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    stupidity Quotes

    What I wanted was to die among strangers, untroubled, beneath a cloudless sky. And yet my desire differed from the sentiments of that ancient Greek who wanted to die under the brilliant sun. What I wanted was some natural, spontaneous suicide. I wanted a death like that of a fox, not yet well versed in cunning, that walks carelessly along a mountain path and is shot by a hunter because of its own stupidity.
    — Yukio Mishima
    tags: death  desires  suicide  stupidity  sky  die  path 
    Stupidity isn't the only thing humans carry inside of them. I'll show you that we also have the power to purify.
    — Yellow Tanabe
    tags: power  stupidity 
    Maybe vagueness has been good for me. The word means two different things in Tokyo and Osaka, you know. In Tokyo it means stupidity, but in Osaka they talk about vagueness in a painting and in a game of Go.
    — Yasunari Kawabata
    I'm an optimist by choice not by stupidity.
    — Yanni
    tags: choice  stupidity 
    My background was art school, documentary director and surfer with a keen interest in thrilling acts of life threatening stupidity.
    — Yahoo Serious
    tags: stupidity  school 
    For my part, I am very much more afraid of the man who does a bad thing and does not know it is bad than of the man who does a bad thing and knows it is bad; because I think that in public affairs stupidity is more dangerous than knavery, because harder to fight and dislodge.
    — Woodrow Wilson
    It recognizes no morality but a sham morality meant for deceit, no honor even among thieves and of a thievish sort, no force but physical force, no intellectual power but cunning, no disgrace but failure, no crime but stupidity.
    — Woodrow Wilson
    Stupidity is falling pray to your own illusions.
    — Wojciech Kurtyka
    tags: stupidity  illusion  pray 
    The world has made everything else and still it can't make peace. And the reason it can't make peace is because of the evil, ignorance and stupidity. I have songs that explain these facts. And that's the blues.
    — Willie Dixon
    More computing sins are committed in the name of efficiency (without necessarily achieving it) than for any other single reason - including blind stupidity.
    — William Wulf
    tags: stupidity  sin 
    Bashfulness is more frequently connected with good sense than we find assurance; and impudence, on the other hand, is often the mere effect of downright stupidity.
    — William Shenstone
    tags: stupidity 
    The man who is worthy of being a leader of men will never complain about the stupidity of his helpers, the ingratitude of mankind nor the inappreciation of the public. These are all a part of the great game of life. To meet them and overcome them and not to go down before them in disgust, discouragement or defeat-that is the final proof of power
    — William J. H. Boetcker
    Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of ignorance.
    — William Gaddis
    Talk, talk, talk: the utter and heartbreaking stupidity of words.
    — William Faulkner
    tags: stupidity 
    We are bound to lose Ireland in consequence of years of cruelty, stupidity and misgovernment and I would rather lose her as a friend than as a foe.
    — William E. Gladstone
    THESE are the desolate, dark weeks when nature in its barrenness equals the stupidity of man. The year plunges into night and the heart plunges lower than night.
    — William Carlos Williams
    tags: nature  men  heart  dark  night  stupidity  year 
    An aphorism is an extreme synthesis of thesis and antithesis, theory and practice, it's a mixture of intuition and observation, hypothesis and illusions of certainty and probability, history and stupidity.
    — William C. Brown
    How can you fight stupidity effectively? The answer is simple: it's not easy.
    — William C. Brown
    tags: fight  stupidity 
    I am a scholar of stupidity, so thanks for existing.
    — William C. Brown
    tags: stupidity 
    Examples of human stupidity. Blasphemy in Pakistan can now include spelling errors by children or throwing away a card bearing the name "Muhammad".
    — William C. Brown
    When you are a great scholar of stupidity, logics and marketing, you can do practically everthing, from business to trading, from spiritual research to artistic criticism.
    — William C. Brown
    Invest in stupidity, its stocks never go down.
    — William C. Brown
    tags: stupidity  invest  stock 
    What's the advantage to have hundreds of words to define stupidity, when the essence is always the same.
    — William C. Brown
    The media and their journalists are merely megaphones for stupidity, the verb par excellence.
    — William C. Brown
    Communism has failed; capitalism has failed; common sense has failed; now has to fail stupidity.
    — William C. Brown
    In Italy, above all in view of the next general election, political parties, movements and new politicians continue to proliferate, naturally all inspired by the logic of the most severe, rigorous and atavistic stupidity.
    — William C. Brown
    Literature can be divided into two large families: the religious and the secular one. The first reveals the origin of stupidity, the second follows its evolution.
    — William C. Brown
    One of the main purpose of art has ever been that of making its indispensable contribution to the growth of entropy of the universal stupidity.
    — William C. Brown
    tags: growth  stupidity 
    The common curse of mankind, folly, ignorance and stupidity.
    — William C. Brown
    Appeal to all scholars of stupidity in the world. Come to Italy, this country has the highest rate of morons of the universe, especially among political, bureaucratic, judicial, religious, intellectual, artistic, and mass media members, so it is the best place to develop your own field research.
    — William C. Brown
    As far as humanity is concerned the origin of stupidity is itself.
    — William C. Brown
    It is against stupidity in every shape and form that we have to wage our eternal battle. But how can we wonder at the want of sense on the part of those who have had no advantages, when we see such plentiful absence of that commodity on the part of those who have had all the advantages?
    — William Booth
    Look into the eyes of a chicken and you will see real stupidity. It is a kind of bottomless stupidity, a fiendish stupidity. They are the most horrifying, cannibalistic and nightmarish creatures in the world.
    — Werner Herzog
    tags: world  eyes  stupidity  real 
    Well they are very frightening for me because their stupidity is so flat. You look into the eyes of a chicken and you lose yourself in a completely flat, frightening stupidity. They are like a great metaphor for me... I kind of love chicken, but they frighten me more than any other animal.
    — Werner Herzog
    Faith is not a function of stupidity but a frequent cause of it.
    — Wendy Kaminer
    tags: stupidity  faith 
    In its more authoritarian forms, religion punishes questioning and rewards gullibility. Faith is not a function of stupidity, but a frequent cause of it.
    — Wendy Kaminer
    tags: stupidity  faith 
    Long live gravity! Long live stupidity, error, and greed in the palaces of fantasy capitalism!
    — Wendell Berry
    tags: fantasy  live  greed  stupidity 
    I couldn't catch a ball or any of that stuff. I could do only what required brute stupidity.
    — Warren G. Harding
    tags: stupidity 
    In the insurance business, there is no statute of limitation on stupidity.
    — Warren Buffett
    There is no more certain sign of a narrow mind, of stupidity, and of arrogance, than to stand aloof from those who think differently from us.
    — Walter Savage Landor
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