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I'm a total pleasure seeker. I pursue anything that satisfies me. I usually get it. I have specific needs and I know what they are so I can achieve satisfaction.
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— Lydia Lunch
Though they themselves might be as surprised as their parents and teachers to hear it said, adolescents-these poignantly thin- skinned and vulnerable, passionate and impulsive, starkly sexual and monstrously self-absorbed creatures-are, in fact, avid seekers of moral authenticity. They wish above all to achieve some realistic power over the real world in which they live while at the same time remaining true to their values and ideals.
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— Louise J. Kaplan
They saw me, those reckless seekers of beauty, and in a night I was famous.
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— Lillie Langtry
Who is an authentic seeker, but someone who has understood that there is nothing else to do but practice? Enthusiastic or discouraged, he or she continues, no matter what.
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— Lee Lozowick
Stripped of all its outer encrustations, spirituality emerges as a science, as scientific as any other, as verifiable in its results. Let any seeker take it up and let him create in the laboratory of the soul the conditions that are prerequisite; as sure as the day follows the night shall he rise into the Kingdom of God.
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— Kirpal Singh
Am I a harp that the hand of the mighty may touch me, or a flute that his breath may pass through me? A seeker of silences am I, and what treasure have I found in silences that I may dispense with confidence?
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— Khalil Gibran
The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is God's "I Will" to every seeker for full salvation of spirit, soul and body.
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— Kenneth E. Hagin
Let us leave the EEC, abolish human rights laws, take TV sets, pool tables and phones out of prisons, bring back corporal and capital punishment, slash benefits and put single mothers into hostels instead of giving them council flats. Finally, if we chucked out all the illegal immigrants and asylum seekers there would be enough jobs for everyone.
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— Ken Bates
God shrouds himself in mystery so He can be found by true seekers.
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— Karen Wheaton
We still have disgraceful policies on asylum seekers and Aboriginal Australians continue to die in custody.
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— Justine Larbalestier
Well they're very, very genuine concerns at present as to the status of the 800 people who are to be sent by Australia to Malaysia. There's concern about the status of asylum seekers in Malaysia generally, but there's concern about the status of the 800 to be sent.
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— Julie Bishop
Yesterday's news feeds our fear that our neighbours are more likely than not to be bad eggs: benefit fraudsters, bogus asylum seekers, paedophiles or jihadist terrorists.
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— Julian Baggini
Serious skeptics, true believers, and seekers of every stripe will want to read Mitch Horowitz's vibrant, probing, and richly researched account of the impact of the positive-thinking movement on every aspect of American life today. Filled with a cast of remarkable characters and many lively tales, One Simple Idea is a readable, responsible examination of the limits and possibilities of mind-power as a source of constructive transformation.
— Judith Viorst
The modern man is necessarily a seeker of God, maybe a Man of Christ.
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— Joseph Goebbels
About one-half of the members of Congress are seekers for office at the nomination of the President. Of the remainder, at least one-half have some appointment or favor to ask for their relatives.
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— John Quincy Adams
In the power and splendor of the universe, inspiration waits for the millions to come. Man has only to strive for it. Poems greater than the Iliad, plays greater than Macbeth, stories more engaging than Don Quixote await their seeker and finder.
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— John Masefield
Theatre is a game of hide-and-seek. For both the hiders and the seekers, the thrill is in the discovery. When the rules of the game are too vague or too complicated, however, the audience can lose its urge to play; the prize no longer seems quite worth the hunt.
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— John Lahr
A low view of law always produces legalism; a high view of law makes a person a seeker after grace.
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— John Gresham Machen
We search the world for truth; we cull The good, the pure, the beautiful, From all old flower fields of the soul; And, weary seeker of the best, We come back laden from out quest, To find that all the sages said Is in the Book our mothers read.
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— John Greenleaf Whittier
We are seekers of the truth, but we do not embody the truth. And in humility, we should recognize that the same can be said about our most ardent foes.
