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    tears Quotes

    Never paint epic canvases during the revolution, because the revolutionaries will tear them apart.
    — Zygmunt Bauman
    tags: tears  revolution 
    I've never stolen anything. Well, that's not entirely true. I once accidentally took a gift card from a store in a mall. I was carrying it around to show my mom because I thought it was funny, and I forgot to show it to her and left the store carrying it. I had a complete nervous breakdown, like, 20 minutes later and went back to the store in tears. So that's where I stand in terms of my ability to steal something.
    — Zoe Kazan
    tags: funny  thoughts  true  tears  gift 
    In adversity, everything that surrounds you is a kind of medicine that helps you refine your conduct, yet you are unaware of it. In pleasant situations, you are faced with weapons that will tear you apart, yet you do not realize it.
    — Zicheng Hong
    Recipe For Greatness - To bear up under loss; To fight the bitterness of defeat and the weakness of grief; To be victor over anger; To smile when tears are close; To resist disease and evil men and base instincts; To hate hate and to love love; To go on when it would seen good to die; To look up with unquenchable faith in something ever more about to be. That is what any man can do, and be great.
    — Zane Grey
    tags: evil  men  hate  smile  greatness  fight  tears  weakness  faith 
    Brothers and sisters, our democracy has been hijacked. Brothers and sisters, all electoral freedoms in this country are over so long as it's controlled by corporations. Brothers and sisters, we are not going to allow these streets to be taken over by the Democrats or the Republicans. Because it's all of us who have built this city, and we can tear it down unless they give us what we need.
    — Zack de la Rocha
    tags: freedom  tears  democracy 
    I believe the National Park Service has demonstrated strong partnerships geared towards respecting the private property of citizens in its administering of the current Trail of Tears National Historic Trail and will continue to do so upon the addition of the routes.
    — Zach Wamp
    Lyrics are what I tend to tear hair out over and they're where I tend to feel weak musically, if I'm being very honest. It is not something I feel like I know anything about; I would not consider myself a writer. I just want to sing, I just want to sing a melody, I just want to feel a melody, and be part of the song, and everything else is not so important.
    — Zach Condon
    tags: tears  song  lyrics 
    My tears cure cancer too, it's just that I laugh at cancer patients.
    — Zach Braff
    tags: tears 
    I'm a guy, but I'm not afraid to cry. Not all of the time. But when I'm watching a movie, I'll sometimes shed a tear, especially 'Moulin Rouge'.
    — Zac Efron
    tags: time  tears  movie  afraid 
    When you are doing a show, it can get really dull. You are sitting so long while they set up the lights, then you say a couple of lines, then they tear down the lights again. At least stunts are something that uses your physical energy a great deal.
    — Yvonne Craig
    tags: energy  tears 
    It is true that I didn't write any poetry between 1995 and 2011. The reason for this was probably because I had stayed away from fiction for so long and couldn't tear myself away from it.
    — Yuriy Tarnawsky
    tags: true  tears  poetry  write  fiction 
    There's a huge seal called 'impossibility' pasted all over this world. And don't ever forget that we're the only ones who can tear it off once and for all.
    — Yukio Mishima
    tags: world  tears 
    To be modern is to tear the soul out of every thing
    — Yohji Yamamoto
    tags: soul  tears 
    We, the soldiers who have returned from battle stained with blood, we who have seen our relatives and friends killed before our eyes, we who have attended their funerals and cannot look into the eyes of their parents, we who have come from a land where parents bury their children, we who have fought against you, the Palestinians We say to you today in a loud and clear voice: Enough of blood and tears. Enough.
    — Yitzhak Rabin
    Enough of blood and tears. Enough!
    — Yitzhak Rabin
    tags: tears  blood 
    My grandmother, grandfather, my mom - we've always been driven by laughter. It's what held us together. Thanksgivings, any kind of family get-together, we usually end up in tears.
    — Yelawolf
    tags: laughter  tears 
    Here (Jerusalem), tears do not weaken the eyes, they only polish and shine the hardness of faces like stone.
    — Yehuda Amichai
    tags: eyes  tears 
    My laughter won't last forever but neither will my tears. We say this life isn't perfect. And it isn't. It isn't perfectly good. But, it also isn't perfectly bad, either.
    — Yasmin Mogahed
    tags: laughter  forever  tears  bad 
    Tear your heart out of your chest. And hand it to God. There is no other healing. I swear, there is no other healing
    — Yasmin Mogahed
    tags: heart  tears  god  healing 
    At that time, I feel sad, and I feel no one knows how hard I work and how many tears. They only know the score. At that time, I feel very lonely because no one understands since they haven't been world No. 1 before.
