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Don't hurry your code. Make sure it works well and is well designed. Don't worry about timing.
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— Linus Torvalds
I try to wait until things set up just right before I take a trade. Then, when I'm ready to take the trade, I slowly count to ten before I pick up the phone. It's better to have the wrong idea and good timing than the right idea and bad timing.
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— Linda Bradford Raschke
The proper timing of an attacking plan is a difficult matter which places great strain on a player's nerves. Mastery of this art is required for success in the international arena, but perfect mastery eludes even the very best chessplayers!
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— Leonid Shamkovich
Timing in life is everything.
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— Leonard Maltin
You know, there are a lot of would-be governors of Texas sitting around today who never took the opportunity to get into a race when the time was right. If George is good at anything, it's timing.
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— Laura Bush
Comedy is not funny. Comedy is hard work and timing and lots and lots of rehearsals.
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— Larry Hagman
The value of actions lies in their timing.
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— Laozi
Therefore: In dwelling, choose modest quarters, in thinking, value stillness, in dealing with others, be kind, in choosing words, be sincere, in leading, be just, in working, be competent, in acting, choose the correct timing. Follow these words and there will be no error.
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— Laozi
The whole idea of timing tests is a century old, from a scientist who thought speed and ability were tightly correlated, which they are not.
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— L. Todd Rose
The essence of football was blocking, tackling, and execution based on timing, rhythm and deception.
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— Knute Rockne
I feel that the work that I have done in the comedy arena, is priceless in terms of what I learned, timing, everything that these incredibly talented performers were generous enough in teaching me.
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— Khandi Alexander
It's just one of those deals where I have to keep moving and keep looking. It's a lot about timing and a lot about boat-positioning, and I'm just trying to get fish to react to several different baits.
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— Kevin VanDam
Bravura has nothing to do with technique. It's all about timing and oozing life.
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— Kevin McKenzie
Timing is everything. Chemistry is something that you don't just throw in the frying pan and mix it up with another something, then throw it on top of something, then fry it up and put it in a tortilla and put in a microwave, heat it up and give it to you and expect it to taste good. You know? For those of you who can cook, y'all know what I'm talking about. If y'all can't cook, this doesn't concern you.
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— Kevin Garnett
God's timing is rarely our timing.
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— Kevin DeYoung
I feel like, if it's supposed to happen, then it'll happen. God will send me somebody special, whenever the timing is right, so I'm just patient.
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— Kelly Rowland
Coming into the music industry, even when I was a kid, one thing I learned is timing is everything. You being prepared is everything.
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— Kelly Rowland
Simon: Anyone ever tell you your sense of timing really sucks? Derek: That's why I don't play the drums. Now what's up?
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— Kelley Armstrong
And he says I have lousy timing
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— Kelley Armstrong
Well, I think writing is basically about time and rhythm. Like with jazz. You have your basic melody and then you just riff off of it. And the riffs are about timing.
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— Kathy Acker
So much in life came down to timing.
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— Kate Morton
love is all about timing
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— Karuho Shiina
I won't say I am a strict mother, but discipline is important. Timing and routine are important for kids.
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— Karisma Kapoor
I've learned a lot from doing the sitcom. I've learned so much about comedic timing. For all the movies I've done, I've played so many different roles. I love both, but I guess in my career maybe I want to stick more to film.
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— Kaitlyn Dever
On My Last-Place Finish in the 50-Yard Dash During Little League Tryouts "It kinda looked like you were being attacked by a bunch of bees or something. Then when I saw the fat kid with the watch who was timing you start laughing". Well, I'll just say it's never a good sign when a fat kid laughs at you.
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— Justin Halpern
I just don't think [Payne] was the right time to do it, maybe. It was timing, not so much that it was executed wrong.
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— Julie Benz
The right timing is not always our timing.
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— Joyce Meyer
God gives us hopes and dreams for certain things to happen in our lives, but He doesn't always allow us to see the exact timing of His plan.
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— Joyce Meyer
And because performing for a game involves real acting. The way they create a game is very similar now to how they create a film. I've always wanted to stretch my acting skills, and the timing being what it is, I couldn't say no.
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— Josie Maran
All broken hearts are circumstantial. Every lovelorn jerk is the victim of bad timing, good intentions, and someone else's poor decision making.
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— Joshua Ferris
And blessed are they who have learned the rhythms of the invisible clock whose hours and minutes are immense and soundless. The great clock of the seasons and the years, and the small clock of the intuition, whose timing is guided by the heart.
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— Josephine Winslow Johnson
Sometimes you're timing is good, but they're pitching you really well and you have to adjust. The only way you can do it is if you're in there every day.
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— Jose Bautista
It is largely dissynchronous timing standards that have kept human beings off-balance and alienated from the natural cycles of the Earth they inhabit. The worst culprit is the Gregorian calendar, and by extension the "12:60 frequency" that it fosters - together these have become, in essence, the inescapable time clock of globalist capitalism.
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— Jose Arguelles
Life, for the most part, inevitably becomes routine, the random confluence of timing and fortune that configures its components all but forgotten. But every so often, I catch a glimpse of my life out of the corner of my eye, and am rendered breathless by it.
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— Jonathan Tropper
I quickly realized that this medium had a lot to offer someone like me. To do Disney-quality hand-drawn cartoons, you have to be a master of two art forms. Seriously, you have to be able to draw like a Leonardo da Vinci or a Michelangelo. But also you have to know movement and timing and control that through 24 frames a second.
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— John Lasseter
I just devoured all of his [Buster Keaton's] films because his sense of comic timing was amazing. He's the closest a human being has ever come to a cartoon character. And I was just amazed at his sense of character and timing, the humor. It's all just so"sophisticated, even when you watch it today.
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— John Lasseter
Resilience, timing, adaptation - these are the three pillars upon which the emergent properties of interacting systems rest. When the systems are the economy and the environment, understanding of the relationships among these concepts is crucial. This volume does a better job of explaining how to manage both money and nature to ensure humanity's long-term future than any other work I know of. Read and reflect.
— John L. Casti
I know I'm a long way from greatness, but I am beginning to come at it in my own way. I can go through the basic motions pretty well, don't rely quite as religiously on specific fly patterns as I once did, have worked out ways of compensating for some of my most egregious weaknesses and have come to count heavily on timing because it's a hell of a lot easier to catch fish when the fish are biting.
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— John Gierach
Well, I don't need protection One life begins, another dies Bad timing I won't last
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— John Frusciante
When I think of all the things that tossed my journey off its track, I realize something incredibly important: Life's setbacks only changed my path and the timing of my arrival. They never changed my destination.
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— John Foley