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People at the University of Portland were accepting and loving and open-minded. When you have a safety net, it allows you to take risks.
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— Kunal Nayyar
I think the education I've had as an actor I would never have had at university.
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— Kristin Kreuk
I tell people, 'I have a Ph.D. from Google University.
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— Kris Carr
But in college, we can wear our alcohol abuse as proudly as our university sweatshirts; the two concepts are virtually synonymous.
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— Koren Zailckas
I learned English by watching soaps as a kid, and since I don't have any formal education and can't teach at the universities like other literary writers do.
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— Kola Boof
When it came time to find employment, I set my sights on becoming an engineer at a home electronics manufacturer, a field that was closely related to my major at university.
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— Koichi Tanaka
In 1978, I entered Tohoku University, into the Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Technology.
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— Koichi Tanaka
The Faculty of Technology of Tohoku University is renowned for its tradition of practical studies.
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— Koichi Tanaka
The tenacious character I've possessed since I was a small child propelled me to successfully meet this challenge, and I was able to safely gain acceptance to the university of my choice.
— Koichi Tanaka
If we expect our children to thrive at our colleges and universities, and succeed in our economy once they graduate - first we must make quality, affordable early childhood education accessible to all.
— Kirsten Gillibrand
Universities should be safe havens where ruthless examination of realities will not be distorted by the aim to please or inhibited by the risk of displeasure.
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— Kingman Brewster, Jr.
Were I not a king, I would be a university man.
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— King James I
If I were not a king, I would be a university man; and if it were so that I must be a prisoner, if I might have my wish, I would desire to have no other prison than that library [the Bodleian].
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— King James I
I moved from New Zealand to Melbourne when I was 17. I'd planned to go to university to study French, but I was offered a contract to write and record an album that was too good to pass up. Looking back now I think that was pretty young but, at the time, I was ready to have an adventure.
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— Kimbra
Living in Korea as a girl meant living under a lot of discrimination and limitation. It was the same in my university and in the Korean literary world I am involved in now.
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— Kim Hyesoon
As a university student, I tried hard to write poems in Korean. It was at that time that I foresaw my death and the world's death. I think my poems started at that time.
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— Kim Hyesoon
When I was at university, the policemen used to measure how short the women's mini-skirts were and how long guys' hair was. We were living under a government that considers people to be soldiers.
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— Kim Hyesoon
Living in South Korea as a girl meant living under a lot of discrimination and limitation. It was the same in my university and in the Korean literary world I am involved in.
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— Kim Hyesoon
When I decided to go to university I didn't know what I wanted to do. When I had an opportunity to take an elective I took Drama by chance, even though I'd never taken a Drama course or even been in a play in high school. Two years later I was majoring in Drama and I knew I wanted to be an actor.
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— Kim Coates
I went to the University of Georgia for a year before I left, and then I went to live with Eileen Ford in New York for the modeling agency. I thank god I could do that because all the other kids were getting jobs doing other things, and when I got to New York, I was very blessed. I didn't have to stop and be a waitress. I started making money at a very young age and was just very lucky.
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— Kim Basinger
I want to spend my time at colleges and universities.
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— Kevin O'Leary
Trudeau motivated people between the ages of 18 to 35 to vote, and 82 per cent of them voted for him. That changed Canadian politics forever. If they stay motivated, and believe me, they are, no party can ever get a majority mandate again without winning at least 60 per cent of those voters. There hasn't been a Conservative candidate in 15 years that ever got on a campus anywhere here in any Canadian university and wasn't thrown stones at.
— Kevin O'Leary
Any type of operating system that I wanted to be able to hack, I basically compromised the source code, copied it over to the university because I didn't have enough space on my 200 megabyte hard drive.
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— Kevin Mitnick
I never went to class. That the university graduated me at all is an indictment of our educational system.
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— Kevin Kline
You know what's funny is that I have this ongoing relationship with the city of Washington D.C. I went to George Washington University, and my nickname was K-Dub - based on G-Dub - and I'm now on the board of trustees at George Washington University.
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— Kerry Washington
I was a mime. Im not kidding. I went to Northwestern University and they have a mime company, so we did a lot of training and then a lot of mime shows around Chicago.
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— Kerry Bishe
I went to Duke University in the medical track. And then I decided I wanted to do something more creative, so I switched to biochemistry at Nebraska.
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— Ken Wilber
With leading research universities, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and private companies like Blue Sun working on developing alternative fuels, Colorado is poised to become an international leader in clean energy.
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— Ken Salazar
Arthur Jay Klinghoffer, a professor of political science at Rutgers University, has argued that geography seems less relevant than ever in a world where nonstate actors - malleable entities like ethnicities, for example - are as powerful and important as the ones with governments and borders. Where on a map can you point to al-Qaeda? Or Google, or Wal-Mart? Everywhere and nowhere.
— Ken Jennings
Stanford University is so startlingly paradisial, so fragrant and sunny, it's as if you could eat from the trees and live happily forever.
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— Ken Auletta
There's nothing you can learn in three years studying media at university that you can't learn in just one month on a local paper.
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— Kelvin MacKenzie
I think that my parents' only regret is that they wasted so much money on my stupid prestigious university degree.
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— Keith Murray
I was accepted to Colorado State University in Fort Collins, which is a terrific Aggie school, and they had a great forestry program. But when I saw the syllabus and realized what I was going to actually have to be studying, there was a lot of science! If you want a degree in forestry, it's basically a science degree. And I just thought, "No, no, no, wait a second. Never mind!"
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— Keith Carradine
The highest percentage of England's top jobs are filled by graduates from about two different universities.
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— Keira Knightley
[My parents] met in university back in the '70s. And I didn't grow up with my father. He - they separated before I was born.
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— Kehinde Wiley
It's the teenage and university crowd, so we give them lots of sex jokes and gross humour.
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— Keenen Ivory Wayans
The Small Business 'common app' would function much like the one that students complete to apply to multiple colleges and universities simultaneously. It would ensure that small businesses across the country can concentrate on growing and creating jobs - not wasting time, filling out mountains of repetitive paperwork.
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— Kay Hagan
I originally worked as an archaeologist in North Carolina, and when bones were found police would take them out to the bones lady at the university, and that was me.
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— Kathy Reichs
I was a university professor, I could talk on and on and on. Give me a podium and you have to drag me off with a hook.
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— Kathy Reichs
Ontario's colleges and universities offer our young people life-changing opportunities. With an education, you can go anywhere and do anything. I am so impressed with the way our postsecondary students are engaging in their communities, and I am inspired by their hope and optimism. They are not the leaders of tomorrow " they are leaders today.
— Kathleen Wynne