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There were a couple of times that we did end up moving the set [of Helix] outside to shoot some of the outside scenes, just because we needed a bit more space, and that ended up being a little bit more helpful and easier to breathe, when you're dealing with some of the fake snow stuff. It was a lot of fun, and it looks amazing.
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— Kyra Zagorsky
What is there to say about ChUC other than it's a comedy show done the right way in the right space. Fantastic comics, welcoming audience. Always great.
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— Kyle Kinane
We are going into space, and we need protection. And in case we need to space walk, we'll have to go outside.
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— Kyle Gass
There are places and spaces for black writers to write about race as a central thing. It's important. We're still dealing with the remnants of slavery. We're still dealing with racism on a daily basis. For me, I choose to write books about black people where we are normal. I was raised to believe that I deserve to be in a room just like anybody else. I try to write books like that.
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— Kwame Alexander
It was such a dramatic escalator that I was on. It was at 90 degrees. I was going straight up like a rocket ship into space. And I was thrown in with the sharks. They said sink or swim in this Cup deal.
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— Kurt Busch
The problem with being a film actress or a movie star is that people see you so huge that somehow you're visually massive or somehow you're in some removed space, which is a television or wherever. It somehow takes your humanity.
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— Kristin Scott Thomas
...when truths disappear, they leave behind blank spaces, and that is also dangerous.
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— Kristin Cashore
I have little space from the suffering of elephants right now. I wake up with it and go to sleep with it. The plight of animals in shelters, of kids used for labor for the metals in our electronics and endless other things, the fate of our water supply to dye our blue jeans and water our lawns, the sad painful life of conventionally raised meat...For me, I am working to not contribute to this. I really don't want to hurt others for my benefit.
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— Kristin Bauer van Straten
It seems to be a natural consequence of our points of view to assume that the whole of space is filled with electrons and flying electric ions of all kinds.
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— Kristian Birkeland
Being intellectually hospitable is a virtue that I bring into the interview space,
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— Krista Tippett
We are so programmed to feel that our emotions are the most important thing in the Universe...We write, produce and act in the story of me. And then we write reviews - and read them and get more depressed. All we can do is let go, and that comes from training. And then we spend less and less time in the darker spaces.
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— Krishna Das
Make space in your life, space for health and happiness
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— Kris Carr
One of the most thoughtless statements, parroted ad nauseam ever since rational concern for our environment exploded into an emotional syndrome, calls Man the only animal that soils its own nest. Every animal soils its nest with the products of its metabolism if unable to move away. Space technology gives us for the first time the freedom to leave our nest, at least for certain functions, in order not to soil it.
tags: animals time men freedom environment space emotional technology
— Krafft Arnold Ehricke
The economic function of space industrialization is to generate jobs on Earth, not in space.
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— Krafft Arnold Ehricke
Man's mind and spirit grow with the space in which they are allowed to operate.
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— Krafft Arnold Ehricke
Now my helmet's on, you can't tell me I'm not in space.
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— Kool Keith
For me, a rocket is only a means-only a method of reaching the depths of space-and not an end in itself... There's no doubt that it's very important to have rocket ships since they will help mankind to settle elsewhere in the universe. But what I'm working for is this resettling... The whole idea is to move away from the Earth to settlements in space.
tags: earth mankind doubt help space universe ideas
— Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Man must at all costs overcome the Earth's gravity and have, in reserve, the space at least of the Solar System. All kinds of danger wait for him on the Earth. . . . We have said a great deal about the advantages of migration into space, but not all can be said or even imagined.
tags: men earth space danger advantage
— Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
Man will not always stay on Earth; the pursuit of light and space will lead him to penetrate the bounds of the atmosphere, timidly at first, but in the end to conquer the whole of solar space.
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— Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
I am convinced that of all the people on the two sides of the great curtain, the space pilots are the least likely to hate each other. Like the late Erich von Holst, I believe that the tremendous and otherwise not quite explicable public interest in space flight arises from the subconscious realization that it helps to preserve peace. May it continue to do so!
tags: peace people believe hate realization help space
— Konrad Lorenz
I dress like a 7-year-old space pilot. I have clothes that I still wear regularly from high school.
