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Preacher who says that the sweet life is made from bitter parts is more or less telling those who have come to mourn the teenage suicide that this is just one bitter ingredient in the sweet thing foreordained by the benevolent god. To which I want to shake my fist and say: There is not one sweet thing about it. It is only bitter.
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— Kyle Minor
Question of "Where We Begin" turns to be not only a formal question but also a question central to the attempt to make sense of things about which it is very difficult to make any sense - illness, death, despair, suicides, cruelty, the various troubles love can provoke, our inability to really know one another when we our inner selves are walled off by our bodies.
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— Kyle Minor
Visualize yourself confronted with the task of killing, one after the other, a cabbage, a fly, a fish, a lizard, a guinea pig, a cat, a dog, a monkey and a baby chimpanzee. In the unlikely case that you should experience no greater inhibitions in killing the chimpanzee than in destroying the cabbage or the fly, my advice to you is to commit suicide at your earliest possible convenience, because you are a weird monstrosity and a public danger.
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— Konrad Lorenz
Many people ask why a writer commits suicide. But I think that people who ask don't know the vanity and the nothingness of writing. I think it is very usual and natural for a writer to commit suicide, because in order to keep on writing he must be a very strong person.
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— Kobo Abe
Suicide is an escape from life. What is life? An escape from death. This means that each of us must die twice. There is the death waiting for us ahead, and the death that comes pursuing from behind.... Once you are free at least from the death that comes pursuing you, you can relax and enjoy life as you go along.
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— Kobo Abe
Now that you are dead, you are splendid. Photographs of people who have just died are worth twenty percent more, and for suicides there is an additional five percent. Now that you are dead you are much in demand.
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— Kobo Abe
If I saw 'Virgin Suicides' or 'Eternal Sunshine,' I'm so proud to be in those movies. They are such great movies. I felt so free on those sets.
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— Kirsten Dunst
Why would I strike America and invite a retaliatory counterstrike that would put an end to my regime? Keep in mind, the whole point of this - my entire strategy, all our efforts and the hardships we have borne - is to ensure that my regime and I survive. Why would I risk that? I believe in assassination, not suicide.
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— Kim Jong-un
A lot of people told me that I'm committing musical suicide with my sound.
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— Kid Rock
You'd commit suicide trying to read my mind
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— Kid Cudi
I probably could have gone in depth about a lot of things, but then the album would've been longer. You can't have a short album when you're talking about suicide and cocaine. That's not going to be a short album.
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— Kid Cudi
Help Kids Not Feel Alone And Stop Kids From Committing Suicide
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— Kid Cudi
I was under police security for 15 years because I was on their hit-list. I opposed Khalistan because I thought it would be suicide for the Sikh community to demand a separate state, and they heard me because they knew I was one of them. I think I turned round at least the intelligent Sikh's point of view and that gave me enormous satisfaction.
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— Khushwant Singh
Perhaps a man may commit suicide in self-defense.
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— Khalil Gibran
Trickery succeeds sometimes, but it always commits suicide.
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— Khalil Gibran
I think what we have seen in terms of gay teenagers committing suicide because of bullying is anguishing. I think young people, if they are feeling like they are confused, need to know that there are people to talk to and that there are places they can go and not feel alone. But I feel that they have just as many rights as I do to not be bullied.
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— Kevin Spacey
I'm not a doctor, nor am I a member of the military. What I am is an appreciative, concerned American citizen, who was horrified when I heard about the horrendous rates of suicide (22 per day) and PTSD/TBI within our military. As such, I felt compelled to reach out to anyone who cared to listen, to try to help with this terrible situation. This is not just life and death - it is life and death for those who defend our freedom.
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— Ken Wahl
With suicide, it's a strange thing in Japanese culture. It's acceptable. My parents would have been devastated if my attempt had been successful, but they would have somehow accepted it.
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— Ken Ono
I don't just denounce suicide bombers. I denounce those governments which use indiscriminate slaughter to advance their foreign policy.
