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    sexuality Quotes

    To the non-initiate, whose experience of sexuality and bodily pleasure may be distorted by negative cultural conditioning, the introduction of sexuality into a sacred context is often mistakenly misconstrued as the ordinary pursuit of sex for recreation.
    — Zeena Schreck
    We do not accept the Western way of thinking that there are two ways of life. At the same time, the police (here) are not chasing gays. In Africa, sexuality is something very private, even for heterosexuals. Heterosexuals are not parading! But gays want to behave like exhibitionists.
    — Yoweri Museveni
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    Jazz music celebrates life! Human life; the range of it, the absurdity of it, the ignorance of it, the greatness of it, the intelligence of it, the sexuality of it, the profundity of it. And it deals with it. In all of its... It deals with it!
    — Wynton Marsalis
    I don't think sexuality defines a person. It's one small part of who you are, in my view. You are many things, and I never felt that people were defined by their sexuality solely.
    — William Friedkin
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    A poet laureate of adolescent sexuality and middle-age longing.
    — William A. Henry III
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    The unity and congruity of culture and nature, work and love, morality and sexuality, longed for from time immemorial, will remain a dream as long as man continues to condemn the biological demand for natural sexual gratification.
    — Wilhelm Reich
    Full sexual consciousness and a natural regulation of sexual life mean the end of mystical feelings of any kind. In other words, natural sexuality is the deadly enemy of mystical religion. The church, by making the fight over sexuality the center of its dogmas and of its influence over the masses, confirms this concept.
    — Wilhelm Reich
    Everybody brings their thing to their criticism. I bring this wealth of opinions and feeling and knowledge about race and gender and sexuality. I feel like I have it, I may as well express it, and if it's applicable to what I'm writing about and I'm not forcing it, I should try to use it, because it's interesting. It speaks to more than some people.
    — Wesley Morris
    Cats connote sexuality in standard dream dictionaries.
    — Wendy C. Ortiz
    Sexuality is pushed back more and more and people try to replace what they've lost with other forms of excitement.
    — Volkmar Sigusch
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    When it comes to sexuality, people like to tell lies. It's only when it comes to money that they lie more.
    — Volkmar Sigusch
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    Key feature of sexual revolution is the large-scale publication and commercialization of details that were once secret. Sexuality has been trivialized. The interesting thing about this is that exaggerated portrayals apparently destroy desire more effectively than any repression.
    — Volkmar Sigusch
    I maintain that we are still a largely ignorant society when it comes to sex. We speak incorrectly and superficially about sexuality. And when you talk about it too much, you run the risk of destroying its mystery.
    — Volkmar Sigusch
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    For people who are desperate and searching, sexuality on the Internet offers an incredible release.
    — Volkmar Sigusch
    Internet sexuality shows that we're becoming more and more self-involved. I'm talking about self-sex.
    — Volkmar Sigusch
    Were marriage no more than a convenient screen for sexuality, some less cumbersome and costly protection must have been found by this time to replace it. One concludes therefore that people do not marry to cohabit; they cohabit to marry. They do not seek freedom to rut so much as they seek the rut of wedlock.
    — Virgilia Peterson
    It's not anything that is just perpetuated by White America or just perpetuated by Black America. It's just a cultural understanding that you're just not a part of the equation when it comes to sexuality and I think that people mistake your lack of opportunity with the level of your talent.
    — Viola Davis
    We live in a trans period. Contemporary issues of sexuality, for example - the exciting aspects of them - have to do with transgenderedness. And there's trans-nationality. There are people like me, for example. I mean, what am I? Am I Indian? Am I American? And I'm not alone in being between things.
    — Vijay Seshadri
    You don't have to choose between your faith and your sexuality. You're not alone, things will get better, and God loves you exactly the way you are.
    — Vicky Beeching
    tags: sexuality  alone  god  faith 
    Sexuality is a very private thing, 'Provocateur' will make it public
    — Tyler Shields
    tags: sexuality 
    I didn't realize how much me hiding my sexuality also meant that I hid a lot of just my identity as a person.
