selfishness Quotes

Manifest plainness, embrace simplicity, reduce selfishness, have few desires.
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— Laozi
Lessen selfishness and restrain desires.
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— Laozi
I write about the power of trying, because I want to be okay with failing. I write about generosity because I battle selfishness. I write about joy because I know sorrow. I write about faith because I almost lost mine, and I know what it is to be broken and in need of redemption. I write about gratitude because I am thankful - for all of it.
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— Kristin Armstrong
There are points in your life, especially if you have creative ambitions, where selfishness is necessary.
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— Kris Kristofferson
Selfishness alone is sufficient to bring apocalypse upon a nation.
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— Khem Veasna
According to the first image of international relations, the locus of the important causes of war is found in the nature and behavior of man. Wars result from selfishness, from misdirected aggressive impulses, from stupidity.
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— Kenneth Waltz
For me, I wanted to create something that's much more driven by a type of selfishness, a type of decadence.
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— Kehinde Wiley
What's wrong with selfishness and egotism? We live to die smiling, don't we?
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— Kazuya Minekura
It seems to me that there are two great enemies of peace - fear and selfishness.
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— Katherine Paterson
Every single one of the major world faiths, whether we're talking about Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Darwinism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, have all come to the conclusion that what holds us back from our better self is ego, selfishness, greed, unkindness, hatred. And it all springs from a sense of thwarted ego.
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— Karen Armstrong
Compassion has been advocated by all the great faiths because it has been found to be the safest and surest means of attaining enlightenment. It dethrones the ego from the center of our lives and puts others there, breaking down the carapace of the selfishness that holds us back from an experience of the sacred. And it gives us ecstasy, broadening our perspectives and giving us a larger, enhanced vision.
— Karen Armstrong
And sometimes it's the very otherness of a stranger, someone who doesn't belong to our ethnic or ideological or religious group, an otherness that can repel us initially, but which can jerk us out of our habitual selfishness, and give us intonations of that sacred otherness, which is God.
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— Karen Armstrong
Deeds that seemed unimportant at the time would prove to have been momentous; a tiny act of selfishness and unkindness or, conversely, an unconsidered act of generosity would become the measure of a human life
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— Karen Armstrong
If selfishness is the key to being miserable, then selflessness must be the key to being happy!
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— Joyce Meyer
Getting enough of what you want without depriving anyone else is the ultimate act of selfishness and sanity.
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— Joy Browne
Excessive competitiveness, anxiety, hostility, suspiciousness, all originate in the nursery years. That is why, if we want a world of peace and not violence, love and not hate, cooperation and not murder, justice and not selfishness, we have to learn how to make childhood more happy. No nobler task could be pursued by our generation.
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— Joshua L. Liebman
Take the selfishness out of this world and there would be more happiness than we should know what to do with.
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— Josh Billings
Yes, forget your weakness, whatever that weakness may be. It is egotism, it is selfishness after. all, for it is a dwelling on self. Forget your weakness; and remember your strength.
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— Joseph Barber Lightfoot
I have observed that the prosperity or misery of each people is in direct proportion to its liberties or its prejudices and, accordingly, to the sacrifices or the selfishness of its forefathers. -Juan Crisostomo Ibarra
— Jose Rizal
Cowardice rightly understood begins with selfishness and ends with shame.
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— Jose Rizal
But the most important lesson I have learned in my twenty years or research on morality is that nearly all people are morally motivated. Selfishness is a powerful force, particularly in the decisions of individuals, but whenever groups of people come together to make a sustained effort to change the world, you can bet that they are pursuing a vision of virtue, justice, or sacredness.
— Jonathan Haidt
If you seek in the spirit of selfishness, to grasp all as your own, you shall lose all, and be driven out of the world, at last, naked and forlorn, to everlasting poverty and contempt.
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— Jonathan Edwards
Altruism is written in everlasting and resplendent character on the Cross of Christ, and it was at Calvary that the centre of life was shifted from selfishness to sacrifice.
— Jon Weber
The first thing any coaching staff must do is weed out selfishness. No program can be successful with players who put themselves ahead of the team.
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— Johnny Majors
Next to selfishness the principal cause which makes life unsatisfactory is want of mental cultivation.
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— John Stuart Mill
Ironically, often the thing that keeps me from experiencing joy is my preoccupation with self. The very selfishness that keeps me from pouring myself out for the joy of others also keeps me from noticing and delighting in the myriad small gifts God offers each day. This is why Walker Percy describes boredom as "the self stuffed with the self."
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— John Ortberg
Selfishness is the making a man's self his own centre, the beginning and end of all he doeth.
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— John Owen
The organization and constant onward sweep of this movement exemplifies the resentment of the many toward the selfishness, greed and the neglect of the few.
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— John L. Lewis
The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.
— John Kenneth Galbraith
The only care That I shall share Shall be the care of others, And on the road I'll halve the load Of overburdened brothers. I rather guess It's selfishness That drives me to such actions, For in this plan I find I can Forget my own distractions.
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— John Kendrick Bangs
Love created this world, & the lack of it can kill it. Selfishness, self-absorption , arrogance & indifference never built anything.
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— John Hope Bryant
We can leave a place behind, or we can stay in that place and leave our selfishness (often expressed in feeling sorry for ourselves) behind. If we leave a place and take our selfishness with us, the cycle of problems starts all over again no matter where we go. But if we leave our selfishness behind, no matter where we are, things start to improve.
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— John H. Groberg
There are no generalizations in American politics that vested selfishness cannot cut through.
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— John Gunther
To be saved is only this-salvation from our own selfishness.
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— John Greenleaf Whittier
I must fight with my weapons. Not his. Not selfishness and brutality and shame and resentment.
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— John Fowles
The mere absorption of facts and truths is so exclusively an individual affair that it tends very naturally to pass into selfishness. There is no obvious social motive for the acquirement of mere learning, there is no clear social gain in success thereat.
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— John Dewey
Long Distance training can be a positive & constructive form of selfishness. After all, once you're at the starting line, you're there by yourself. No one can run a single step for you. No one can jump in & help you. No one but you can make the decisions about what to do to keep going. It's all up to you.
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— John Bingham
... since birth control roots in a species of selfishness, the spiritual life of the user of contraceptives is also weakened. Women seem to become more masculine in thought and action; men more callous and reserved; both husband and wife become more careless of each other, and increasingly indifferent to the higher duties and joys of living.
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— John Andreas Widtsoe
Let us have but one end in view, the welfare of humanity; and let us put aside all selfishness in consideration of language, nationality, or religion.
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— John Amos Comenius
Selfishness is weakness. But loving and caring for others is a position of power beyond anything we can possibly imagine.
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— Joel Osteen