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— John C. Danforth
Quite apart from any conscious program, the great cultural historians have always been historical morphologists: seekers after theforms of life, thought, custom, knowledge, art.
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— Johan Huizinga
Our community of rebels, of humble truth seekers, wants to turn our culture around. We don't despise our country. We don't desire failure. We desire light, a beacon to show the world that our wealth need not show the way to more rapid destruction, but can be leveraged to heal more acres, more backyards, more communities faster than any civilization on the right path has ever done it.
— Joel Salatin
I never refused autograph seekers, unless they were old enough to look like collection agents.
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— Joe Pepitone
A seeker searched for years to know the secret of achievement and success in human life. One night in a dream a sage appeared bearing the answer to the secret. The sage said simply: "Stretch out your hand and reach what you can." "No, it can't be that simple," the seeker said. And the sage said softly, "You are right, it is something harder. It is this: Stretch out your hand and reach what you cannot." Now that's vision.
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— Joan D. Chittister
Questers of the truth, that's who dogs are; seekers after the invisible scent of another being's authentic core.
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— Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
Kyria Abrahams, former teen bride of a doomsday cult and seeker of salvation in slam poetry, tells the terribly funny story of her improbable life with candor, wit, and an unsparing eye for the perfect detail. Brilliant.
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— Janice Erlbaum
Charles Dickens was an avid seeker of names - he read directories and looked for odd names on gravestones.
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— Jane Smiley
Many spiritual seekers who say their wish is to awaken don't actually want what they believe they do. This becomes clear sometimes at the approach to the brink of what feels like a void, where the obliteration of the egoic self seems imminent. With a shocked recognition of what is being asked, the person will recoil. The scale of the loss-the dissolution of the familiar self-is beyond what was bargained for.
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— Jan Frazier
"Teachers"... treat students neither coercively nor instrumentally but as joint seekers of truth and of mutual actualization. They help students define moral values not by imposing their own moralities on them but by positing situations that pose hard moral choices and then encouraging conflict and debate. They seek to help students rise to higher stages of moral reasoning and hence to higher levels of principled judgment.
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— James MacGregor Burns
Being a seeker means no matter what the Vedas said, what Krishna or Shiva said, you have to know the truth in your own experience.
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— Jaggi Vasudev
If you are truly a seeker of truth, truth cannot hide from you. It is in the lap of truth that you have happened.
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— Jaggi Vasudev
Pleasure is just a shadow of joy. When there is no joy in you, you become a pleasure seeker.
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— Jaggi Vasudev
It is the pain of ignorance which makes one into a seeker.
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— Jaggi Vasudev
Entrepreneurs are the seekers of solutions, and that they will go into these places where both market and traditional aid has failed or traditional charity has failed.
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— Jacqueline Novogratz
I have a suggestion for all of those award seekers and blue ribbon hunters. Spend your efforts on making art that connects with people. Awards impress the grandkids but they don't move the gauge on selling your product. Art needs to touch the emotions of the buyer.
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— Jack White
For almost 50 years polls have shown that a large majority of the public believe that the budget should be balanced, and for all that time they have elected office seekers who would not balance it. The public cares about deficits, but doesn't care much.
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— Herbert Stein
I'm not a thrill seeker. I'm not looking to get kidnapped. I'm not looking to get a shot at. I've been shot at. I didn't like it.
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— Henry Rollins
Living would be a terribly pedestrian business without the impatient ones. The seekers. Always searching for something new, something relevant to leave their mark on. Always on tiptoe, anticipating discovery. Such people find change as necessary as the air they breathe.
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— Helen Van Slyke
The window of heaven is what all truth seekers are trying to open.
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— Harold Klemp
An invitation is extended to any true seeker who wants to find for himself the Light and Sound of God. This treasure is the birthright of Soul that leads to the Kingdom of Heaven.
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— Harold Klemp