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I just don't know that shame and fear need to be our teachers; rather, compassion, understanding, and love should be our guides
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— Kyan Douglas
The job of being president, understanding the particular policies that America has gotten itself into over the past 400 years.
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— Kwame Kilpatrick
The phrase 'academic freedom' is often used carelessly: here is a work that will allow a more careful conversation about those many crucial issues facing the academy, in which a well-worked out understanding of conceptions of academic freedom is, as its authors show, an essential tool.
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— Kwame Anthony Appiah
True meaning in life comes through understanding your own nature and learning to accept all aspects of yourself.
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— Kristine Carlson
I want people to understand that there is a group of Christians out there who want to be more open and understanding and tolerant and loving of all kinds of people, even the people that don't believe in God at all.
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— Kristin Chenoweth
It is absolutely a good thing that she [Angelina Jolie] helped to educate the world about the existence of this mutation; hopefully, as a result, more compassionate understanding exists regarding the choices BRCA carriers must face.
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— Kristi Funk
I think I've gone through my life with the understanding that you've got to let go and you can't think that you're going to control your destiny.
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— Kristen Stewart
Actors can be very precious about their work and their scenes, but I think good actors have a strong understanding of narrative and are very often not as precious about that stuff. They just can't be because they understand what makes for a better film, and that it's the job of the actor to work toward that, and then if you want you can go to acting class or workshops. But making movies is not workshops.
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— Kristen Stewart
It's within your world that things will unfold and intuitive understandings will open up.
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— Krishna Das
All the advantages that man has gained from his ever-deepening understanding of the natural world that surrounds him, his technological, chemical and medical progress, all of which should seem to alleviate human suffering... tends instead to favor humanity's destruction.
— Konrad Lorenz
After realizing a principle, unless you learn it with your body you cannot expect to get true understanding. Scholars in particular tend to learn in theory only.
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— Koichi Tohei
We need to promote greater tolerance and understanding among the peoples of the world. Nothing can be more dangerous to our efforts to build peace and development than a world divided along religious, ethnic or cultural lines. In each nation, and among all nations, we must work to promote unity based on our shared humanity.
— Kofi Annan
Young people - with their dynamism, their energy and their inherent understanding of our interconnected world - have much to teach us. Increased educational attainment, advances in technology and the spread of information have made this generation the best educated, most connected and most informed in history
— Kofi Annan
In an era of globalisation, AIESEC's programmes have helped young people around the world to develop a broader understanding of cultural socio-economic and business management issues.
— Kofi Annan
There is power in understanding the journey of others to help create your own
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— Kobe Bryant
There's a reason why players that have multiple championships have multiple championships. There's a certain characteristic and an understanding and knowledge and that's not something that's easily taught. You kind of have to go through it and it kind of has to be part of your DNA from the beginning.
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— Kobe Bryant
In my solitude, many miles from men and houses, I am in a childishly happy and carefree state of mind, which you are incapable of understanding unless someone explains it to you
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— Knut Hamsun
There is a difference between being a leader and being a boss. Both are based on authority. A boss demands blind obedience; a leader earns his authority through understanding and trust.
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— Klaus Balkenhol
It's from love and knowledge of nature that any sensible understanding must come. Technology is essentially antagonistic to nature - that in fact is why it's created, to do something to or with nature that wasn't there before, that wasn't natural.
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— Kirkpatrick Sale
Whether you can go back in time is held in the grip of the law of quantum gravity. We are several decades away from a definitive understanding, 20 or 30 years, but it could be sooner than that.
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— Kip Thorne
I taught what was clear in Acts 11:26: SAVED = CHRISTIAN = DISCIPLE, simply meaning that you cannot be saved and you cannot be a true Christian without being a disciple also. I taught that, to be baptized, you must first make the decision to be a disciple, and then be baptized.... I taught that their baptism was invalid because a retroactive understanding of repentance and baptism was not consistent with Scripture.
— Kip McKean
Dr Donne's verses are like the peace of God; they pass all understanding.
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— King James I
All that you need in the way of technique for drawing is bound up in the technique of seeing - that is, of understanding, which after all is mainly dependent on feeling. If you attempt to see in the way prescribed by any mechanical system of drawing, old or new, you will lose the understanding of the fundamental impulse. Your drawing becomes a meaningless diagram and the time so spent is wasted.
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— Kimon Nicolaides
Man can make only the rules. He cannot make the laws, which are the laws of nature. It is the understanding of these laws that enables a student to draw.
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— Kimon Nicolaides
I like violence because I like looking at it and I like understanding emotional and physical violence and how they work with one another... It's operating in all these levels of hopefully - Oedipus is one of my favorite stories, that's like falling down a well when you read that - so that would be the hope, that each thing causes the next.
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— Kimberly Peirce
Thankfully, I was given a strong base by my parents, an understanding of who I was and my strength.
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— Kimberly Elise
I am very honest with them - with an understanding that I'm doing them a disservice if I'm not telling them what I see. At the same time trying to remember that they're people and they're children and you know they are going to have off days and that's something that I feel like I've had to work on as I've gone down the coaching route.
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— Kim Zmeskal
Jung Min is SS501's Hitler. When we lived together, we played video games. But we can't turn the sound loud. Not even by one click. Jung Min says we can't have it loud, so we're like "Ok, fine. He's our member, so let's be understanding and turn it down." We turn it off, but he goes to his room and does karaoke!
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— Kim Kyu-jong
...treat people with understanding when you can, and fake it when you can't until you do understand.
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— Kim Harrison
Your understanding of a place changes the longer you stay; you discover more, and your own life gets woven into the fabric of the community.
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— Kim Edwards
Art is about asking questions and engaging a dialog. By challenging or investigating conventions contemporary art helps promote an on-going sense of discovery, contemplation, and understanding. I think these are all important things.
— Kim Anderson
It's drones over Brooklyn, you blink, you could get tooken,And now you're understanding the definition of 'Crooklyn.'Pigs on parade, but bacon fryin' and cookin',Cause kids' tired of dyin' and walkin' round like they shooken.
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— Killer Mike
I wanted to create a book that was unafraid of black bodies, yet super interested in thinking about the relationship of love to body and sexuality without relying on tired understandings of "gay" "bi" or "straight."
— Kiese Laymon
You can't judge my choices without understanding my reasons.
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— Kid Cudi
Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain.
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— Khalil Gibran
Knowledge and understanding are life's faithful companions who will never prove untrue to you. For knowledge is your crown, and understanding your staff; and when they are with you, you can possess no greater treasures.
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— Khalil Gibran
You give but little when you give of your possessions; It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. Some give little of the much which they have - and they do so for recognition, and their hiddden desires make their gifts unwholesome. Some have little yet give it all. They give joyously, and joy is their only reward. It is well to give when asked, but is is better to give when unasked, through understanding...
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— Khalil Gibran
Theology is faith seeking understanding, but understanding is more than theoretical. If we really grasp who and where we are as disciples, we should know how to live out our faith.
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— Kevin Vanhoozer
I'm definitely more understanding of people who have disabilities and who are suffering.
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— Kevin Sorbo
I heavily overinvest in recruiting. I have an understanding with certain search firms that if you find someone great, don't wait until there's a job opening - send him to me.
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— Kevin P. Ryan