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I am not really interested in the comic book movies for example. They send me very violent scripts that don't interest me. One I was sent involved me playing a woman, a mother and wife who gets killed, shot in the stomach. It was a thriller and it did not excite me at all. So I turned it down.
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— Kristin Davis
For every shrill and violent voice that throws itself in front of microphones and cameras in the name of God, there are countless lives of gentleness and good works who will not. We need to see and hear them, as well, to understand the whole story of religion in our world.
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— Krista Tippett
Fierce national competition over water resources has prompted fears that water issues contain the seeds of violent conflict.
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— Kofi Annan
Love is every bit as violent and dangerous as murder.
tags: murder violent dangerous
— Knut Hamsun
The dimensions of my feelings are too violent
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— Klaus Kinski
My biography of Frank Sinatra is not paean to his music but rather an illumination of the man behind the music, who once described himself as 'an 18-karat manic-depressive who lived a life of violent emotional contradictions with an over-acute capacity for sadness as well as happiness.
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— Kitty Kelley
God gave us intestines for a reason. I'm not keen on surgery. It's too extreme. All it took was one of those plastic surgery shows to see how violent it is.
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— Kirstie Alley
I've pushed several women in front of violent situations. My rule is save myself first.
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— Kevin Hart
In other words, in the same way that mass incarceration surged because of a real thing, it's finally starting to ebb because of a real thing: the actual, concrete decline in violent crime that started in the early 90s and which appears to be permanent. America is simply a safer place than it used to be, and looks set to stay that way.
tags: crimes real america violent
— Kevin Drum
I enjoy total creative control right now. Nobody tells me to make it longer, shorter, better, sexier, more violent, whatever.
tags: control right creative violent
— Ken Burns
That to fly requires chaotic, sometimes even violent passages-becomes a metaphor for all of life's most meaningful endeavors.
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— Kelly Corrigan
It makes my skin crawl to think about the violent ways snakes, lizards, alligators and other exotic creatures are raised and killed for boots, bags and belts.
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— Kelly Brook
Looking at suicide-the sheer numbers, the pain leading up to it, and the suffering left behind-is harrowing. For every moment of exuberance in the science, or in the success of governments, there is a matching and terrible reality of the deaths themselves: the young deaths, the violent deaths, the unnecessary deaths
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— Kay Redfield Jamison
Humans. Violent but peace-loving. Passionate but cerebral. Humane but cruel. Impulsive but calculating. Generous but selfish. And yet, somehow I knew that they represented the best hope of the galaxy.
tags: hope violent
— Katherine Applegate
Women trapped in violent relationships need to know that there's no shame in talking out and walking out on their abusive partners.
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— Kate Thornton
War zones are dangerous, protests can be violent, also, natural disasters are difficult to cover, so there are going to be risks.
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— Kate Adie
We know that violent measures against religion are nonsense; but this is an opinion: as socialism grows, religion will disappear. Its disappearance must be done by social development, in which education must play a part.
— Karl Marx
In the domain of Political Economy, free scientific inquiry meets not merely the same enemies as in all other domains. The peculiar nature of the material it deals with, summons as foes into the field of battle the most violent, mean and malignant passions of the human breast, the Furies of private interest.
tags: enemies nature human enemy battle political passion violent
— Karl Marx
The most violent, mean and malignant passions of the human breast, the Furies of private interest.
tags: human passion violent
— Karl Marx
Psychoanalytic investigation has shown that in mental patients excessive affection often turns to violent hostility.
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— Karl Abraham
I think a lot of guys who are on the internet a lot, they're kind of anesthetized to some of the violent language and all that because they see it all the time.
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— Karin Slaughter
I know part of what turns me on so hard, makes me so violent with lust, is that he's dangerous. I fell for the bad guy. I'm crazy about the one who's trouble. The alpha that doesn't play well with others and doesn't take orders from anyone.
tags: lust crazy bad violent dangerous
— Karen Marie Moning
Ever since the Crusades, when Christians from western Europe were fighting holy wars against Muslims in the near east, western people have often perceived Islam as a violent and intolerant faith - even though when this prejudice took root Islam had a better record of tolerance than Christianity.
— Karen Armstrong
There is nothing in Islam that is more violent than Christianity.
tags: christianity violent
— Karen Armstrong
It is people who are violent, rather than "religions"; and since we secularised our politics we have had two major world wars, the Holocaust, the Soviet Gulag, and the atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki - none of which were inspired by religion. If we want to understand the dangers of our world, we can no longer accept the old received ideas.
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— Karen Armstrong
When violence becomes imbedded in a region, then this affects everything. It affects your dreams, your fantasies and relationships, and your religion becomes violent, too.
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— Karen Armstrong
I strongly believe that for serious and violent criminals, we must absolutely hold them accountable for their crimes and send them to prison.
tags: crimes believe prison violent criminal
— Kamala Harris
But I don't think there has ever been anything written on the nature of violent man as deep and as thorough as Shakespeare's Titus. I think it puts all modern movies and modern exploitations of violence to shame.
tags: nature men violence shame movie violent
— Julie Taymor
Americans are attracted to the dark side. But which movies should be allowed to be violent and show that dark side, and which should not? I don't believe in censorship, but I do think there are horrible movies that are bad for you.
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— Julie Taymor
I always say, "Never give your lead character an infant. Make them a recovering alcoholic, or the victim of a horrible violent crime because you can really never truly recover from that." It's a story pitfall.
tags: character crimes stories violent victim
— Julie Plec
The old fairy tales are very, very violent, and these days I think we could do with a little less of it.
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— Julie Andrews
Coordinating our efforts and sharing information and expertise is a great way to step up our fight against violent criminals. We are determined to make Ontario communities safer for law abiding citizens.
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— Julian Fantino
Already published reports, as well as our own observations indicate that smallpox vaccination sometimes produces manifestations of leukemia. In children and adults observed in the clinics of Cracow, smallpox vaccination has been followed by violent local and general reactions and by leukemia.
tags: children adult manifestation child violent
— Julian Aleksandrowicz
Enslavement is when one person completely controls another person, uses violence or violent threats to maintain that control, exploits them economically, and pays them effectively nothing. Trafficking in persons is a process of enslaving someone.
tags: people violence control process violent
— Julia Ormond
Violent resistance and nonviolent resistance share one very important thing in common: They are both a form of theater seeking an audience to their cause.
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— Julia Bacha
Whenever Canada moves to protect its own industries and people, it is subjected to violent attacks in the U.S. Congress and to threats of economic retaliation.
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— Judy LaMarsh
Men's sexuality is mean and violent, and men so powerful that they can reach WITHIN women to fvck/construct us from the inside out. Satan-like, men possess women, making their wicked fantasies and desires women's own. A woman who has sex with a man, therefore, does so against her will, even if she does not feel forced.
tags: desires fantasy men women sexuality powerful sex violent
— Judith Levine
Very often, if you just get the question: "Well, are you a Zionist?" if you say no, it's assumed that you want the destruction of the state of Israel and that you're involved in some actual or potential violent attack. But actually, you could say: "Not on this basis".
tags: potential destruction violent
— Judith Butler
It seems disingenuous to ask a writer why she, or he, is writing about a violent subject when the world and history are filled with violence.
tags: world violence writing violent
— Joyce Carol Oates
Prejudice is a seeping, dark stain, I think, more difficult to fight than hatred-which is powerful and violent and somehow more honest.
tags: dark powerful fight prejudice violent
— Josephine Lawrence