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    value Quotes

    The value of other people is that they have something unique to offer.
    — Zygmunt Bauman
    tags: people  value 
    In a consumer society, people wallow in things, fascinating, enjoyable things. If you define your value by the things you acquire and surround yourself with, being excluded is humiliating.
    — Zygmunt Bauman
    After many years of thinking, reading and writing and looking, I came to believe that there are two basic, essential values which are indispensable for humane, decent, dignified life: one is freedom, and the other is security.
    — Zygmunt Bauman
    Every new social structure strives to come up with some kind of mythology of divine origin for its values and aims.
    — Zsuzsanna Budapest
    tags: value  divine  mythology 
    The unexpressed is always of greater value than the expressed.
    — Zona Gale
    tags: value 
    Music is nourishment, and a comforting elixir. Music multiplies the beauty of life and all its values.
    — Zoltan Kodaly
    tags: beauty  value  music 
    With music, one's whole future life is brightened. This is such a treasure in life that it helps us over many troubles and difficulties. Music is nourishment, a comforting elixir. Music multiplies all that is beautiful and of value in life.
    — Zoltan Kodaly
    tags: future  beautiful  value  help  music 
    We are very puritan in America. We still hold true to these really antiquated values, this idea of the sanctity of marriage.
    — Zoe Lister-Jones
    tags: true  value  america  ideas  marriage 
    The roots of our ecological crises are axiomatic: they lie in our belief and value structures which shape our relationship with nature, with each other and the lifestyles we lead.
    — Ziauddin Sardar
    An archer competing for a clay vessel shoots effortlessly, his or her skill and concentration unimpeded. If the prize is changed to a brass ornament, the hands begin to shake. If it is changed to gold, he or she squints as if going blind. The abilities do not deteriorate, but belief in them does, as he or she allows the supposed value of an external reward to cloud the vision.
    — Zhuangzi
    tags: belief  value  vision 
    Men of the world who value the Way all turn to books. But books are nothing more than words. Words have value; what is of value in words is meaning. Meaning has something it is pursuing, but the thing that it is pursuing cannot be put into words and handed down. The world values words and hands down books but, though the world values them, I do not think them worth valuing. What the world takes to be values is not real value.
    — Zhuangzi
    tags: men  world  meaning  value  real  book  worth 
    People value that part of knowledge which is known. They do not know how to avail themselves of the Unknown in order to reach knowledge. Is this not misguided?
    — Zhuangzi
    tags: people  value 
    I've discovered that I value simplicity above all in dressing. I don't like anything I wear to be too complicated or fussy.
    — Zhang Ziyi
    tags: value  simplicity 
    We have become so quick and effective in building things today. It would be easy to build another Pyramid of Giza or another Great Wall. But these buildings haven't withstood the test of time because of their building quality. They stand tall because they have a symbolic value, they represent a culture.
    — Zhang Xin
    tags: time  culture  value  quality 
    On the one hand the world is getting more integrated and we should not dismiss social values as "Western" when they are actually modern values. On the other hand, individual countries have their own history and their own evolution. Trade unions, for example, don't play the same role in China as they do in Europe or the US.
    — Zhang Xin
    We have two choices: One is to continue to see a poor, ill, crying Africa, carrying guns, that depends on other people forever, or to promote an Africa which is confident, peaceful, independent, but cognizant of its huge problems and great values at the same time.
    — Zeresenay Alemseged
    I tend to be a kind of left federalist. There's a value to more power of certain kinds being positioned at a more local level.
    — Zephyr Teachout
    tags: power  value 
    You have infinite value and worth! You already know you have strengths and inner resources. But you have even more strengths and resources that you are not yet fully aware of, and they will enhance your life as you become more aware of them. There are many more strengths and inner resources that you can gain and build up from now on.
    — Zelig Pliskin
    tags: value  strength 
    The society will be dominated by an elite of persons free from traditional values who will have no doubt in fulfilling their objectives by means of purged techniques with which they will influence the behavior of people and will control and watch the society in all details. It will become possible to exert a practically permanent watch on each citizen of the world.
    — Zbigniew Brzezinski
    The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.
    — Zbigniew Brzezinski
    The Technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more CONTROLLED society. Such a society would be dominated by ELITE, unrestrained by traditional values.
    — Zbigniew Brzezinski
    tags: society  value 
    An arc of crisis stretches along the shores of the Indian Ocean, with fragile social and political structures in a region of vital importance to us threatened with fragmentation. The resulting political chaos could well be filled by elements hostile to our values and sympathetic to our adversaries.