    — Yani Tseng
    tags: time  work  world  sad  tears 
    No one like crying, but tears water our souls. So, perhaps my thanks should be to allow you to cry for the Chinese women in my books.
    — Xinran
    tags: women  soul  tears  crying  water  book 
    No one likes crying, but tears water our souls.
    — Xinran
    tags: soul  tears  crying  water 
    You ask me to plow the ground. Shall I take a knife and tear my mother's bosom? Then when I die she will not take me to her bosom to rest.
    — Wovoka
    tags: tears  die  mother 
    You cannot tear up ancient rootages and safely plant the tree of liberty in soil that is not native to it.
    — Woodrow Wilson
    tags: tears  liberty 
    There is little for the great part of the history of the world except the bitter tears of pity and the hot tears of wrath.
    — Woodrow Wilson
    tags: world  tears 
    People will endure their tyrants for years, but they tear their deliverers to pieces if a millennium is not created immediately.
    — Woodrow Wilson
    tags: people  tears  year 
    The old Indian teaching was that is is wrong to tear loose from its place on the earth anything that may be growing there. It may be cut off, but it should not be uprooted. The trees and the grass have spirits. Whatever one of such growth may be destroyed by some good Indian, his act is done in sadness and with a prayer for forgiveness because of his necessities.
    — Wooden Leg
    We're all unlucky in love sometimes. When I am, I go jogging. The body loses water when you jog, so you have none left for tears.
    — Wong Kar-wai
    tags: body  tears  water 
    It's all bound to end in tears.
    — Wolfgang Paul
    tags: tears 
    Classic mountaineering grows out of a traditional romantic imagination. Its heart is the feeling, its path is blood, sweat and tears, and its restriction is God.
    — Wojciech Kurtyka
    the damned book I am writing is like the driveling of a weak-kneed sea calf. If I were sufficiently strong minded, I should tear it up an start again. But I don't.
    — Winifred Holtby
    tags: tears  strong  writing  book 
    I think of hip hop as a mass media, radio, MTV thing. It's been extremely relevant over the last 10 years and rock music is just not anymore-a tear rolls down my cheek as I say that.
    — Win Butler
    tags: tears  music  media  year 
    Some time in the night I got up, tiptoed to my window, and looked out at my doghouse. It looked so lonely and empty sitting there in the moonlight. I could see that the door was slightly ajar. I thought of the many times I had lain in my bed and listened to the squeaking of the door as my dogs went in and out. I didn't know I was crying until I felt the tears roll down my cheeks.
    — Wilson Rawls
    tags: time  thoughts  night  tears  crying  dog 
    After the last shovel of dirt was patted in place, I sat down and let my mind drift back through the years. I thought of the old K. C. Baking Powder can, and the first time I saw my pups in the box at the depot. I thought of the fifty dollars, the nickels and dimes, and the fishermen and blackberry patches. I looked at his grave and, with tears in my eyes, I voiced these words: "You were worth it, old friend, and a thousand times over.
    — Wilson Rawls
    tags: time  thoughts  friends  eyes  tears  mind  year  worth 
    It should be remembered that hundreds of people of African ancestry also walked the Trail of Tears with the Cherokee during the forced removal of 1838-1839. Although we know about the terrible human suffering of our native people and the members of other tribes during the removal, we rarely hear of those black people who also suffered.
    — Wilma Mankiller
    tags: people  suffering  human  tears  black 
    I remember the last season I played. I went home after a ballgame one day, lay down on my bed, and tears came to my eyes. How can you explain that? It's like crying for your mother after she's gone. You cry because you love her. I cried, I guess, because I loved baseball, and I knew I had to leave it.
    — Willie Mays
    tags: eyes  tears  crying  gone  mother  baseball 
    April, AprilLaugh thy girlish laughter;Then, the moment after,Weep thy girlish tears.
    — William Watson
    tags: moment  tears  april 
    Though I never ordered it, and never wished for it, I have never shed any tears over the event, because I believe that it hastened what we all fought for, the end of the war.
    — William Tecumseh Sherman
    tags: believe  tears  war 
    My beautiful wife is dead. She meant everything to me. Her laughter, her tears and her joy will remain with me the rest of my life.
    — William Shatner
    tags: laughter  joy  beautiful  tears  wife 
    Tears are the tribute of humanity to its destiny.
    — William Rounseville Alger
    tags: humanity  tears 
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