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    suspense Quotes

    If a book is worth reading at all, it is worth reading more than once. Suspense is the lowest of excitants, designed to take your breath away when the brain and heart crave to linger in nobler enjoyment. Suspense drags you on; appreciation causes you to linger.
    — William Gerhardie
    Screenwriter Flacco nicely evokes the aftermath of San Francisco's 1906 earthquake in his fiction debut, a novel of suspense.
    — William Bernhardt
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    Obviously neither 'American Idol' nor 'Dancing With the Stars' is a variety show in the classic sense, but the way they incorporate elements of drama, comedy and suspense is moderately ingenious.
    — Tom Shales
    For me, to take a movie and travel the world and go and work with these cultures and an international cast and have this spy thriller that's not just about character but also action and suspense, they're very challenging films as a producer to make, creating stories, creating set pieces that serve this character [Ethan Hunt].
    — Tom Cruise
    I do try not to spend much time reading in the suspense genre.
    — Thomas Perry
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    There is much to admire in Peter Brett's writing, and his concept is brilliant. There's action and suspense all the way.
    — Terry Brooks
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    The Heretic Queen is historical fiction at its best. Michelle Moran seamlessly incorporates accurate details into a story full of suspense, intrigue, and tenderness that's impossible to put down until you've reached the last page. An absolute triumph!
    — Tasha Alexander
    The trouble with a series as it gets older is it can feel like a tradition, and tradition is the enemy of suspense, and it's the enemy of comedy. It's the enemy of everything, really. So you have to shake it up.
    — Steven Moffat
    This sucks on so many levels." Dialogue from "Jason X" Rare for a movie to so frankly describe itself. "Jason X" sucks on the levels of storytelling, character development, suspense, special effects, originality, punctuation, neatness and aptness of thought.
    — Roger Ebert
    In a novella, a whole lot of crap can happen, and you can build momentum and suspense and leave room for a surprise or three. Stories are cut down to the most essential elements, and novels (this might be an unfair generalization on my part) are big fat clumsy efforts where the reader can snooze for a couple chapters and miss nothing of consequence. Hence my love for the middle way.
    — Robert Reed
    I read a lot of detective stories because they always deliver. They give you a beginning, a middle, and an end - a resolution. The modern novels I read don't always deliver because I'm looking essentially for a story. As in Shakespeare, "The play's the thing." In particular I read detective stories for pacing, plot and suspense.
    — Robert Cormier
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    Suspense is worst than disappointment.
    — Robert Burns
    Suspense is worse than disappointment.
    — Robert Burns
    I think the most important part of storytelling is tension. It's the constant tension of suspense that in a sense mirrors life, because nobody knows what's going to happen three hours from now.
    — Richard Condon
    Packs a Huge Emotional Punch! Graceful Writing, Great Acting, Exquisite Direction, Suspense, Profound Subject Matter and It Rocks!
    — Rex Reed
    In a script, you have to link various episodes together, you have to generate suspense and you have to assemble things - through editing, for example. It's exactly the same in architecture. Architects also put together spatial episodes to make sequences.
    — Rem Koolhaas
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    It's not just what Christian fiction lacks I appreciate - it's what it offers. The variety is vast: contemporary, historical, suspense, mysteries, adventure, young adult, romance, fantasy, science fiction.
    — Randy Alcorn
    Above all trust in the slow work of God. Only God could say what this new spirit gradually forming within you will be. Give our Lord the benefit of believing that His hand is leading you, and accept the anxiety of feeling yourself in suspense and incomplete.
    — Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
    tags: work  trust  anxiety  suspense  god  spirit 
    The Hunger Games has epic spectacle, yearning romance and suspense that won't quit!
    — Peter Travers
    Thunderous action and nail-biting suspense
    — Peter Travers
    tags: action  suspense 
    Part of the excitement was just seeing how the world would respond. I kind of like uncertainty to some extent, because it's a little bit of suspense and excitement and adventure, almost, right? And you can learn a lot even if things don't work out. But not everyone likes adventure. A lot of people seem to be against uncertainty, actually. In all areas of life.
    — Paul Buchheit
    Terrific! A successful blend of genres, complex and fascinating characters, and loads of suspense make 24 Bones a must-read.
    — Nate Kenyon
    I take a few pictures a week, but the best part is waiting for my film to be developed. The suspense is exciting, and the reward is great.
    — Morgan Saylor
    tags: suspense  film 
    To me a great sci-fi movie has elements of horror and suspense.
    — Moon Bloodgood
    tags: horror  suspense  movie 
    If you want to be a legend, God help you, it's so easy. You just do one thing. You can be the master of suspense, say. But if you want to be as invisible as is practical, then it's fun to do a lot of different things.
    — Mike Nichols
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    That's the magic of filmmaking, to draw the audience into an exotic world and keep them there and keep the suspense.
    — Michelle Yeoh
    tags: world  magic  suspense 
    You do not keep American democracy in suspense. Because, look, too many people have marched and protested and fought and died for this democracy.
    — Michelle Obama
    I like to play characters that get to do it all - to have a bit of comedy here and a bit of pathos here and a bit of suspense here, that's what's fun.
    — Michael Shannon
    As far as how important the real-life resonance of the stories is, I think it must play at least a small role in the show's success, because it gives the show this sense of suspense from the fact that it seems at least plausible.
    — Michael Loceff
    Stephen King, by far, is the standard-bearer. I think anyone who writes suspense fiction and says that King isn't an influence is either lying or being foolish. I read his book 'On Writing' before I read pretty much any of his fiction.
    — Michael Koryta
    I think anyone who writes suspense fiction and says that King isn't an influence is either lying or being foolish.
    — Michael Koryta
    Suspense combines curiosity with fear and pulls them up a rising slope.
    — Mason Cooley
    tags: fear  curiosity  suspense 
    As subjects, we all live in suspense, from day to day, from hour to hour; in other words, we are the hero of our own story. We cannot believe that it is finished, that we are 'finished,' even though we may say so; we expect another chapter, another installment, tomorrow or next week.
    — Mary McCarthy
    The suspense in a novel is not only in the reader, but in the novelist himself, who is intensely curious too about what will happen to the hero.
    — Mary McCarthy
    tags: suspense  hero  novel 
    Christ designed that the day of his coming should be hid from us, that being in suspense, we might be as it were upon the watch.
    — Martin Luther
    tags: suspense  christ 
    Suspense is one of the ways you persuade a reader to become engaged and stay engaged with your work.
    — Marge Piercy
    tags: work  suspense 
    When Reason Breaks is infused with a rare blend of suspense and sensitivity, despair and hope. The poetic spirit of Emily Dickinson shines through the gloom of daily struggles faced by modern teens, as they discover the possibilities where they dwell.
    — Margarita Engle
    A TV show where all of the characters are trying to figure out what's going on, and the suspense of that, fits my [voice] really well. You feel their frustration, anger and fear, and then, when the reveal happens, their sense of dread or horror, or whatever it is, and I like to paint with those colors.
    — M. Night Shyamalan
    I still read romance, and I read suspense. I read them both. And part of it is, I like stories with strong characters, and I like stories where there's closure at the end. And I like stories where there's hope. That's a kind of empowerment. I think romance novels are very empowering, and I think suspense novels are, too.
    — Lisa Gardner
    I'm unique for a suspense author in that I don't have a specialty background. A lot of suspense writers used to be lawyers or crime beat reporters. I didn't even know a cop when I started out. I finally figured out that I could visit prisons - I just had to be willing to make the phone calls.
    — Lisa Gardner
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