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    wings Quotes

    Where we hope to land (and where we do land, though only for a fleeting moment, enough for tired wings to catch the wind anew) is a 'there' which we thought of little and knew of even less.
    — Zygmunt Bauman
    tags: thoughts  moment  hope  wings 
    I did not clip the wings of my daughter to fly.
    — Ziauddin Yousafzai
    tags: daughter  wings 
    People ask me, what special is in my mentorship which has made Malala so bold and so courageous and so vocal and poised? I tell them, don't ask me what I did. Ask me what I did not do. I did not clip her wings, and that's all.
    — Ziauddin Yousafzai
    tags: people  wings 
    Good generals select intelligent officers, thoughtful advisors, and brave subordinates. They oversee their troops like a fierce tiger with wings.
    — Zhuge Liang
    tags: wings 
    One of the most dangerous things about Fox News isn't that it's right wing but that it's nihilistic. It takes away the capacity to believe in politics.
    — Zephyr Teachout
    Open your heart and mind like the wings of a butterfly. See then how high you CAN fly.
    — Zeenat Aman
    tags: heart  mind  butterfly  wings 
    Flying is absolute freedom. I know the feeling of flying from various aircraft. But there was always something surrounding me that I had to control. As Fusion Man, it's like I am naked, I only have the wings that carry me. It's like a dream.
    — Yves Rossy
    I seemed like a baby bird keeping its truly innocent animal lusts hidden under its wing. I was being tempted, not by the desire of possession, but simply by unadorned temptation itself.
    — Yukio Mishima
    Music gives 'wings' to words.
    — Yip Harburg
    tags: music  wings 
    The people are only tools, a means used by God. But they are not the sourse of help, aid, or salvation of any kind. Only God is. The people cannot even create the wing of a fly (Quran, 22:73).
    — Yasmin
    tags: people  help  god  salvation  wings 
    Left wing. Right wing. Chicken wing.
    — Woody Guthrie
    tags: right  wings 
    Left wing, chicken wing, it don't make no difference to me.
    — Woody Guthrie
    tags: wings 
    The best form of self defense is to become invisible... If you can't do that learn Wing Chun!
    — Wong Shun Leung
    tags: self  learn  wings 
    Get rid at the outset of the idea that the airplane is only an air-going sort of automobile. It isn't. It may sound like one and smell like one, and it may have been interior decorated to look like one; but the difference is - it goes on wings.
    — Wolfgang Langewiesche
    tags: ideas  wings 
    It hurts when it don't last, no easy way saying bye. So I'mma spread my wings and head for the sky.
    — Wiz Khalifa
    tags: hurt  sky  saying  wings 
    Mother Earth needs us to keep our covenant. We will do this in courts, we will do this on our radio station, and we will commit to our descendants to work hard to protect this land and water for them. Whether you have feet, wings, fins, or roots, we are all in it together.
    — Winona LaDuke
    tags: work  earth  water  mother  wings 
    We must keep these waters for wild rice, these trees for maple syrup, our lakes for fish, and our land and aquifers for all of our relatives - whether they have fins, roots, wings, or paws.
    — Winona LaDuke
    tags: wild  water  wings 
    Why, why, when one writes, does a sort of shackle bind one's imagination? I become conscious of a deadening mediocrity, perhaps a form of mental cowardice, and I long to break free, to let my imagination take wings. It doesn't - yet.
    — Winifred Holtby
    A lie has no legs, and cannot stand; but it has wings, and can fly far and wide.
    — William Warburton
    tags: lies  wings 
    I love the recklessness of faith. First you leap, and then you grow wings.
    — William Sloane Coffin
    tags: faith  wings 
    Living unloved is like clipping a bird's wings and removing its ability to fly.
    — William P. Young
    tags: living  wings 
    Pain has a way of clipping our wings and keeping us from being able to fly.
    — William P. Young
    tags: pain  wings 
    Swift flies our time on pinions fleet, Like vapours on the breeze; The transient bliss we now call sweet, The passing moments seize. The gilded joy, the present hour, Soon wing themselves away; Departing like the fading flower That pleas'd us Yesterday.
    — William Muir
    tags: time  joy  present  moment  flowers  wings 
    Mechanical wings allow us to fly, but it is with our minds that we make the sky ours
    — William Langewiesche
    tags: sky  mind  wings 
    For all the talk about the bitterness and the partisanship in American politics, is it really that bitter and partisan? Think of American history. Think of Joseph McCarthy. Think of the New Left. Think of [George] McGovern. Think of [Ronald] Reagan. Think of George Wallace. We've had an awful lot of real extremism on both wings.
    — William Kristol
    tags: real  politics  american  wings 
    I hope the two wings of the Democratic Party may flap together.
    — William Jennings Bryan
    tags: hope  wings 
    You can put wings on a pig, but you don't make it an eagle.
    — William J. Clinton
    tags: wings 
    I'm not, nor is anybody I know in government part of a nasty right wing clique.
    — William Hague
    tags: right  government  wings 
    My soule her wings doth spreadAnd heaven-ward flies,Th' Almighty's Mysteries to readIn the large volumes of the skies.
    — William Habington
    tags: mystery  sky  wings 
    I should like to suggest that at least on the face of it a stroke by stroke story of a copulation is exactly as absurd as a chew by chew account of the consumption of a chicken's wing.
    — William H. Gass
    tags: stories  absurd  wings 
    Genius is the very eye of intellect and the wing of thought; it is always in advance of its time, and is the pioneer for the generation which it precedes.
    — William Gilmore Simms
    tags: time  eyes  genius  wings 
    Ambition is frequently the only refuge which life has left to the denied or mortified affections. We chide at the grasping eye, the daring wing, the soul that seems to thirst for sovereignty only, and know not that the flight of this ambitious bird has been from a bosom or home that is filled with ashes.
    — William Gilmore Simms
    tags: soul  ambition  eyes  wings 
    It is a bird-flight of the soul, when the heart declares itself in song. The affections that clothe themselves with wings are passions that have been subdued to virtues.
    — William Gilmore Simms
    tags: heart  soul  virtue  song  passion  wings 
    The West Wing seems to be feeding the myth about how presidential politics are.
    — William Devane
    tags: politics  wings 
    The bird that flutters least is longest on the wing.
    — William Cowper
    tags: wings 
    All flesh is grass. and all its glory fadesLike the fair flower dishevell'd in the wind;Riches have wings, and grandeur is a dream;The man we celebrate must find a tomb,And we that worship him, ignoble graves.
    — William Cowper
    tags: men  flowers  worship  wings 
    When one that holds communion with the skiesHas fill'd his urn where these pure waters rise,And once more mingles with us meaner things,'Tis e'en as if an angel shook his wings.
    — William Cowper
    tags: water  angel  wings 
    Tell me not of joy: there's none Now my little sparrow's gone; He, just as you, Would toy and woo, He would chirp and flatter me, He would hang the wing awhile, Till at length he saw me smile, Lord! how sullen he would be!
    — William Cartwright
    tags: smile  wings 
    As birds' wings beat the solid air without which none could fly so words freed by the imagination affirm reality by their flight.
    — William Carlos Williams
    There is no thing that with a twist of the imagination cannot be something else. Porpoises risen in a green sea, the wind at nightfall bending the rose- red grasses and you- in your apron hurrying to catch- say it seems to you to be your son. How ridiculous! You will pass up into a cloud and look back at me, not count the scribbling foolish that put wings at your heels, at your knees.
    — William Carlos Williams
    tags: imagination  son  wings 
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