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    strategy Quotes

    I don't like to do things for any other reason than it happens spontaneously or there's something that makes it happen naturally. I don't like putting down too many plans and trying to do a strategy to get a certain response or a certain effect.
    — Ziggy Marley
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    Children, then, acquire social skills not so much from adults as from their interactions with one another. They are likely to discover through trial and error which strategies work and which do not, and later to reflect consciously on what they have learned.
    — Zick Rubin
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    I don't believe that military intervention is always the right approach. What we need is a comprehensive strategy, one that advances democratization, economic reforms and equal rights for women.
    — Zalmay Khalilzad
    Americans have eliminated Iran's worst enemies, the Taliban in Afghanistan and Saddam [Hussein]. I occasionally threatened my Iranian counterpart in Kabul that one day I would send him a big bill for what we did. But, seriously, Iran is pursuing a dual strategy in Iraq. On the one hand, the Iranians, after decades of hostility, are now interested in good relations. On the other hand, they want to keep the country weak and dominate the region.
    — Zalmay Khalilzad
    It is important for me, as a popular artist, to make clear to the governments of the United States and Mexico that despite the strategy of fear and intimidation to foreigners, despite their weapons, despite their immigration laws and military reserves, they will never be able to isolate the Zapatista communities from the people in the United States.
    — Zack de la Rocha
    If I feel like I'm writing from an agenda, that's when I throw something away. If I have a strategy I feel like I'm doing it for the wrong reasons.
    — Youth Lagoon
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    The many refugees are not a Greek or German problem. They are a European problem. We should therefore develop a common strategy. That's why I am launching a cross-border movement for more democracy.
    — Yanis Varoufakis
    The game of football is one of strategy and tactics.
    — Woody Hayes
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    Culture is a matrix of infinite possibilities and choices. From within the same culture matrix we can extract arguments and strategies for the degradation and ennoblement of our species, for its enslavement or liberation, for the suppression of its productive potential or its enhancement.
    — Wole Soyinka
    Earlier in my career, I never thought of boxing as a chess game, but I confirm that they are, in fact, very similar. You can plan your fights and strategy just like you would in chess.
    — Wladimir Klitschko
    Different regions may require different strategies, as President Bush has noted, but not different basic principles. It's either collective security or selective security.
    — William Safire
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    The best strategy is one that offers the highest compound return consistent with no risk of going broke.
    — William Poundstone
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    The strategy behind the Kyoto Protocol has no grounding in economics or environmental policy.
    — William Nordhaus
    Modern culture appears to have adopted a strategy of tragedy. If we come here and say, I didn't intend to cause global warning, it's not part of my plan, then we realize it's part of our defacto plan because it's the thing that's happening because we have no other plan.
    — William McDonough
    For any business, large or small, not to have an e-commerce strategy is a big mistake.
    — William M. Daley
    The repealing and replacing of Obamacare is very complicated. It is what a White House and congressional leadership, serious White House and serious congressional leadership, should meet on and work on and figure out a strategy of, and it may work and it may not. Obviously not every administration gets things through, even when they have much larger majorities in congress and a much larger popular vote than Donald Trump had.
    — William Kristol
    Many of the ideas of Sun Tzu and Mao Zedong came naturally to the young Ho Chi Minh, who would probably have applied the same strategy even had he not been aware of them.
    — William J. Duiker
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    At the same time, old confrontations have taken on frightening urgency, especially the India-Pakistan conflict over Kashmir and the violent stalemate in the Middle East. Progress on these and other global challenges requires us to develop a larger strategy for American foreign policy, rooted in a fundamental commitment to move the world from interdependence to an integrated global community committed to peace and prosperity, freedom and security.
    — William J. Clinton
    Ultimately, the best strategy to ensure our security and to build a durable peace is to support the advance of democracy elsewhere. Democracies don't attack each other.
    — William J. Clinton
    You can't blame your opponents for applying a strategy that beats your brains out with regularity.
    — William J. Clinton
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    I want to make it very clear that this middle-class tax cut, in my view, is central to any attempt we're going to make to have a short-term economic strategy and a long-term fairness strategy, which is part of getting this country going again.
    — William J. Clinton
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    If you believe in a security strategy - a strategy of more friends and fewer enemies, a strategy of greater cooperation and a strategy of keeping America better at home as we grow more diverse - we have to build the minds and hearts to build this kind of world.
    — William J. Clinton
    Let's adopt some short-term strategies to get growth going and then let's have a long-term debt reduction package. That's what I think we should do and I think it will work.
    — William J. Clinton
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    Dr Sue Johnson is the most original contributor to couples therapy to come along in the last thirty years. This book will touch your heart, stimulate your mind and give you practical strategies for improving your relationship.
    — William J Doherty
    The policy of dollar diplomacy is one that appeals alike to idealistic humanitarian sentiments, to dictates of sound policy, and strategy, and to legitimate commercial aims.
    — William Howard Taft
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    Current levels of Pentagon spending may not be able to support current defense strategy. The answer to this problem is right before our eyes: cut the money and change the strategy. That would be acting in the name of a conception of national security that was truly strategic.
    — William Hartung
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    Time is not on Gaddafi's side. People ask about the exit strategy. It's Colonel Gaddafi who needs an exit strategy because this pressure will only mount and it will be intensified over the coming days and weeks.
    — William Hague
    tags: time  people  strategy 
    What do you want to achieve or avoid? The answers to this question are objectives. How will you go about achieving your desire results? The answer to this you can call strategy.
    — William E. Rothschild
    The opportunities and threats existing in any situation always exceed the resources needed to exploit the opportunities or avoid the threats. Thus, strategy is essentially a problem of allocating resources. If strategy is to be successful, it must allocate superior resources against a decisive opportunity.
    — William Cohen
    A firm that continues to employ a previously successful strategy eventually and inevitably falls victim to a competitor.
    — William Cohen
    Money management is the only strategy to survive in this crazy, stupid and doped financial world market.
    — William C. Brown
    What I propose, then, is a strategy for interrogating the Darwinists to, as it were, squeeze the truth out of them.
    — William A. Dembski
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    True strategy is about placing bets and making hard choices under conditions of uncertainty, not about assuming plans can remove risk.
    — Will Evans
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    Beware the fictionist writing his own life. Even candor becomes a strategy.
    — Wilfrid Sheed
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    You can holler, protest, march, picket and demonstrate, but somebody must be able to sit in on the strategy conferences and plot a course. There must be strategies, the researchers, the professionals to carry out the program. That's our role.
    — Whitney M. Young
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    Prayer is the master strategy that Godgives for the defeat and rout of Satan.
    — Wesley L Duewel
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    Serious research and development efforts are required to produce technologies, strategies, organizations, and trained personnel who can go into failed states, work with our allies and friends, and promote the political and economic reforms that will meet popular needs and reduce the sources of terrorism and conflict.
    — Wesley Clark
    Dealing with the unknown, the unexpected, is a reflection for me musically of what's happening in the world, because people are learning how to dialog with each other without any past strategy or any kind of formula from the past.
    — Wayne Shorter
    People know what happened in California, and they know it can happen again and again. They know that no group has passed more ballot measures than we have. They know we have a focused strategy. They know we have a budget of $150 million a year. And they know we're ready for a fight.
    — Wayne Pacelle
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    In setting goals and executing a strategy, Wanda is sophisticated. We have good systems and departments. If targets are not reached, a yellow light goes off.
    — Wang Jianlin
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