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    smoke Quotes

    In France, everyone speaks French 'cause they think it's cool. Gives 'em, gives 'em an excuse to smoke.
    — Scott Thompson
    tags: smoke 
    Smoke the pipe of peace, bury the tomahawk, and become one nation.
    — Zebulon Pike
    tags: peace  smoke 
    I'm not an amazing trumpet player. It's mostly smoke and mirrors. You shake the trumpet and it starts to vibrate in a ridiculous drunken way, or you flop notes at the right time and you don't have to play stuff that would take seven years to learn.
    — Zach Condon
    tags: time  right  learn  year  smoke 
    I close my eyes and can see men drawing lines in the dust. America pushes through the membrane of mist and smoke, and I'm a small boy again in Bogalusa.
    — Yusef Komunyakaa
    tags: men  eyes  boys  america  smoke 
    Whatever you do, don't smoke.
    — Yul Brynner
    tags: smoke 
    Now that I'm gone, I tell you, don't smoke.
    — Yul Brynner
    tags: gone  smoke 
    Keeping your sanity is sometimes stalling the business aspect of things and being OK with saying no to certain things. Sometimes I just need to be home and write in my diary every day and take long walks. Or just dancing - I have a few dancer friends, and I go to their places and drink tea, and put on these long electronic mixes; maybe smoke a joint, you know? I like to be in nature, and swim in the Swedish sea, and spend time with family.
    — Yukimi Nagano
    If we lived forever, if the dews of Adashino never vanished, if the crematory smoke on Toribeyama never faded, men would hardly feel the pity of things. The beauty of life is in its impermanence. Man lives the longest of all living things... and even one year lived peacefully seems very long. Yet for such as love the world, a thousand years would fade like the dream of one night.
    — Yoshida Kenko
    tags: beauty  men  living  live  world  forever  night  dreams  year  smoke 
    I don't smoke, drink alcohol well, or play games. But I watch dramas. It is hard to quit.
    — Yoseob
    tags: alcohol  games  smoke 
    How many ya'll parents smoke weed? My momma still grows illegal weed in Alabama.
    — Yelawolf
    tags: parent  smoke 
    Particular nuisances (are) smoke, sewage odours, dust and similar aerosols, and vibrations.
    — Yehuda Levi
    tags: smoke 
    The snow on the distant mountains was soft and creamy, as if veiled in a faint smoke.
    — Yasunari Kawabata
    tags: smoke 
    I do smoke, but I don't go through all this trouble just because I want to make my drug of choice legal. It's about personal freedom. We should have the right in this country to do what we want, if we don't hurt anybody. Seventy-two million people in this country have smoked pot. Eighteen to 20 million in the last year. These people should not be treated as criminals.
    — Woody Harrelson
    If you don't smoke, I don't know why.
    — Wiz Khalifa
    tags: smoke 
    Smoke weed every day.
    — Wiz Khalifa
    tags: smoke 
    I like to smoke, and when you smoke, things become less serious and you find the funny in things. So, even movies that aren't funny, they end up turning into comedies to me.
    — Wiz Khalifa
    tags: funny  comedy  movie  smoke 
    I smoke weed, of course. That's like meditation for me. Watching movies is a really good escape as well.
    — Wiz Khalifa
    tags: movie  meditation  smoke 
    Why can' t everyone just smoke like me? Just gimme a quiet place and lemme roll my weed, where ain't nobody in my business don't nobody gotta know let all your conscious go and blow it by the O
    — Wiz Khalifa
    As adults we try to relax from the never-ending quest for reason and order by drinking a little whiskey or smoking whatever works for us, but the wisdom isn't in the whiskey or the smoke. The wisdom is in the moments when the madness slips away and we remember the basics.
    — Willie Nelson
    I smoke pot every day, and I love it!
    — Willie Nelson
    tags: smoke 
    Vaporizers are good for your lungs. Cigarette smoke will kill you. I never heard of anybody dying from marijuana smoke. Vaporizers I think are smarter.
    — Willie Nelson
    tags: dying  smoke 
    I use vaporizers a lot. It cuts down on the heat and the smoke. And for a singer that's not a bad idea.
    — Willie Nelson
    tags: bad  ideas  smoke 
    I don't smoke as many joints as I used to.
    — Willie Nelson
    tags: smoke 
    I still probably smoke as much as I ever did!
    — Willie Nelson
    tags: smoke 
    Don't blow smoke up my ass. You'll ruin my autopsy
    — William Parrish
    tags: smoke 
    Things cannot always go your way. Learn to accept in silence the minor aggravations, cultivate the gift of taciturnity and consume your own smoke with an extra draught of hard work, so that those about you may not be annoyed with the dust and soot of your complaints.
    — William Osler
    tags: work  silence  gift  learn  smoke 
    I never trust a fighting man who doesn't smoke or drink.
    — William Halsey
    tags: men  trust  fighting  smoke 
    All those large dreams by which men long live well Are magic-lanterned on the smoke of hell.
    — William Empson
    tags: men  live  hell  dreams  smoke 
    Crack is cheap. I make too much money to ever smoke crack. Let's get that straight. OK? We don't do crack. We don't do that. Crack is whack.
    — Whitney Houston
    tags: money  smoke 
    You cannot affirm the power plant and condemn the smokestack, or affirm the smoke and condemn the cough
    — Wendell Berry
    tags: power  smoke 
    We weren't allowing our hopes to become expectations. Expectations are tempting, pleasant, maybe necessary. They are scary too, once you have had some experience. They are not necessarily and not always a bucket of smoke, but they can be and are even likely to be.
    — Wendell Berry
    When Israel, of the Lord belov'd, Out of the land of bondage came, Her fathers' God before her mov'd, An awful guide in smoke and flame.
    — Walter Scott
    tags: god  father  smoke 
    I don't drink any coffee or take any drugs and I don't smoke cigarettes and I don't eat sugar and I don't take any medicine at all. I eat a lot of fish, vegetables, and I stay away from starches.
    — Vincent Gallo
    tags: medicine  drugs  smoke 
    I'm a huge fan of James Dean, that got me started. Nowadays I smoke four packs in a day.
    — Ville Valo
    tags: smoke 
    I want to play golf, practice and not do much else. I don't drink, I don't smoke and I hate going places where you have to yell at someone who is about a foot away from you.
    — Vijay Singh
    tags: hate  golf  smoke 
    I stayed a virgin until I was 23. I didn't do drugs or drink or smoke.
    — Victoria Jackson
    tags: drugs  smoke 
    Before I became famous I used to think there's no smoke without fire. But believe me, there can be a fire without smoke.
    — Victoria Beckham
    tags: believe  fire  smoke 
    I think that smoking is a very good thing to do - it's got the association with the Indians; it's a peaceable thing. But like much else that the Indians gave us, we abused the privilege. And so, in my case I must simply stop. I'm too old to smoke. But I do believe that nicotine provides a great creative thrust.
    — Van Dyke Parks
    tags: believe  creative  smoke 
    My only challenge is to entertain. And I accomplish my task better when I myself am entertained by what I am doing. I am very critical of myself, I constantly set the bar higher and higher. I try to surpass myself. That`s all. But I also know how to preserve myself, to not let myself get bedazzled by the smoke and mirrors.
    — Val Kilmer
    tags: challenge  smoke 
    You can get a new phone or new trainers (sneakers) but you've only got one body so you have to look after it. I don't smoke, or drink a lot of alcohol, and I train almost every day.
    — Tyson Beckford
    tags: body  alcohol  smoke 
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