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As long as we see abusers as victims, or as out-of-control monsters, they will continue getting away with ruining lives. If we want abusers to change, we will have to require them to give up the luxury of exploitation.
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— Lundy Bancroft
Years ago, I thought that if a person had experienced injustice in her life, it meant she would be fair, because she would know what it meant to be a victim of injustice. But now I am not so sure. Experiencing injustice can also make a person dangerous. Carrying a sense of revenge and anger can make a person victimize their own self.
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— Luljeta Lleshanaku
Hunger is actually the worst weapon of mass destruction. It claims millions of victims each year.
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— Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
According to the Privacy Rights Center, up to 10 million Americans are victims of ID theft each year. They have a right to be notified when their most sensitive health data is stolen.
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— Luis Gutierrez
It is evident that youth is the first victim of the trend toward bureaucratization. The young men are deprived of any opportunity to shape their own fate.
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— Ludwig von Mises
I've often wanted to play the victim, or somebody who makes terrible choices. I would love to play the alcoholic mother who horribly lets down her children. That's a great morally imperiled role.
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— Lucy Lawless
I will also continue to fight to provide better economic security for victims of domestic violence.
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— Lucille Roybal-Allard
Nearly one in four women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime. And slightly more than half of female victims of domestic violence live in households with children under age 12.
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— Lucille Roybal-Allard
The most horrible thing is not a government that stages public executions, but a government that secretly disposes of its victims.
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— Lu Xun
The Defense Department must do a better job of providing the best possible care for service women who are victims of sexual assault.
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— Louise Slaughter
We were the victims of the new producer but what annoyed me was they told the press we were leaving before us.
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— Louise Jameson
What have the masses been clamoring for? Jobs and welfare, and they got 'em. They've also got unions and managements like two armies converting the whole economy into a battleground with the customers as victims, except that the victims are also in the army. They think in battle terms by day and like customers at night.
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— Louis O. Kelso
And I envy the intransigence of my ownCountrymen who shoot to kill and neverSee the victim's face become their ownOr find his motive sabotage their motives.
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— Louis MacNeice
It is the nature of slavery to render its victims so abject that at last, fearing to be free, they multiply their own chains. You can liberate a freeman, but you cannot liberate a slave.
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— Louis J. Halle
Some people think it's demeaning to victims if you ever say anything out-loud about sexual abuse of children. I don't know if that's true.
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— Louis C. K.
If we can't turn the world around we can at least bolster the victims.
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— Liz Carpenter
Since suffering confers no rights on its victims, we who witness are the ones responsible for restoring these lost rights.
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— Liv Ullmann
I hope that I will be the last victim in China's long record of treating words as crimes.
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— Liu Xiaobo
It's kind of the yin and yang that fascinate me. That for all the evil men do, there are also people who work obnoxiously long hours and sacrifice their personal lives because it is a calling - if they don't keep our streets safe, if they aren't there to advocate for and save beaten women and children and murder victims, who will?
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— Lisa Gardner
I've been the victim a lot, so I've often played the person who's getting raped or murdered or abused. And so, to actually be raping and murdering and abusing people is a whole different kind of challenge, and one that was very difficult, at times.
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— Lily Rabe
I'm drawn to roles that have real substance, that aren't just the victim or the teenage girl or the girlfriend.
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— Lily Collins
We should not give up and say that the situation is hopeless. There is still our conscience, there is still the memory of the victims of this war, there is still our duty to try and prevent further bloodshed. We have to prosecute all the perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity.
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— Lidia Yusupova
Most people focus on forgiving others, thinking there isn't a need for self-forgiveness, particularly if they see themselves as a victim.
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— Liane Holliday Willey
Modern Man is the victim of the very instruments he values most. Every gain in power, every mastery of natural forces, every scientific addition to knowledge, has proved potentially dangerous, because it has not been accompanied by equal gains in self-understanding and self-discipline.
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— Lewis Mumford
Forgiving is an affair strictly between a victim and a victimizer. Everyone else should step aside...The worst wounds I ever felt were the ones people gave to my children. Wrong my kids, you wrong me. And my hurt qualifies me to forgive you. But only for the pain you caused me when you wounded them. My children alone are qualified to forgive you for what you did to them.
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— Lewis B. Smedes
If we say that monsters [people who do terrible evil] are beyond forgiving, we give them a power they should never have...they are given the power to keep their evil alive in the hearts of those who suffered most. We give them power to condemn their victims to live forever with the hurting memory of their painful pasts. We give the monsters the last word.
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— Lewis B. Smedes
The victory of the Church over the power which was embodied in the Roman imperial system was not won by seizing the levers of power: it was won when the victims knelt down in the Colosseum and prayed in the name of Jesus for the Emperor.
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— Lesslie Newbigin
Family violence is a criminal act; perpetrators, while often former victims themselves, need to accept culpability.
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— Leslie Morgan Steiner
The question, 'Why does she stay?' is code for some people for, 'It's her fault for staying,' as if [domestic violence] victims intentionally choose to fall in love with men intent upon destroying us.
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— Leslie Morgan Steiner
a kite is a victim you are sure of. you love it because it pulls.
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— Leonard Cohen
He who slanders the victim aids the executioner.
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— Leon Trotsky
When I talk about the pain and hardship of a scientist's life, I'm speaking of more than existential angst. Galileo's work was condemned by the Church; Madame Curie paid with her life, a victim of leukemia wrought by radiation poisoning. Too many of us develop cataracts. None of us gets enough sleep. Most of what we know about the universe we know thanks to a lot of guys (and ladies) who stayed up late at night.
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— Leon M. Lederman
Caring for an Alzheimer's patient is a situation that can utterly consume the lives and well-being of the people giving care, just as the disorder consumes its victims.
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— Leeza Gibbons
If you believe you are an effect of the world around you - that your happiness is dependent on this thing or that person - then you are always going to be a victim of circumstance to one degree or another.
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— Lee L Jampolsky
I don't have any problem with coverage of victims in France. My heart goes out to anyone who was hurt or killed over there.
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— Lazarus of Bethany
I was a sick child, I was scared, and honestly speaking, I never thought about why I didn't tell anyone about my abuse. Abuse victims don't have all the answers, and I never thought it was abuse. My generation was totally different. Now a small child knows many things, much more than what we knew. When I understood it was not right, it was much later.
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— Laxmi Narayan Tripathi
A statesman doesn't try to pull himself up by dragging someboy else down, and he doesn't try to convience people they're victims just so he can posture as their savior.
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— Lawrence Reed
It is a reality. People are being victimized or are being targeted to be victims each and every day.
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— Lawrence Jordan
Prejudices and preferences exist and will continue to. When you learn how to market yourself, you become less of a victim.
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— Lavrenti Lopes
If someone needs to express their gender in a way that is different, that is okay, and they should not be denied healthcare. They should not be bullied. They don't deserve to be victims of violence. " That's what people need to understand, that it's okay and that if you are uncomfortable with it, then you need to look at yourself.
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— Laverne Cox