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    wishes Quotes

    I believe the things that happened to me as a child scarred me terribly, and I wish somebody would have helped me with some of the things that happened.
    — Scott Thompson
    I wish I got invited to more luaus. I really do!
    — Zooey Deschanel
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    I brake for birds. I rock a lot of polka dots. I have touched glitter in the last 24 hours. I spend my entire day talking to children. And I find it fundamentally strange that you're not a dessert person. It freaks me out. I'm sorry that I don't talk like Murphy Brown. And I hate your pants suit. I wish it had ribbons on it or something just to make it slightly cuter but that doesn't mean I'm not smart and tough and strong.
    — Zooey Deschanel
    Meant to be?' It's just something people say so that they don't have to look at all the things they did wrong and wish they could take back. Only by the time they figure that out, it's too late.
    — Zoey Dean
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    For the actor's wishes to be respected in terms of characteristics that your character's gonna have, you have to work with good and intelligent and talented stunt people that not only can carry weapons well but can also carry a personality.
    — Zoe Saldana
    Those who like tranquility and dislike clamor tend to avoid people to seek quietude. They do not know that when one wishes there were no one around, that is egotism; and when the mind is attached to quietude, that is the root of disturbance. How can they reach the state where others and oneself are seen as one, where disturbance and quietude are both forgotten.
    — Zicheng Hong
    tags: people  oneself  wishes  mind 
    If you wish to care for your body, first of all take care of material things, though even when you have all the things you want, the body can still be uncared for
    — Zhuangzi
    tags: body  wishes  care 
    I wish we lived in the day where you could challenge a person to a duel.
    — Zell Miller
    tags: people  challenge  wishes 
    Find the Silver Lining: When things don't work out the way you wish, always look for some positive outcome to the situation working out the way it did. For example, you can always be grateful that things didn't turn out even worse.
    — Zelig Pliskin
    tags: work  wishes  positive  example 
    What would you love to achieve and accomplish? What would you feel great about doing in your life? What meaningful goals would you wish to reach? Imagine achieving and accomplishing everything that you would wish [dream] for. Picture yourself reaching your highest aspirations and your most meaningful goals. Visualize yourself speaking and acting the way you would wish with the highest and best character traits.
    — Zelig Pliskin
    I wish I could write a beautiful book to break those hearts that are soon to cease to exist: a book of faith and small neat worlds and of people who live by the philosophies of popular songs.
    — Zelda Fitzgerald
    It was the wish of the Americans that their red brethren should remain peacefully round their own fires, and not embroil themselves in any disputes between the white people.
    — Zebulon Pike
    tags: people  fire  wishes  american 
    Of course I believe imaginative architecture can make a difference to people's lives, but I wish it was possible to divert some of the effort we put into ambitious museums and galleries into the basic architectural building blocks of society.
    — Zaha Hadid
    tags: society  live  believe  wishes 
    The Bible is the best of books, and I wish it were in the hands of every one. It is indispensable to the safety and permanence of our institutions. A free government can not exist without religion and morals, and there cannot be morals without religion. Especially should the Bible be placed in the hands of the young. It is the best school book in the world. I would that all our people were brought up under the influence of that holy book.
    — Zachary Taylor
    I wish it was a little easier for an actor to later go into singing and have it be accepted, but maybe I can still do it.
    — Zachary Levi
    tags: wishes 
    I'd like to be able to do complex math in my head. Any kind of adversity and I become very anxious, but if you're a robot, you have good equilibrium. I wish I was cooler under pressure, like a robot.
    — Zach Woods
    People ask me, 'Did the fame come too fast? Do you ever wish for your old life?' I always tell them that there's nothing on earth better than being famous.
    — Zach Braff
    tags: people  earth  wishes  fame 
    The thing about all these charities is that who sees where the money goes? I don't and you don't. For all I know, the president of Make a Wish just used all the money to buy himself a mansion and a yacht. That's why I keep all of my money for myself, at least then I know I'm doing good for at least one person for sure.
    — Zach Braff
    tags: people  wishes  charity  money 
    Every actor has three versions of each scene - the one that you rehearse the night before, in your bedroom, the one you actually get to do when you're filming, and then the one you wish you would have done, afterward.
    — Zac Efron
    tags: night  wishes 
    I wish I could say I see my little brother more. We used to fight all the time but now that I don't see him very often I cherish the time I have with him.
    — Zac Efron
    tags: time  fight  wishes 
    I wish there is a world where any one can know the truth and speak there mind with freedom without having to fear for their lives (Rinko, Basara, Vol. 13)
    — Yumi Tamura
    tags: fear  truth  freedom  live  world  wishes  mind 
    The universe will put signposts in your life. You can either ignore them or embrace them. You can choose and wish for all the things you want, but the things that are coming to you, you will never be able to hide from and the things that you want so bad that are not supposed to be for you for whatever reason, they'll never come to you.
    — Yul Vazquez
    tags: wishes  bad  universe 
    If they're going to get policewomen to jump me... I wish they'd get sexier ones.
    — Yukiru Sugisaki
    tags: wishes 
    If you wish strongly, have courage and endurance, then you can get to the summit of your dream.
    — Yuichiro Miura
    I wish I had time to do more reading, but I just haven't had much time. But I still find time for writing. I've always preferred writing over reading, even though those things do go hand in hand. But when I do have time, even if it's not writing music, just writing in general - ideas and stories and things like that.
    — Youth Lagoon
    Long, long time ago, I declared that all my works are a form of a prayer/a wish.
    — Yoko Ono
    tags: time  work  wishes 
    You can't always measure the effects of activist work; you just have to wish and pray that the message gets through.
    — Yoko Ono
    tags: wishes  pray 
    Unclog your mind. Unclog your room. Arrange your room in a way you wish your mind would be.
    — Yoko Ono
    tags: wishes  mind 
    We don't read people's wishes. The wishes are suppose to be direct communication to the Universe. Your interception will weaken the power of the wish.
    — Yoko Ono
    All wishes create an upswing line when it is manifested. Therefore, together, it becomes an incredible upswing of power, whatever you wished. Of course, the more high level wishes, which covers the whole human race is stronger than wishing for getting ice cream for your dessert!
    — Yoko Ono
    tags: power  human  wishes  race 
    I remember when I was growing up. My great wish was to understand who I was and how I fit in the world.
    — Yo-Yo Ma
    tags: world  wishes 
    I really would like to be involved in things and to understand things, and in some ways you've got to be careful what you wish for because I feel very, very blessed to have such an interesting life and to be able to have little snapshots of lives of people from many different parts of the world.
    — Yo-Yo Ma
    tags: people  live  world  wishes  blessed 
    I am healthy. I wish all my colleagues to the peace process to be healthy.
    — Yitzhak Rabin
    tags: peace  process  wishes  healthy 
    I wish I was CEO of 4chan instead
    — Yishan Wong
    tags: wishes 
    Someday I'll wish upon a star.
    — Yip Harburg
    tags: star  wishes 
    It is my wish to leave a message to the whole world from the universe, a message of love and peace to the people of the world.
    — Yayoi Kusama
    tags: peace  people  world  wishes  universe 
    When someone hurts you, your first thought may be to wish you had never met them at all. But remember that even those who've hurt you, came into your life for a reason, and left for a reason. It's for the best and healing starts with acceptance.
    — Yasmin Mogahed
    But while capitalism may be a convenient scapegoat, it did not cause any of these problems. Indeed, whatever one wishes to call the unruly mixture of freedom and government controls that made up our economic and political system during the last three decades, one cannot call it capitalism.
    — Yaron Brook
    Had history been democratic in its ways, there would have been no farming and no indsturial revolution. Both leaps into the future were occasioned by unbearably painful crises that made most people wish they could recoil into the past.
    — Yanis Varoufakis
    Annika's my role model, and I wish in the future I could be like her.
    — Yani Tseng
    tags: future  wishes 
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