    — Zbigniew Brzezinski
    tags: value  ocean  chaos  political 
    Shared Sino-American global security goals would not mean that one partner dictates to the other. U.S.-PRC differences will persist, and on the Asian regional level they can even be a source of mutual irritation. Nor should it mean that we ignore the basic differences between our political systems and values.
    — Zbigniew Brzezinski
    tags: value  political  goal 
    The first and most important is to emphasize the enduring nature of the alliance relationship particularly with Europe which does share our values and interests even if it disagrees with us on specific policies.
    — Zbigniew Brzezinski
    It really ups your production value when you have one person that you can use as your avatar through a story, but I think everyone gets their moment in time. That other couple definitely has their moment too, and they have to make some tough decisions.
    — Zal Batmanglij
    As women, we must speak out, speak up, say no to our inheritance of loss and yes to a future of women-led dialogue about women's rights and value.
    — Zainab Salbi
    tags: women  future  loss  value  right 
    The conservative values that are emerging, it may not effect architecture immediately but it will effect society and that's what worries me.
    — Zaha Hadid
    You can't have a Superman that is battling cultural morality. You need a Superman that has built in sort of values.
    — Zack Snyder
    tags: morality  value 
    There's some boring advice for improvisers beginning their careers like "see as much of it as you can and do as much of it as you can." Volume, in a way, is the most important thing. Not, like, decibel volume - just immerse yourself in it as much as possible. I'd also suggest that you put a high value on your personal interests and tastes.
    — Zach Woods
    tags: advice  personal  value  career 
    We took special pride in the fact that climbing rocks and icefalls had no economic value in society...We were like a wild species living in the edges of an ecosystem - adaptable, resilient and tough.
    — Yvon Chouinard
    tags: living  value  wild  facts  economics  pride 
    No young kid growing up dreams of someday becoming a businessman. He wants to be a fireman, a sponsored athlete or a forest ranger The Lee Iacoccas, Donald Trumps, and Jack Welchs of the business world are heroes to no one except other businessmen with similar values.
    — Yvon Chouinard
    tags: world  young  value  hero  dreams  business  kids 
    While our managers debated what steps to take to address the sales and cash-flow crisis, I began to lead week-long employee seminars in what we called Philosophies. We'd take a busload at a time to places like Yosemite or the Marin Headlands above San Francisco, camp out, and gather under the trees to talk. The goal was to teach every employee in the company our business and environmental ethics and values.
    — Yvon Chouinard
    Growth isn't central at all, because I'm trying to run this company as if it's going to be here a hundred years from now. And if you take where we are today and add 15% growth, like public companies need to have for their stock to stay up in value, I'd be a multi-trillion-dollar company in 40 years. Which is impossible, of course.
    — Yvon Chouinard
    Good Dems are good Dems. They want a representative that really reflects their values.
    — Yvette Clarke
    tags: value 
    When one is young, aspiring to play for the country, doing well, any hindrance, like injury or being out of form, can be frustrating and a cause of annoyance or even anger. But once you have a close encounter with death, you realise the real value of life.
    — Yuvraj Singh
    tags: death  young  anger  value  real 
    My great-grandfather Melvin had been a carpenter - so was my father - and they taught me the value of tools: saws, hammers, chisels, files and rulers. It all dealt with conciseness and precision. It eliminated guesswork. One has to know his tools, so he doesn't work against himself.
    — Yusef Komunyakaa
    tags: work  value  father 
    We tend to suffer from the illusion that we are capable of dying for a belief or theory. What Hagakure is insisting is that even in merciless death, a futile death that knows neither flower nor fruit has dignity as the death of a human being. If we value so highly the dignity of life, how can we not also value the dignity of death? No death may be called futile.
    — Yukio Mishima
    At the beginning, I felt sort of reluctant about my music from my past. But in the last couple of years, I felt good about what I did in the past. The way I see my work, time passes from the time I performed or recorded a work. When I look at it now, 25 years or 30 years ago, if I see that it has value today, I will agree to release it.
    — Yoshi Wada
    tags: time  work  past  value  music  year 
    I didn't grow up in one of those restrictive Christian households where you couldn't do this or that. We were brought up with a great collection of good morals and good values, but we also had fun. We'd go to church on Sunday, but then have ice cream, roller skate or play in the park afterwards.
    — Yolanda Adams
    tags: value  fun  christian  church  morals 
    I want to investigate different cultures, to see how their identities and values affect their music. It's one way I can get to know our world, at least to a certain depth.
    — Yo-Yo Ma
    tags: world  culture  identity  value  music 
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