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    sorry Quotes

    Nobody's in love with me. I'm so sorry.
    — Walter Pfeiffer
    tags: sorry 
    I am sorry about the person who is not truly excited about his job. He will not only never truly be happy there, but he won't achieve anything great.
    — Walter Chrysler
    tags: people  job  achieve  sorry 
    I feel sorry for the person who can't get genuinely excited about his work. Not only will he never be satisfied, but he will never achieve anything worthwhile.
    — Walter Chrysler
    tags: people  work  achieve  sorry 
    No real English gentleman, in his secret soul, was ever sorry for the death of a political economist.
    — Walter Bagehot
    tags: death  secret  soul  real  political  sorry 
    Let me tell you something, my wife died for Tuesdays ago. Cancer of the colon. We were married forty-one years. Now you stop feeling sorry for yourself and lose some of that pork of yours. Pretty girl like you - you don't want to do this yourself.
    — Wally Lamb
    tags: girls  wife  year  sorry 
    I'm really very sorry for you all, but it's an unjust world, and virtue is triumphant only in theatrical performances.
    — W. S. Gilbert
    tags: world  virtue  sorry 
    My poetry doesn't change from place to place - it changes with the years. It's very important to be one's age. You get ideas you have to turn down - 'I'm sorry, no longer'; 'I'm sorry, not yet.
    — W. H. Auden
    tags: age  poetry  ideas  year  sorry 
    To the man-in-the-street, who, I'm sorry to say, is a keen observer of life. The word Intellectual suggests straight away. A man who's untrue to his wife.
    — W. H. Auden
    tags: men  wife  sorry 
    I actually knew I was going to be perfect for Def Leppard, sorry I hate to say that but I knew it.
    — Vivian Campbell
    tags: hate  sorry 
    You get older and you are a whole mess of things, new thoughts, sorry feelings, big plans, enormous doubts, goling along hoping and getting disappointed, over and over again, no wonder I don't recognize my little crayon picture. It appears to be me and it is and it is not.
    — Virginia Euwer Wolff
    tags: thoughts  wonder  doubt  sorry 
    Love, when it came and knocked on my door, was going to be enough. And that unknown author who'd written that if you had fame, it was not enough, and if you had wealth as well, it was still not enough, and if you had fame, wealth, and also love ... still it was not enough - boy, did I feel sorry for him.
    — Virginia C. Andrews
    tags: fame  boys  author  wealth  sorry 
    I never apologized for anything in my life. The only thing I'm sorry about is putting a curse on Roger Ebert's colon. If a fat pig like Roger Ebert doesn't like my movie, then I'm sorry for him.
    — Vincent Gallo
    tags: movie  sorry 
    Im sorry Im not gay or Jewish, so I dont have a special interest group of journalists that support me.
    — Vincent Gallo
    tags: gay  sorry 
    It's now or never. This is simple to say, but then to live like that is not easy at all, I'm sorry. You have to be aware enough so that you can see situations as they pass in front of you and be able to catch the instant, whatever it is. Many times, you just don't see the moment when you were yawning and then it's too late.
    — Vincent Cassel
    tags: time  live  moment  sorry 
    I don't like mansions. They depress me. In fact, I even feel sorry for a rich husband and wife living in a forty-room mansion. They're obviously searching for something they don't have, such as happiness or the respect of others.
    — Vincent Bugliosi
    It's okay saying sorry, but when you are drunk you say what you really feel.
    — Vidal Sassoon
    tags: saying  sorry 
    Pressure selling is firmly rooted in American economic life, and I'm sorry it is, for it should not be necessary. Some people think part of the panic following 1929 was due to too much pressure in selling.
    — Vash Young
    There's a level of self-hatred in giving these people too much power. They're sorry. They're corny. They're hateful. They need some help. Help is on the way. We'll help them whether they like it or not.
    — Van Jones
    tags: people  power  giving  help  sorry 
    I'm fairly sure I didn't show enough gratitude to my employers, and I'm sorry for that.
    — Val Kilmer
    tags: gratitude  sorry 
    I'm sorry I didn't wear paint this morning. I tend not to wear it unless I'm getting highly paid.
