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    witty Quotes

    A rollicking good read-THE HUNTER is steampunk with a Wild West feel. Theresa Meyers is an entertaining and witty writer with a fresh, new voice in the genre. THE HUNTER is a fun-filled ride through a world of demons, vampires, and things that go bump in the night, and kept me turning pages until the very end.
    — Yasmine Galenorn
    tags: world  night  wild  witty  vampire  demon 
    Apollo has peeped through the shutter,And awaken'd the witty and fair;The boarding-school belle's in a flutter,The twopenny post's in despair;The breath of the morning is flingingA magic on blossom and spray,And cockneys and sparrows are singingIn chorus on Valentine's day.
    — Winthrop Mackworth Praed
    tags: magic  witty 
    Like Hemingway and Faulkner, but in an entirely different mode, Fitzgerald had that singular quality without which a writer is not really a writer at all, and that is a voice, a distinct and identifiable voice. This is really not the same thing as a style; a style can be emulated, a voice cannot, and the witty, rueful, elegaic voice gives his work its bright authenticity.
    — William Styron
    Courtship is to marriage, as a very witty prologue to a very dull play.
    — William Congreve
    tags: witty  marriage 
    Every witticism is an inexact thought; that which is perfectly true is imperfectly witty.
    — Walter Savage Landor
    tags: true  witty 
    All my friends are funny, witty, fun-loving people. As are my parents, and the people I work with. I get at least a couple of good laughs in every day.
    — Toks Olagundoye
    tags: people  work  funny  friends  witty  parent 
    What I don't like is snark for snark's sake. If you are going to make fun of me, at least be witty while doing it.
    — Tim Ferriss
    tags: fun  witty 
    This is one of his most human and most amusing and witty novels. The characters are very Indian. I decided that I wanted to do a comedy, so this was just the right one.
    — Thomas Kretschmann
    Such is the nature of men, that howsoever they may acknowledge many others to be more witty, or more eloquent, or more learned; yet they will hardly believe there be many so wise as themselves.
    — Thomas Hobbes
    tags: nature  men  believe  witty  wise 
    A witty and informative professor posits that more authors do not choose titles borrowed from Shakespeare's sonnets and plays for the reason some people claim not to have partners: "All the good ones are taken."
    — Thomas C Foster
    tags: people  witty  author 
    If there's ever a woman who's smart, funny, or witty, people are afraid of that, so they don't write that. They only write parts for women where they let everything be steamrolled over them, where they let people wipe their feet all over them.
    — Teri Garr
    tags: smart  people  women  funny  witty  write  afraid 
    I am attracted to intelligence, a witty sense of humor, an adventurous outlook on life and spiritual awareness about one's self and the world.
    — Tanit Phoenix
    Witty and mean is easy - but fond and funny is hard.
    — Steven Moffat
    tags: funny  witty 
    I read the script [of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency] and went, "I haven't read anything this good, in a long time." I thought it was absolutely brilliant. The dialogue is so sparkling, smart and witty. You also have these insane, crazy characters, like energy sucking vampires and holistic assassins. It's all completely weird.
    — Samuel Barnett
    You can pretend to be serious; you can't pretend to be witty.
    — Sacha Guitry
    tags: witty 
    I'm not saying that charming, witty and warm copy won't sell. I'm just saying I've seen thousands of charming, witty campaigns that didn't sell.
    — Rosser Reeves
    tags: saying  witty  sell 
    I've been enjoying 'Life on the Mississippi' by Mark Twain that I picked up at the airport randomly. It's very witty and interesting to read about his time as a steamboat pilot.
    — Roman Coppola
    tags: time  witty  read 
    The Law is a grim, unsmiling thing. Not Justice, though. Justice is witty and whimsical and kind and caring.
    — Rohinton Mistry
    tags: justice  law  witty 
    Count on Jill Shalvis for a witty, steamy, unputdownable love story.
    — Robyn Carr
    tags: witty  stories 
    I don't know if I'm particularly funny, I mean one of my legs is shorter than the other one, it makes everything look very awkward, so I can just pretty much look like an idiot, but I don't know whether I can be like witty. It could be a problem.
    — Robert Pattinson
    tags: funny  problem  witty  idiot 
    One movie I think is just terrific is 'Bernie,' with Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine. That was a great surprise to me - so witty, so entertaining, a true story, and I'm not a great Jack Black fan, but he's great in it. I think it's a gem.
    — Robert Osborne
    tags: true  witty  movie  stories  black 
    I like witty people, people who can be witty on the spot.