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— Kirsten Vangsness
We had the city trying to demolish two of our exhibition spaces, which was at first pretty disturbing. But following the freak-out is the realization that an attachment to any kind of form is pointless. Forgive me if I seem like a complete nihilist, but if the demolition trucks show up and the buildings come down, then that just presents a new setting in which an artist can work. The real challenge is trying to conceal my delight in the process.
tags: work present realization challenge process space real artist
— Kirsha Kaechele
I love horror movies in space. I love it when the genre switches over and what was sci-fi becomes horror.
tags: horror space movie
— Kirk Hammett
If I had unlimited funds, wall space and storage, I would collect a lot more things, like 'Planet of the Apes,' 'Star Wars,' science fiction stuff, autographs, and prop guns and weapons. I have to draw the line somewhere.
tags: star space war fiction
— Kirk Hammett
Hawai"i Pacific University's new use of the iconic Aloha Tower Marketplace will continue its historic role of welcoming visitors, and now students, to the heart of Honolulu in a modern, vibrant mixed-use space.
tags: heart space historic
— Kirk Caldwell
When gravitational waves reach the earth, the waves stretch and squeeze space. This is a tiny stretch and squeeze. Far too small to detect with ordinary human senses.
tags: human earth space
— Kip Thorne
A black hole really is an object with very rich structure, just like Earth has a rich structure of mountains, valleys, oceans, and so forth. Its warped space whirls around the central singularity like air in a tornado.
tags: earth space ocean black
— Kip Thorne
I want to be governor [of Texas] because I need the closet space.
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— Kinky Friedman
You should draw not what the thing looks like, not even what it is, but what it is doing... Gesture has no precise edges, no forms. The forms are in the act of changing. Gesture is movement in space.
tags: space precise
— Kimon Nicolaides
I do know what my family has done for me, but they do need to give me some space to let me be myself. There would be some things I would handle differently.
tags: space
— Kim Wilde
Without an observer at a twenty three degree angle to the light being reflected off a cloud of spherical droplets, there is no rainbow. The whole universe is like that. Our spirits stand at a twenty three degree angle to the universe. There is some new thing created at the contact of photon and retina, some space created between rock and mind.
tags: space mind universe spirit
— Kim Stanley
I feel like I'm at a really happy, good space.
tags: space
— Kim Kardashian
Join us next time for Days of the Undead when Rachel learns her long lost brother is really a crown prince from outer space.
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— Kim Harrison
In a few hours, I'm going to be banished to the surface, my belongings raffled off as novelty items and my living space given to someone else-my reputation destroyed. I'd rather have your head than your soul at this point in my illustrious career." - Al
tags: living soul space
— Kim Harrison
When I was young, there was never any space for me to get attention of my own that wasn't negative. Art, and the practice of making art, was the only space that was mine alone, where I could be anyone and do anything, where just by using my head and my hands I could cry, or laugh, or get pissed off.
tags: young alone space attention
— Kim Gordon
After Memory Keepers Daughter, it took me a few months to shut out the world. I really had to turn off the Internet and sort of cloister myself away from the world again and sink into that psychic space to write again.
tags: world memory space write internet daughter
— Kim Edwards
...and the distance between them, millimeters only, the space of a breath, opened up and deepened, became a cavern at whose edge he stood.
tags: space
— Kim Edwards
Your dressing area should be your private space.
tags: space
— Kim Cattrall
The biggest change for me as a mom was realizing I needed to put someone else before me. Now the hardest part about the empty nest is learning to put myself first. I know that I have raised my sons to be big, strong, independent men who love God, themselves and care for others. I have to learn to let them have space and learn without me.
tags: men space care strong god learn learning son
— Kim Alexis
In that endless time, we are born in the same age. In that infinite space, to be able to meet and become one with you, that fate is really amazing and the miracle is really beautiful.
tags: fate time beautiful age space miracle
— Kim A-joong