stupidity Quotes

His last thought was that it hadn't been stupidity that had allowed his son to enchant him so easily with words. It had been love.
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— Kristin Cashore
The Good Lord hasn't done this well: He placed limits on everything, except on stupidity.
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— Konrad Adenauer
The good Lord set definite limits on man's wisdom, but set no limits on his stupidity.
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— Konrad Adenauer
There is no patch for stupidity.
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— Kevin Mitnick
You can't go to Windows Update and get a patch for stupidity.
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— Kevin Mitnick
According to the first image of international relations, the locus of the important causes of war is found in the nature and behavior of man. Wars result from selfishness, from misdirected aggressive impulses, from stupidity.
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— Kenneth Waltz
The best way to fight stupidity, is by ignoring it.
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— Kelly Kelly
. . . it seems to me certain that more people are killed out of righteous stupidity than out of wickedness.
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— Karl Popper
A problem with my novels is that they, from the start, have been infantile and incredibly childish. There are childishness, stupidity, lack of wisdom, fantasies. At the same time, that's where my creativity can be found. If I tried to control it and make it more mature, it wouldn't be good at all. It'd be uninteresting, without any vivacity.
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— Karl Ove Knausgard
There is no greater stupidity than for marry and so surrender themselves to the small miseries of domestic and private life.
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— Karl Marx
It is a bad thing to perform menial duties even for the sake of freedom; to fight with pinpricks, instead of with clubs. I have become tired of hypocrisy, stupidity, gross arbitrariness, and of our bowing and scraping, dodging, and hair-splitting over words. Consequently, the government has given me back my freedom.
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— Karl Marx
I hated the company of other children. I wanted to be a grownup person, to be taken seriously. I hated the idea of childhood; I thought it was a moment of endless stupidity.
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— Karl Lagerfeld
Stupidity is an elemental force for which no earthquake is a match.
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— Karl Kraus
Stupidity gets up early; that is why events are accustomed to happening in the morning.
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— Karl Kraus
Albrecht's Law - Intelligent people, when assembled into an organization, will tend toward collective stupidity.
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— Karl Albrecht
Everyone had a reason for everything they did, even if that reason was sometimes stupidity.
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— Karin Slaughter
No, I'm too busy trying to deflect your Power of Stupidity. But I don't think I'm strong enough.
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— Kami Garcia
In time, you'll see a thin line between friend and rival.Between you and me: stupidity and men's bravado.
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— Ka
Insanity is just what we call stupidity when it doesn't make sense.
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— Josh Lieb
You can reach stupidity only with a cannon ball.
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— Josh Billings
Mass democracy guarantees stupidity. Masses of people, even if they're individually intelligent, can only act stupidly.
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— Joseph Sobran
Artificial intelligence will never be a match for natural stupidity.
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— Joseph Addison
A man governs himself by the dictates of virtue and good sense, who acts without zeal or passion in points that are of no consequence; but when the whole community is shaken, and the safety of the public endangered, the appearance of a philosophical or an affected indolence must arise either from stupidity or perfidiousness.
— Joseph Addison
Stupefaction, when it persists, becomes stupidity.
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— Jose Ortega y Gasset
Soccer is popular because stupidity is popular.
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— Jorge Luis Borges
My heart is broken in the face of the stupidity of my species.
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— Joni Mitchell
Judging by the the movie's enduring popularity, the message that stupidity is redemption is clearly what a lot of Americans want to hear.
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— Jonathan Rosenbaum
The stupidity of the American voter is exceeded only by its slovenliness.
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— Jonathan Gruber
Exploiting the stupidity of the American voter is fun and easy: kinda like squeezing a lemon.
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— Jonathan Gruber
Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. Call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically, that was really, really critical for the thing to pass.
— Jonathan Gruber
Whether it's Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated.
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— Jon Hamm
Ground the main character in stupidity. Hire a good cast and a good crew.
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— Jon Glaser
Stupidity is much the same all the world over
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— John Stuart Mill
You know, I eat, I ate pretty well anyway so, I'm basically living the same, I just curtailed the stupidity.
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— John Newcombe
I can have incredible self-discipline. But see, I think it's obviously a form of stupidity.
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— John Malkovich
Where danger shews it self, apprehension cannot, without stupidity, be wanting; where danger is, sense of danger should be; and so much fear as should keep us awake, and excite our attention, industry, and vigour; but not to disturb the calm use of our reason, nor hinder the execution of what that dictates.
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— John Locke
If a man didn't make sense, the Scotch felt it was misplaced politeness to try to keep him from knowing it. Better that he be aware of his reputation, for this would encourage reticence which goes well with stupidity.
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— John Kenneth Galbraith
Inflation does not lubricate trade but by rescuing traders from their errors of optimism or stupidity.
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— John Kenneth Galbraith
You bet I write disaster fiction. We have compiled a disastrous record on this planet, a record of stupidity and absurdity and self-abuse and self-aggrandizement and self-deception and pompousness and self-righteousness and cruelty and indifference beyond what any other species has demonstrated the capacity for, which is the capacity for all the above.
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— John Irving
Cutter's Way was a real test of my stupidity. Every day, it was like, who did I think I was? But people put up with me. But I considered myself an alcoholic, so I had the inside track on how an alcoholic would do this or that and so on and so forth. That became pretty annoying, I'm sure.
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— John Heard