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— Ken Livingstone
Most of the suicide hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, a place not lacking in wealth. But due to rapid population growth, the wealth per capita has fallen by about half in a generation.
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— Keith Henson
Because depression is so thematically powerful and so dark, when it's very severe, it can make people feel not only as if they've lost a loving connection, but as if the whole world is devoid of love, so if we wonder how somebody could take 149 people with him when he commits suicide, one answer can be that depression, when it's most severe, can make people feel that life is completely without value, not just for them but for anyone.
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— Keith Ablow
How miserable a solipsist is! It is rather senseless for him to even assert his belief in solipsism, for, on the one hand, if his belief is false it is like committing intellectual suicide, and, on the other hand, if his belief is true it is an act of intellectual insanity.
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— Kedar Joshi
I think people don't understand how intimately tied suicide is to mental illness, particularly to depressive illness and bipolar illness.
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— Kay Redfield Jamison
Every seventeen minutes in America, someone commits suicide. Mostly, I have been impressed by how little value our society puts on saving the lives of those who are in such despair as to want to end them. It is a societal illusion that suicide is rare. It is not.
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— Kay Redfield Jamison
When people are suicidal, their thinking is paralyzed, their options appear spare or nonexistent, their mood is despairing, and hopelessness permeates their entire mental domain. The future cannot be separated from the present, and the present is painful beyond solace. "This is my last experiment,' wrote a young chemist in his suicide note. "If there is any eternal torment worse than mine I'll have to be shown.
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— Kay Redfield Jamison
Suicide Note: The calm, Cool face of the river Asked me for a kiss. -Langston Hughes
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— Kay Redfield Jamison
Each way to suicide is its own: intensely private, unknowable, and terrible. Suicide will have seemed to its perpetrator the last and best of bad possibilities, and any attempt by the living to chart this final terrain of life can be only a sketch, maddeningly incomplete
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— Kay Redfield Jamison
The awareness of the damage done by severe mental illness-to the individual himself and to others-and fears that it may return again play a decisive role in many suicides
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— Kay Redfield Jamison
Suicide carries in its aftermath a level of confusion and devastation that is, for the most part, beyond description.
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— Kay Redfield Jamison
There is an assumption, in attaching Puritan concepts such as 'successful' and 'unsuccessful' to the awful, final act of suicide, that those who 'fail' at killing themselves not only are weak, but incompetent, incapable even of getting their dying quite right.
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— Kay Redfield Jamison
I am by temperament an optimist, and I thought from the beginning that there was much to be written about suicide that was strangely heartening.
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— Kay Redfield Jamison
Everyone has good cause for suicide, or at least it seems that way to those who search for it. (74)
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— Kay Redfield Jamison
Suicide is not a blot on anyone's name; it is a tragedy
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— Kay Redfield Jamison
There are relatively few things that kill people that are young other than car accidents and suicide.
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— Kay Redfield Jamison
Hope is a necessity for normal life and the major weapon against the suicide impulse.
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— Karl A. Menninger
Start-ups don't die, they commit suicide.
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— Justin Kan
In America, the traditional routes to black identity have hardly been normal. Suicide (disappearance by imitation, or willed extinction), violence (hysterical religiosity, crime, armed revolt), and exemplary moral courage; none of these is normal.
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— June Jordan
suicide is absolute, and if you think you will survive by hiding who you really are, you are sadly misled: there is no such thing as partial or intermittent suicide. You can only survive if you - who you really are - do survive.
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— June Jordan
Suicide is a desperate attempt to get out of what seems to be an intolerable situation. It appears to be a way of escape from the pain of living.
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— June Hunt
We all live in a society where someone who lives right across hasn't eaten and you don't know it or you are having problems where you are close to suicide and no one knows; everyone is going about their duty and thinking everything is fine. It's a dual world we live in and there is so much going on and yet it is not so obvious because we all live in our individual worlds.
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— Juliet Asante