    — Troye Sivan
    Jesus died for our sins, not our sexuality.
    — Troy Perry
    tags: sexuality  jesus  sin 
    I do believe that we all are, fundamentally, divided creatures. Emotions split from intellect, spirit from flesh and far too often sexuality is disconnected from what we feel, and are, as total human beings. But how, for example, can anyone have an understanding of the virgin if they don't also have an understanding of the prostitute, the saint and sinner in one body?
    — Tori Amos
    Initially I borrowed the word "perverse" from Roland Barthes, meaning pleasure-driven and not geared to inform or promote a service or a product. An unproductive photograph designed to keep you in the process of looking is of course something larger than an expression of aberrant sexuality.
    — Torbjørn Rødland
    First of all, I love women. But I lust after beautiful women in the way that I lust after a beautiful piece of sculpture - this will probably get me in trouble - or a beautiful car. I believe everyone's on a sliding scale of sexuality. There are moments where I am sexually attracted to women. But it doesn't overpower my first impulse; my lust for them is the same as my lust for beauty in all things.
    — Tom Ford
    My career in fashion has been very much about sexuality and sex, and I think a lot of people think that's all I can do and what I am all about.
    — Tom Ford
    Feminist theory has left an indelible mark on my own critical-and creative-thinking . . . For me, everything I questioned about what it meant to be a man " and how much my sexuality would perpetually challenge those meanings-could be found in arguments posed by feminists. What can I say? I identified.
    — Todd Haynes
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    Marnie was ahead of its time. People didn't talk about childhood and its effects on adult life. It was taboo to discuss sexuality and psychology and to put all that into a film was shocking.
    — Tippi Hedren
    We would say homosexuality is not the original design for sexuality. Therefore, it's not good for human flourishing. We want people to do things that are good for human flourishing. But that's not what sends you to heaven or Hell.
    — Timothy Keller
    tags: people  human  hell  sexuality  heaven 
    I think in matters of relationship, intimacy, reproduction, sexuality, I think that people should make their own choices, and we should allow people to make their own choices.
    — Tim Kaine
    Sexuality is, of course, a great way of having a conversation between people.
    — Tilda Swinton
    tags: people  sexuality 
    Even beyond sexuality, I'm generally interested in identity.
    — Tilda Swinton
    I am intrigued by the basics of human life, by our vulnerability, our desires, our sexuality - as far as I am concerned, character is expressed through sexuality. Art is able to represent human existence stripped to its essence by showing us the naked human body.
    — Thomas Koerfer
    If a relationship is built on sexuality, it won't last long.
    — Terrence Howard
    People have a right to get stoned. They have a right to think and explore their own minds. This is as intimate a part of their being as their sexuality. Any culture which mitigates that is clearly afraid of a full and fair and open dialogue about what reality is and what real human values ought to be.
    — Terence McKenna
    In a sense, sexuality is the built-in psychedelic experience that only a very few people manage to evade.
    — Terence McKenna
    Sexuality is so much more complex than our boobs. My sexuality isn't me as an object to be looked at. It's the way I say "hello" to somebody, the way I sit with somebody. A body is just a body. But we're really afraid of bodies. They hold a lot of power - I think that's why people can try to shame them so easily, because they are so powerful.
    — Tatiana Maslany
    We're used to seeing fantasy explored from a male perspective, and the way men might see sex, have sex, want sex and even be addicted to sex. But I don't think women pursuing that sexuality within themselves is something that's talked about or experienced as often.
    — Tasha Smith
    Testing her sexuality, she thinks she's caught a beautiful fish, when in reality, she's netted a shark.
    — Tammara Webber
    Foras Road has a sordid reputation (") Old crones sat in doorways, while their daughters were pushed out to earn money. It is intriguing that a society which is very covert with sexuality should be so straightforward about prostitution.
    — Tahir Shah
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