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Spirit, faith, and positive energy are the core of human life, without them you lose your way. You live without Zest. You go through the motions but there's no passion
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— Lee Bolman
The essence of leadership is not giving things or even providing visions. It is offering oneself and one's spirit.
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— Lee Bolman
I never liked to work because I don't want no one to be a slave. I want to be worked in my mind. Every thing that's going on, there's some big spirit behind me who send me to do the thing that I must do.
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— Lee “Scratch” Perry
I live by the spirit so I don't gratify all them old sinful desires that never satisfy.
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— LeCrae
The spirit of liberty is the spirit which is not too sure that it is right; the spirit of liberty is the spirit which seeks to understands the minds of other men and women.
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— Learned Hand
The spirit of liberty is the spirit that is not quite sure it is right.
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— Learned Hand
The spirit of liberty is the spirit of him who, near two thousand years ago, taught mankind that lesson it has never learned ... .
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— Learned Hand
I had rather take my chance that some traitors will escape detection than spread abroad a spirit of general suspicion and distrust, which accepts rumor and gossip in place of undismayed and unintimidated inquiry.
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— Learned Hand
I assure you; while I look like a ghost, I'm no spirit or demon. I'm nothing but a girl struggling to make her way in an intolerant world. I bleed, I love, and someday, I'll die.
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— Leanna Renee Hieber
The Holy Spirit said I was blessed and was going to touch hearts everywhere.
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— LeAnn Rimes
Health to me is an overall mind, body, and kind of spirit thing.
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— LeAnn Rimes
A shivery, delicious Southern Gothic with feuding families, dark spirits, ancient curses and caught up in the middle, a young girl learning to live and love for the first time. Atmospheric and suspenseful, Compulsion will draw you in and hold you until the very last page.
tags: time live young dark girls learning spirit
— Leah Cypess
The Vietnam war will not be over until it ends for everyone. Over four hundred thousand U.S. veterans are still recovering from wounds inflicted on their bodies and their spirit. Sixty-three million souls in Vietnam are still suffering from their 'victory.
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— Le Ly Hayslip
Generous in spirit, richly poetic, and packed with memorable characters.
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— Lawrence Millman
Excellence is not an accomplishment. It is a spirit, a never-ending process.
tags: process excellence spirit
— Lawrence M. Miller
Do I address issues of the spirit, of the soul, in my work? Yes, definitely. As for being a Catholic poet, I was born in, and into, Catholicism - Eastern Rite Maronite and Melkite Catholicism. Not being Catholic has never been a choice for me - it's in my family, my ancestry, going back centuries. Catholicism, for me, is always here.
tags: choice soul poet spirit
— Lawrence Joseph
Try and travel with the eyes of the spirit wide open, and not too much factual information. To tune in, without reverence, idly - but with real inward attention. It is to be had for the feeling, that mysterious sense of rapport, of identity with the ground. You can extract the essence of a place once you know how. If you just get as still as a needle you'll be there.
tags: travel identity eyes real attention spirit
— Lawrence Durrell
Books, books, books in all their aspects, in form and spirit, their physical selves and what reading releases from their hieroglyphic pages, in their sight and smell, in their touch and feel to the questing hand, and in the intellectual music which they sing to the thoughtful brain and loving heart, books are to me the best of all symbols, the realest of all reality.
tags: heart reality self brain loving music reading book spirit
— Lawrence Clark Powell
Art is the distillate of life, the winnowed result of the experience of a people, the record of the joyous adventure of the creative spirit in us toward a higher world; a world in which all ideas, thoughts, and forms are pure and beautiful and completely clear, the world Plato held to be perfect and eternal. All works that have in them an element of joy are records of this adventure.