    — Tyne Daly
    tags: sorry 
    I think, you know, the people that have seen my work, I think it speaks to the possibility of getting better, and, I'm sorry, I'm still on the last caller.
    — Tyler Perry
    It's better to feel sorry for doing something bad than to feel superior for doing something good.
    — Tullian Tchividjian
    tags: bad  sorry 
    Matt. I didn't think they'd kill you... I'm so sorry.
    — Tsugumi Ohba
    tags: sorry 
    I was not sorry when my brother died.
    — Tsitsi Dangarembga
    tags: sorry 
    Feeling sorry for yourself for one single minute is okay, but spend all your remaining time on solutions.
    — Tsem Tulku
    tags: time  sorry 
    I'm the type of person who listens to like sad music when I'm sad to feel sadder, and to feel sorry for myself.
    — Troye Sivan
    tags: people  sad  music  sorry 
    I wouldn't even feel sorry for us if I was going against us. I know teams are licking their chops. The Bulls or Milwaukee, they're excited. Even though somebody is hurt they're still excited because they feel like we're a man down and we might not be as strong, but we're confident here. We got the players to still make something special happen. Guys just have to step up as a unit.
    — Tristan Thompson
    tags: men  hurt  strong  sorry 
    It's too hard for me to comment on the sorry state of our culture.
    — Trevor Dunn
    tags: culture  sorry 
    We can all reduce our life to a description that makes people feel sorry for ourselves or we can expand our life to a dimension where we connect and give to others.
    — Tony Robbins
    tags: people  sorry 
    Anyone who says the Backstreet Boys can't sing is crazy. They're probably just reading some highbrow critic who hates anyone the general public embraces. I'm sorry, but those boys sing their butts off. They work hard on their choreography, and on their harmonies. Their tracks are tight and solid. Their songs are musical and memorable.
    — Tony Orlando
    tags: work  hate  crazy  song  harmony  boys  reading  sorry 
    Sorry, investing was pretty boring and I really missed being part of building something. I felt like I was always standing on the sidelines, so Zappos... really liked the people there and got involved full-time and I've been full-time ever since.
    — Tony Hsieh
    tags: people  sorry 
    No one should feel sorry for a successful screenwriter.
    — Tony Gilroy
    tags: successful  sorry 
    When you love yourself, you'll feel sorry for those that hate you instead of hating them back.
    — Tony Gaskins
    tags: hate  sorry 
    When you're in a situation, you can complain about it, you can feel sorry for yourself, you can do a lot of things. But how are you gonna make the situation better?
    — Tony Dungy
    tags: sorry 
    What's interesting is that I get messages from people who think I'm gone. I have messages like "Tony, we're so sorry. We loved you!"
    — Tony Danza
    tags: people  gone  sorry 
    I don't listen to anybody's full record anymore and when I did, I don't think I listened to the whole record. I'm sorry, and I don't care who it is, if it's the Beatles, I can't listen to an hour and a half of anybody straight so I guess that's just my personal preference.
    — Tommy Lee
    tags: personal  care  sorry 
    Gandhi and Mandela and Churchill and JFK and Reagan and Thatcher and Sarkozy and Franklin and Washington set the tone to an incredible degree-their "personal style" was their "brand." ("It" starts with personal style of the tip-top leadership team. Sorry to be politically insensitive, but who would give a hoot about Tibet if it weren't for the look and style of the Dalai Lama?) Boss at any level: You're either on the "it" boat-or not.
    — Tom Peters
    When I saw houses in Palmdale going for $500K, I knew something was wrong. If you got foreclosed, I don't feel sorry for you!
    — Tom Leykis
    tags: wrong  sorry 
    This big dog will fight when you rattle his cageAnd you'll be sorry that you messed withThe U.S. of A.'Cause we'll put a boot in your assIt's the American way.
    — Toby Keith
    tags: fight  dog  american  sorry 
    Sanity? Sorry, I don't ever remember having something like that before.
    — Tite Kubo
    tags: sorry 
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