    — Rob Brydon
    tags: people  witty 
    Most people sitting at home aren't cool, successful, witty Hollywood stars, but they all worry about what people think of them when they faux pas.
    — Ricky Gervais
    The art of being agreeable frequently miscarries through the ambition which accompanies it. Wit, learning, wisdom,-what can more effectually conduce to the profit and delight of society? Yet I am sensible that a man may be too invariably wise, learned, or witty to be agreeable; and I take the reason of this to be, that pleasure cannot be bestowed by the simple and unmixed exertion of any one faculty or accomplishment.
    — Richard Cumberland
    There's no possibility of being witty without a little ill-nature - the malice of a good thing is the barb that makes it stick.
    — Richard Brinsley Sheridan
    tags: witty  possibility 
    Luckily the script [of X-files episode] was written wonderfully and that became who I was and I was quirky, and I was kind of agitated and not entirely happy, but at the same time, witty.
    — Rhys Darby
    tags: time  witty 
    Full of fun, over-the-top characters and witty prose, with a touch of gay romance that is equally pleasing to straight readers. The Edwin Drood Murders is the perfect mystery for educated, intelligent readers.
    — Rhys Bowen
    I was so amazingly witty when I had the No. 1 movie, you have no idea. People laughed at every single one of my jokes. Then when I hadn't had a hit for three or four years, some of these same people pretended they didn't see me when I walked in the room.
    — Rebecca De Mornay
    tags: people  witty  movie  ideas  year 
    I wish I knew all the answers, how to be perfect, attractive and witty. But I'm just a human being with all the regular faults and it seems no matter how hard I try, I can't change that.
    — Rebecca
    tags: human  wishes  witty 
    My mama is my best friend. We have fun, we can talk about anything, she always is on my side but really quick to tell me when I'm wrong. That's a true friend. She's loyal, smart, witty and intelligent. She loves family and loves to travel. All the things I love!
    — Reba McEntire
    tags: travel  smart  friends  true  fun  wrong  witty 
    Bishop was all done with the witty converstaion. "Will you swear?" And Myrnin said, shockingly, "I will." And he proceeded to, a string of swearwords that made Claire blink. He ended with, "-frothy fool-born apple-john! Cheater of vandals and defiler of dead dogs!" and did another twirl and bow. He looked up with a red, red grin that was more like a leer. "Is that what you meant, my lord?
    — Rachel Caine
    tags: witty 
    In Korean, my lyrics are witty and have twists. But translated into English, it doesn't come over. I've tried writing in English, just for me, but it doesn't work. I've got to know everything about a culture, and I don't.
    — PSY
    tags: work  culture  witty  writing  lyrics 
    Consumers know precisely what's wrong with advertising. Be it TV or print or whatever, they know that advertising is never creative enough ... never as witty, inspiring, sophisticated, entertaining and downright likeable as they would like it to be.
    — Phil Dusenberry
    New York City gritty committee pity the fool that act shitty in the midst of the calm, the witty.
    — Pharoahe Monch
    tags: witty  fools 
    Quoting E. B. White is the easiest way I know of to fool people into thinking that I am perceptive, witty, and wise.
    — Peter Behrens
    tags: people  witty  thinking  wise  fools 
    Patronizing the Arts is a brilliantly nuanced assessment of why universities must become art patrons. Learning from the twentieth-century university's embrace of Big Science, Garber argues that twenty-first-century universities must rigorously devote their attention to Big Art. Provocative, witty, and layered, Patronizing the Arts cogently demonstrates the advantages for both art and the university in this new and radical alliance.
    — Peggy Phelan
    I mean, I do love clever and witty, but I think that the 'Three Stooges' were geniuses. They'd have to be for their appeal to have lasted this long.
    — Paula Poundstone
    tags: witty 
    Now it's virtually impossible to write a game that successfully provides challenge and frustration, and that's a shame. We are going to lose something that makes scientists, that makes doers, that makes hard-minded, witty, clever people, and I worry that those people aren't being made these days.
    — Patrick Rothfuss
    I would not like to live in a world without cathedrals. I need their beauty and grandeur. I need their imperious silence. I need it against the witless bellowing of the barracks yard and the witty chatter of the yes-men. I want to hear the rustling of the organ, this deluge of ethereal notes. I need it against the shrill farce of marches.
    — Pascal Mercier
    tags: beauty  live  world  silence  witty 
    When you talk yourself, you think how witty, how original, how acute you are; but when another does so, you are very apt to think only - What a crib from Rochefoucauld!
    — Ouida
    tags: witty 
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