr