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    winning Quotes

    Success isn't about winning everything; it's about achieving your dream, be that teaching middle school or flying jets. And no matter what we as individual women want, no matter what our goals, we have to support one another.
    — Zosia Mamet
    You can't get bored of winning. You can win 10 games in a row but you keep the same will to snatch the 11th. You always need more.
    — Zinedine Zidane
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    Those who are skilled in combat do notbecome angered, those who are skilled at winning do not become afraid. Thus the wise win before they fight, while the ignorant fight to win.
    — Zhuge Liang
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    I don't have any particular plans in mind. What I see is that you can become so focused on the idea of running that winning becomes your motivation, as opposed to what you stand for being your motivation.
    — Zephyr Teachout
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    If Democrats want to start winning elections in this country, they're going to have to start connecting with voters as well as I connect with my fans.
    — Zach Braff
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    Eight gold medals? If I wanted I could make a movie about me winning nine gold medals. Now that's real power.
    — Zach Braff
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    When you win a Grammy... you're thinking about you winning. It is amazing. Your peers and folks in the record business are saying, 'This is what we think of you.' And that's why the Grammy will always be, to me, the ultimate in what you get as far as a music trophy, because it is the one.
    — Yolanda Adams
    We focus on money, getting money and winning. We let the rest of them chase the women. We focus on winning cuz getting women is slight work. That's all the time with us.
    — Yo Gotti
    tags: time  work  women  focus  winning  money 
    Although I have won many times now, each time when I have a lead, I start to think about winning. It's very difficult not to think about winning. Every time, there are new challenges. Every time, there are new issues to overcome.
    — Yani Tseng
    tags: time  challenge  winning 
    We always learn more from the losing than the winning.
    — Yani Tseng
    tags: winning  learn 
    If one thinks only of winning, a sordid victory will be worse than a defeat. For the most part, it becomes a squalid defeat.
    — Yamamoto Tsunetomo
    tags: victory  winning 
    Winning the peace is harder than winning the war.
    — Xavier Becerra
    tags: peace  winning  war 
    When you're winning - you don't need any friends. When you're losing - you don't have any friends anyway.
    — Woody Hayes
    tags: friends  winning 
    The only thing even in this world is the number of hours in a day. The difference in winning or losing is what you do with those hours.
    — Woody Hayes
    tags: world  winning 
    Winners are men who have dedicated their whole lives to winning.
    — Woody Hayes
    tags: men  live  winning 
    No Republican has ever been elected president of the United States without winning Ohio.
    — Wolf Blitzer
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    If I am 100% prepared for the fight, my opponent has no chance to win the fight. I am saying what I mean: He has a 0% chance to win the fight. There is going to be no luck involved; there is going to be nothing else to stop me from winning the fight.
    — Wladimir Klitschko
    tags: chance  fight  luck  saying  winning 
    It's always good to be recognized being the best new cat and then when I hold down my position and stay in the game for a minute, I want to see what kind of (expletive) I'm winning then.
    — Wiz Khalifa
    tags: winning  cat  games 
    Climate change is the biggest threat to our chances of winning the fight against hunger.
    — Winnie Byanyima
    tags: chance  fight  hunger  winning 
    We make too much of winning. The mere fact of winning doesn't make you great.
    — Wilt Chamberlain
    tags: winning  facts 
    Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose.
    — Wilma Rudolph
    tags: secret  winning  learning 
    I think it is just terrible and disgusting how everyone has treated Lance Armstrong, especially after what he achieved winning seven Tour de France races while on drugs......When I was on drugs I couldn't even find my bike.
    — Willie Nelson
    tags: winning  drugs  race 
    Effective science began when it passed from the occasional amateur into the hands of men who made the winning of knowledge their special function or profession.
    — William Wickenden
    tags: men  winning  profession 
    We were succeeding. When you looked at specifics, this became a war of attrition. We were winning.
    — William Westmoreland
    tags: winning  war 
    Writing an acceptance speech gives you the expectation of winning, and you are therefore devastated or hurt if you didn't win.
    — William Shatner
    The whole secret to winning and losing in the stock market is to lose the least amount possible when you're not right.
    — William O'Neil
    tags: secret  right  winning  stock 
    When it comes to anything that's social, whether it's your family, your school, your community, your business or your country, winning is a team sport.
    — William J. Clinton
    There is plenty of competition in a Glasser Quality School in that there is winning but no losing.
    — William Glasser
    Large profits are even more insidious than large losses in terms of emotional destabilization. I think it's important not to be emotionally attached to large profits. I've certainly made some of my worst investments after long periods of winning.
    — William Eckhardt
    tags: loss  winning  emotional 
    The desire to maximize the number of winning trades (or minimize the number of losing trades) works against the trader. The success rate of trades is the least important performance statistic and may even be inversely related to performance.
    — William Eckhardt
    tags: desires  work  winning  success 
    Winning isn't everything, but it beats anything in second place.
    — William C. Bryant
    tags: winning 
    Stats are for losers. I like winning games.
    — Will Muschamp
    tags: winning  games 
    I'm just a big, hairy, American winning machine!
    — Will Ferrell
    tags: winning  american 
    I know that I am leaving the winning side for the losing side, but it is better to die on the losing side than to live under Communism.
    — Whittaker Chambers
    tags: live  winning  die  communism 
    The only thing bad about winning the pennant is that you have to manage the All-Star Game the next year. I'd rather go fishing for three years.
    — Whitey Herzog
    tags: bad  winning  games  year 
    There's no winning arguments with your parents, so why get all pumped up over them? It is way better to dive down and get out of the way than it is to get clobbered by some parental tidal wave.
    — Wendelin Van Draanen
    tags: winning  parent 
    It is pure mythology that women cannot perform as well as men in science, engineering and mathematics. In my experience, the opposite is true: Women are often more adept and patient at untangling complex problems, multitasking, seeing the possibilities in new solutions and winning team support for collaborative action.
    — Weili Dai
    I didn't want to settle or become complacent after winning a major, I wanted to stay hungry. It's easy to do. It's easy to win a big tournament and kind of get a little lazy, so it's been a good motivator for me to work a little harder.
    — Webb Simpson
    tags: work  lazy  winning 
    I love playing football but I am like everyone else, I hate losing and love winning.
    — Wayne Rooney
    tags: hate  winning  football 
    Despite winning the world championship, it has not altered the reality of the situation.
    — Wayne Huizenga
    tags: reality  world  winning 
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