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    violence Quotes

    In Canadian comedy, you'll almost never see guns. If you bring a gun into a scene, it's like, 'Whoa! Wow, how are we going to deal with that!' Guns in an American comedy are a given. Violence in America is used in a much more cavalier way.
    — Scott Thompson
    The world feels overwhelming to me on every level. Just the number of organisms that live on this planet. Our politics, our violence, psychology, emotions; there's just a lot going on, right?
    — Zoe Leonard
    I can't relate to the people who shoot wolves. I'm guessing the person who shot Wolf 06 wouldn't relate much to me either. You let people go out and shoot hundreds of wolves and watch violent movies, and then you're surprised when they go on a rampage shooting other humans. You can't separate violence like that.
    — Zoe Helene
    Children are the seed for peace or violence in the future, depending on how they are cared for and stimulated. Thus, their family and community environment must be sown to grow a fairer and more fraternal world, a world to serve life and hope.
    — Zilda Arns
    Yes, ISIS is a threat. It's more than a nuisance. It's also in many respects criminal violence. But it isn't, in my view, a central strategic issue facing humanity.
    — Zbigniew Brzezinski
    It's pure Black Label. It's about violence and booze. That's all it is. There is no plan
    — Zakk Wylde
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    The injustice is that women continue to be the main target of violence both during wartime and peacetime and yet there is still a lack of a public outrage.
    — Zainab Salbi
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    It seems to me that violence against women has been tolerated for so long that the world has become numb to it.
    — Zainab Salbi
    tags: women  world  violence 
    I firmly believe today that the only way to stop violence against women is to speak out and refused to be silenced.
    — Zainab Salbi
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    I learned that victims come in all image - some raped, some witnessing an act of violence, some losing loved ones. I learned that the solutions come by both listening to the people impacted by the crisis and by learning from historical experiences in other places.
    — Zainab Salbi
    From joblessness to lack of education and professional skills to sexual and gender-based violence, women face a multi-faceted oppression.
    — Zainab Salbi
    Unfortunately, violence against women is not the only injustice women face globally; it is one of the many inequalities that impede the full development of socially excluded women globally.
    — Zainab Salbi
    I originally wanted to embrace the imagery and forthrightness of rap music. There are some interesting, dynamic voices in rap. But I find most of it irresponsible in its overt violence and commercialization of anger. As artists, we believe we can will action through language. If that's the case, we have to take responsibility for what we say.
    — Yusef Komunyakaa
    Vietnam helped me to look at the horror and terror in the hearts of people and realize how we can't aim guns and set booby traps for people we have never spoken a word to. That kind of impersonal violence mystifies me.
    — Yusef Komunyakaa
    People have a right to violence, to rebel, to fight back. And given what the United States Government and Western powers have done to the third world, I feel that these countries should fight back.
    — Yuri Kochiyama
    Sadly, the same leaders who call on Palestinians to abandon violence have been silent in the face of Israeli repression. By condemning violent Palestinian resistance while remaining silent in the face of Israeli crackdowns and political arrests, they are simply endorsing violence against civilians by one side instead of the other.
    — Yousef Munayyer
    The international community...cannot simply call on Palestinians to abandon violence in the face of Israeli occupation and remain silent when the nonviolent activists are politically repressed. This only reinforces the idea that the use of force reigns supreme and that Palestinians have no choice but to accept hardships at the hands of their Israeli lords.
    — Yousef Munayyer
    People are still thinking of solving problems by violence and war, and that has to stop.
    — Yoko Ono
    I get very sad when I think about Vietnam where there seems to be no choice but violence. This violence goes on for centuries perpetuating itself.
    — Yoko Ono
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    But think of the violence, it could happen to your kids.
    — Yoko Ono
    tags: violence  kids 
    All I'm saying is that perhaps we can make a revolution without violence.
    — Yoko Ono
    We shall never stop until we can go back home and Israel is destroyed... The goal of our struggle is the end of Israel, and there can be no compromises or mediations... the goal of this violence is the elimination of Zionism from Palestine in all its political, economic and military aspects... We don't want peace, we want victory. Peace for us means Israel's destruction and nothing else.
    — Yasser Arafat
    A person is born with feelings of envy and hate. If he gives way to them, they will lead him to violence and crime, and any sense of loyalty and good faith will be abandoned.
    — Xunzi
    All that violence in the world, we need to stop that
    — Wyclef Jean
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    Violence was almost an aphrodisiac for me.
    — Woody Harrelson
    tags: violence 
    I never hesitated, as a student, in embracing the necessity of violence. In South Africa, I didn't just accept it; I looked forward to it as a mission.
    — Wole Soyinka
    tags: violence  africa 
    I can look violence in the face and either reject or accept it.
    — Wole Soyinka
    tags: violence 
    As I grew older and more mature, I've been able to move beyond the immediate response of violence to a projection of the pragmatic, political consequences of that violence. So it's an effort to attain equilibrium.
    — Wole Soyinka
    Obasanjo has openly endorsed violence as a means of governance, embraced and empowered individuals whose avowed declarations, confessions and acts are cynically contrary to the mandate that alone upholds the legitimacy and dignity of his office.
    — Wole Soyinka
    tags: violence  alone  dignity 
    Sex and violence was never really my cup of tea; I was always more into sax and violins.
    — Wim Wenders
    tags: violence  sex 
    We will no longer be led only by that half of the population whose socialization, through toys, games, values and expectations, sanctions violence as the final assertion of manhood, synonymous with nationhood.
    — Wilma Scott Heide
    Love soothes wounds, while hatred and violence deepen them.
    — Willie Stargell
    tags: violence  hatred 
    Baseball is a game, yes. It is also a business. But what is most truly is is disguised combat. For all its gentility, its almost leisurely pace, baseball is violence under wraps.
    — Willie Mays
    Is it not the great end of religion, and, in particular, the glory of Christianity, to extinguish the malignant passions; to curb the violence, to control the appetites, and to smooth the asperities of man; to make us compassionate and kind, and forgiving one to another; to make us good husbands, good fathers, good friends; and to render us active and useful in the discharge of the relative social and civil duties?
    — William Wilberforce
    The whole army is burning with an insatiable desire to wreak violence upon South Carolina. I almost tremble for her fate.
    — William Tecumseh Sherman
    tags: desires  fate  violence 
    Death is ordinary. Behold it, subtract its patterns and lessons from those of the death that weapons bring, and maybe the residue will show what violence is.
    — William T. Vollmann
    tags: death  lessons  violence 
    The madness of depression is, generally speaking, the antithesis of violence. It is a storm indeed, but a storm of murk. Soon evident are the slowed-down responses, near paralysis, psychic energy throttled back close to zero. Ultimately, the body is affected and feels sapped, drained.
    — William Styron
    The cause of violence is not ignorance. It is self-interest. Only reverance can restrain violence - reverance for human life and the environment.
    — William Sloane Coffin
    Only reverence can restrain violence - reverence for human life and the environment.
    — William Sloane Coffin
    Without love, violence will change the world; it will change it into a more violent one.
    — William Sloane Coffin
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