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— Lawren Harris
The power of beauty at work in man, as the artist has always known, is severe and exacting, and once evoked, will never leave him alone, until he brings his work and life into some semblance of harmony with its spirit.
tags: beauty men work power alone harmony spirit artist
— Lawren Harris
It requires a conviction that every people has a unique contribution to give to mankind, and that this they must make or remain sterile, subservient, sallow, and that this contribution they must have commenced to make before they can hope to understand the spirit that informs all great works and inspires all noble living.
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— Lawren Harris
That is the trouble, everybody is giving everything in the world a piece of their minds. Whereas what we want is not a piece of somebody's mind, even the best mind, so much as an open heart and an open spirit.
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— Laurens van der Post
The spirit of man is nomad, his blood bedouin, and love is the aboriginal tracker on the faded desert spoor of his lost self; and so I came to live my life not by conscious plan or prearranged design but as someone following the flight of a bird.
tags: men live conscious lost blood spirit
— Laurens van der Post
The age of leaders has come and gone. You must be your own leader now. You must contain the spirit of our time in your own life and your own nature. You must really explore, as you've never explored before, what human nature is like.
tags: time nature human age gone leader spirit
— Laurens van der Post
Sight is by much the noblest of the senses. We receive our notices from the other four, through the organs of sensation only. We hear, we feel, we smell, we taste, by touch. But sight rises infinitely higher. It is refined above matter, and equals the faculty of spirit.
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— Laurence Sterne
The accusing spirit, which flew up to heaven's chancery with the oath, blushed as he gave it in; and the recording angel as he wrote it down dropped a tear upon the word and blotted it out forever.
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— Laurence Sterne
It appears an extraordinary thing to me, that since there is such a diabolical spirit in the depravity of human nature, as persecution for difference of opinion in religious tenets, there never happened to be any inquisition, any auto da fe, any crusade, among the Pagans.
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— Laurence Sterne
There is a spirit in us that makes our brass to blare and our cymbals crash-all, of course, supported by the practicalities of trained lung power, throat, heart, guts.
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— Laurence Olivier
Father eternal, ruler of creation, Spirit of life, which moved ere form was made Through the thick darkness covering every nation Light to man's blindness, O be Thou our aid.
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— Laurence Housman
The thing with kids is that you only get one chance to do it right. It's really important to share their gifts while they're discovering them. That's why spelling bees are such a compelling story. They stimulate them intellectually, they awaken their competitive spirit, but it's fun. There's something fun about words.
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— Laurence Fishburne
I certainly believe that being in contact with ones spirit and nurturing ones spirit is as important as nurturing ones body and mind. We are three dimensional beings: body, mind, spirit.
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— Laurence Fishburne
As we, the world, and the way we live have become more complex, we've moved further away from living in alignment with our human spirit and with the earth.
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— Lauren Mackler
The Spirit is the reason we can build a church and have confidence that we will get it at least a little bit right.
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— Lauren F. Winner
All moments of joy include an element of happiness. But not all moments of happiness include joy. Happiness often comes from drive reduction-avoidance of pain or the pursuit of pleasure for pleasure's sake. The essence of joy, on the other hand, is spirit.
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— Laurel Mellin
A woman's spirit blossoms in the colors of her soul.
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— Laurel Burch
Celebrate your own special spirit fly on the wings of your secret dreams
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— Laurel Burch
In the midst of the complexities of modern life, with all its pressures, the spirit of man needs to refresh itself by communion with unspoiled nature. In such surroundings- occasional as our visits may be- we can achieve that kind of physical and spiritual renewal that comes alone from the wonder of the natural world.
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— Laurance Rockefeller
I find joy and peace in the presence of God and the Holy Spirit sustains that worship, renewing my mind and restoring my heart...His radiance inspires us and enables us to bring Him the adoration due His name.
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— Laura Story
David knew that the very quality of his worship was not based on his own volition but on the object of his worship - the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Though our affections for God may wax and wane, His character is unchanging! We even see David speaking to his own soul, demanding of it, "Bless the Lord!"
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— Laura Story
When I feel connected, mind-body and spirit, I feel centered.
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— Laura Prepon