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    substitute Quotes

    We often say that psi is like musical ability: it is widely distributed in the populate, and everyone has some ability and can participate to some extent - in the same way that the most nonmusical person can learn to play a little Mozart on the piano. On the other hand, there is no substitute for innate talent, and there is no substitute for practice.
    — Russell Targ
    Compassion is no substitute for justice.
    — Rush Limbaugh
    LOVE and LOVER live in Eternity. Other desires are substitutes for that way of being.
    — Rumi
    Advertising is, actually, a simple phenomenon in terms of economics. It is merely a substitute for a personal sales force - an extension, if you will, of the merchant who cries aloud his wares.
    — Rosser Reeves
    The art of living has no history: it does not evolve: the pleasure which vanishes vanishes for good, there is no substitute for it. Other pleasures come, which replace nothing. No progress in pleasures, nothing but mutations.
    — Roland Barthes
    A fundamentalist is someone who wants to substitute what he believes for what you believe," Max said. "And someone who thinks he knows the will of God better than anyone else.
    — Robin Wasserman
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    Graphology is another in a long list of quack substitutes for hard work. It is appealing to those who are impatient with such troublesome matters as research, evidence analysis, reasoning, logic, and hypothesis testing.
    — Robert Todd Carroll
    Those who dare to interpret God's will must never claim Him as an asset for one nation or group rather than another. War springs from the love and loyalty which should be offered to God being applied to some God substitute, one of the most dangerous being nationalism.
    — Robert Runcie
    In the Middle Ages the king offered protection to his subjects in return for their loyalty, and the subjects were doubly protected, for the church also sheltered them. The need for shelter - for a father image that cares and will hopefully provide and give some meaning to human lives - remains as real as it was in the Middle Ages, but modern technocracy has no place for either the father or the church and provides no substitute.
    — Robert Payne
    The idea of a judgment of history is secularism's vain, meaningless, hopeless, pathetic attempt to devise a substitute for what the great Abrahamic traditions of faith know is the final judgment of almighty God, who is not an impersonal force. History is not God. God is God. History is not our judge. God is our Judge.
    — Robert P. George
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    A computer does not substitute for judgment any more than a pencil substitutes for literacy. But writing without a pencil is no particular advantage.
    — Robert McNamara
    I don't see traffic fines as a substitute for a commuter tax.
    — Robert James Thomson
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    The Unitarian Church has done more than any other church to substitute character for creed, and to say that a man should be judged by his spirit; by the climate of his heart; by the autumn of his generosity; by the spring of his hope; that he should be judged by what he does; by the influence that he exerts, rather than by the mythology he may believe.
    — Robert Green Ingersoll
    Pushing yourself to extremes blows out the cobwebs of trusted habit. It shakes up what you know to be reliably safe and substitutes the miracle of insecurity.
    — Robert Genn
    The simple truth is that technology is still a poor substitute for human interaction.
    — Robert G. Thompson
    I loved Molly. Or at least I told myself I did. Or, if what I felt for her was not love, it was at least a plausible imitation, a convincing substitute.
    — Robert Charles Wilson
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    There can never be any substitute for your own palate nor any better education than tasting the wine yourself.
    — Robert B. Parker
    There is no substitute for character. You can buy brains but you cannot buy character.
    — Robert A. Cook
    I think that if one's role doesn't correspond to what one says, if one's life doesn't correspond to what one preaches, if one is not true to one's people, someone else will come as a substitute.
    — Rigoberta Menchu
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    I may drive in a few races next year if someone needs a substitute driver ... (but) if I were never to drive again, I have had a great career.
    — Ricky Rudd
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    The change that is coming to the body of Christ is so profound that the world will have a new definition of Christianity... Those who submit to Him in truth... will be the most dangerous and powerful people on earth, and will be the greatest threat to the Antichrist spirit that now sits in the church as a substitute for Him.
    — Rick Joyner
    Psychedelics are not a substitute for faith. They are a door to authentic faith, born of encountering directly the sacred dimension of everyday experience. This is not the only gate to that discovery, but it is the most ancient and universal, and potentially the most accessible to the majority of the human race.
    — Rick Doblin
    As the telescope is not a substitute for, but an aid to, our sight, so revelation is not designed to supersede the use of reason, but to supply its deficiencies.
    — Richard Whately
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    ...aware, as always, that the truth isn't much of substitute for a good answer.
    — Richard Russo
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    Nowadays, to say that we are clever animals is not to say something philosophical and pessimistic but something political and hopeful - namely, if we can work together, we can make ourselves into whatever we are clever and courageous enough to imagine ourselves becoming. This is to set aside Kant's question "What is man?" and to substitute the question "What sort of world can we prepare for our great grandchildren?
    — Richard Rorty
    [Walt] Whitman and [humanist educator John] Dewey tried to substitute hope for knowledge. They wanted to put shared utopian dreams - dreams of an ideally decent and civilized society - in the place of knowledge of God's Will, Moral Law, the Laws of History, or the Facts of Science.... As long as we have a functioning political left, we still have a chance to achieve our country, to make it the country of Whitman's and Dewey's dreams.
    — Richard Rorty
    When you haven't found inner meaning, you will always substitute outer performance. It's the only way to fill that void, that sense of significance - that I am significant. So almost the degree of outer performance can, in many cases, mirror the lack of inner alignment.
    — Richard Rohr
    Moralism is always the cheap substitute for mysticism.
    — Richard Rohr
    Being informed is different from being formed, and the first is a common substitute for the second.
    — Richard Rohr
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    His jargon conceals, from him, but not from us, the deep, empty hole in his mind. He uses technological language as a substitute for technique.
    — Richard Mitchell
    I got into a few games after they were hopelessly won or hopelessly lost, you know, when they put the substitutes in, and finally the water boy, and then me. That is the way it worked.
    — Richard M. Nixon
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    If for every error and every act of incompetence one can substitute an act of treason, many points of fascinating interpretation are open to the paranoid imagination.
    — Richard Hofstadter
    Typing is no substitute for thinking.
    — Richard Hamming
    We can speculate on what's likely, but what's needed is an investigation. And speculation is no substitute for facts. As a former prosecutor, I prosecuted antitrust cases civilly. And I can say that antitrust investigations merit searching, penetrating scrutiny and investigation. That's what we need here.
    — Richard Blumenthal
    The moment of Jesus' greatest glory was on the cross, dying as our substitute.
    — Rich Nathan
    There is simply no substitute for forceful American leadership. Sometimes the best way to get allies is to be willing to forge ahead alone.
    — Rich Lowry
    The mastery of nature is vainly believed to be an adequate substitute for self mastery.
    — Reinhold Niebuhr
    Plato worried that philosophical writing would take the place of living conversations for which, in philosophy, there is no substitute.
    — Rebecca Goldstein
    You can easily substitute the intellect for true devotion. Devotion comes from the heart, and from the will. The intellect, you can cerebrally answer things, but you make a big mistake when that happens.
    — Ravi Zacharias
    The source of the problem is in Syria. Raqqa is the headquarters of ISIL, which is a lethal terrorist organization, now army. If you don't go after them over there, they're going to hit us over here, and there's no substitute for that in my view.
    — Rand Paul
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