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It's that I'm 39. I feel hot and sexy, actually... I feel it inside myself. I don't feel dried up and tired and no longer interested in sex is what I'm trying to say.
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— Kyra Sedgwick
It's not that I don't see myself as hot and sexy. Don't get me wrong. No, it's not that.
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— Kyra Sedgwick
I do quite naughty things now. I do like to be a bit sexy.
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— Kylie Minogue
There's something incredibly sexy about sand and sweat and dunes photographed like women's backs.
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— Kristin Scott Thomas
I've always had an aversion to looking sexy, but I've grown out of it.
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— Kristen Stewart
Snarky, sexy and so much fun. Sugar Jamison is sure to be a hit!.
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— Kristan Higgins
Confidence is very sexy. You could be not cute at all and have such confidence.
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— Kirsten Dunst
I love my snaggle fangs. They give me character and character is sexy. People comment, but the only person who ever told me to fix them was my mom ... I just went my own way, like daughters do.
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— Kirsten Dunst
I don't try to be sexy, but if you are sexy it comes out. If you're not, you're not.
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— Kirsten Dunst
I can be dramatic. I can be funny. I can be sexy. I can be sad. I can be glad.
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— Kimberly Elise
I hate if a man says anything laddy. 'You're sexy' or whatever. I just want someone to be friendly and a little bit flirty.
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— Kimberley Garner
If you're wanting glamorous or really beautiful or really sexy, well then, I wasn't really the one, but I could do all of that. You could just get really lost in that kind of image.
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— Kim Novak
Instagramming photos of food isn't sexy.
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— Kim Kardashian
I'd like to be remembered as someone who was smart in business, works hard, and can be sexy and a mom. A powerful but still sexy, nonconforming woman.
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— Kim Kardashian
I used to be super trendy and totally sexy. But I look back now and I used to want everything short and low cut and you really can't do it all.
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— Kim Kardashian
I don't find myself as sexy as everyone thinks. I'm a lot more insecure than people would assume, but with little stupid things. When I get dressed, I'm always so indecisive.
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— Kim Kardashian
Kim [Kardashian]'s style is very sexy - she loves anything tight that hugs her body - and she's also very trendy.
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— Kim Kardashian
Al's voice was faint but resolute. "Stand up. Try to look sexy." "In a bedsheet?" I complained, running my hands down it. "How can I look sexy in a bedsheet?" He cleared his throat, and I grimaced. "Never mind.
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— Kim Harrison
What I'm now discovering - and I'm now in another decade - is that the older I get the more I have my self knowledge which makes me feel more sexy.
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— Kim Cattrall
I hate the vamp jobs. They think they're so suave. It's not enough for them to slaughter and eat you like a zombie would. No, they want to be all sexy, too. And trust me: vampires? Not. Sexy.
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— Kiersten White
Maybe I'm weird, but watching Lend drive was sexy.
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— Kiersten White
I think that the day you've figured out the differences between women and men is the day that you're no longer attracted to women. It's the difference that is so fantastic and frustrating and angering, and really sexy.
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— Kiefer Sutherland
All girls want to be sexy.
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— Kid Rock
No one has invented a condom for the pen yet. My pen is still sexy.
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— Khushwant Singh
I think that denim is a sexy piece. If I would invest in anything in my closet it would be denim because you can wear it day to night and now it's even acceptable to wear to a business meeting.
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— Khloe Kardashian
I want people to think that I'm a magical, weird-looking freak of nature, but they really see me as a sexy Amazon jungle cat. That makes sense - I'm a little bit of both, but I definitely lean toward the narwhal side of the equation.
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— Kesha
You can be fun and sexy and still care about issues. I'm excited that people are starting to listen to what I have to say. And if they misunderstand, that's OK. I'm still the new kid on the block. With time, they'll see what I'm about. I'm not going anywhere.
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— Kesha
I come from the theater and I plan to always do theater. So I don't really see myself not being able to act even if people don't think I am sexy enough for film at 40, I'll still be acting.
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— Kerry Washington
I love that our sport is sexy. I think it is appropriately so.
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— Kerri Walsh
I'm 5'9''. So, my height's an issue. If I'm feeling sexy, I'll put on some heels-if that makes me a little taller than you, so be it. You have to be secure enough to stand next to a stallion. For a woman to feel her best, her man has to support her.
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— Keri Hilson
I don't think I ever feel sexy. I don't think that's for me to decide, if I'm sexy or not.
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— Kenny Chesney
I had a lot of challenges losing the weight. I still haven't lost the weight yet and I don't plan on going back to the body I used to be at. I love my sexy curves!
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— Kendra Wilkinson
I think every man should have a pair of boots. They're really sexy. Leather boots, cowboy boots, it depends.
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— Kemp Muhl
That whole thing about immortality, eternal love and flying is dark and sexy. When you're going through your sexual awakening, it's all a part of that.
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— Kelly Overton
I love a sexy video. I don't even mind raciness. I don't mind that at all.
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— Kelly Clarkson
I think TV is all about not turning off the public, it's about not being too sexy, not being too much of anything really.
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— Kelly Brook
I was working in the gap where Martin Luther King, Jr. quoted communism and Warhol appropriated the protest image and named it riot, which is precisely what King didn't want his cause to be associated with. But that was the very thing that made it sexy to the art world. So I played between the two associations.
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— Kelley Walker
Once, when I'd needed to meet Daniel to deliver a warning from Jeremy, I'd worn two-inch heels and had quite enjoyed the sensation of talking down to Daniel, until he told me how sexy I looked. Since then he'd never seen me in anything but my oldest, grubbiest sneakers.
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— Kelley Armstrong
We all have our tastes and our type...[But] for me to say 'You're beautiful', I can only say that to my girlfriend. The word 'beautiful' has such a different caliber than any other word out there, like sexy, hot, cute.
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— Kellan Lutz
I'm a tomboy beanpole? I can't use a computer, so maybe I'm a bit out of the loop. I don't know whether to be flattered or not flattered. The beanpole bit, is that good? Can you be a sexy beanpole?
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— Keira Knightley