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I think the close work I do as a translator pays off in my writing - I'm always searching for multiple ways to say things.
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— Lydia Davis
People are good at figuring out what's attractive, and computers are good at quickly searching and finding. You put them together, and bang!
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— Luis von Ahn
Do we not see all humans unaware Of what they want, and always searching everywhere, And changing place, as if to drop the load they bear?
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— Lucretius
But yet creation's neither crammed nor blockedAbout by body: there's in things a void-Which to have known will serve thee many a turn,Nor will not leave thee wandering in doubt,Forever searching in the sum of all,And losing faith in these pronouncements mine.
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— Lucretius
I took a wrong turn the other day. A mistake, but it led me to the shop where I found the very thing I'd been searching for.
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— Luci Shaw
I am a searcher... I always was... and I still am... searching for the missing piece.
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— Louise Bourgeois
I think we need to do some deep soul searching about what's important in our lives and renew our spirit and our spiritual thinking, whether it's through faith-based religion or just through loving nature, or helping your fellow man.
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— Louis Schwartzberg
The history of science shows that the progress of science has constantly been hampered by the tyrannical influence of certain conceptions that finally came to be considered as dogma. For this reason, it is proper to submit periodically to a very searching examination, principles that we have come to assume without any more discussion.
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— Louis de Broglie
The Gospel is not about man searching for GOD but GOD reaching out to mankind!
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— Lou Engle
What I keep searching for in movies, more and more, is the right gravity.
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— Lorenzo di Bonaventura
The way you discover your gifts is really by serving not by searching.
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— Loren Cunningham
Instead of giving in to the greatest misfortune that can happen at my age, deafness, I busy myself in searching out all possible compensations, and I apply myself much more to all the amusements that are here within my grasp.
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— Lord Chesterfield
Having day dreams, tonguing you down with, uh, vanilla ice cream. Kissing on your thigh in the moon light, searching your body with my tongue girl all night.
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— LL Cool J
Inspiration never arrived when you were searching for it.
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— Lisa Alther
Rise above your circumstances, change the world one person at a time starting with you, and be the inspiration you've been searching for.
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— Lindsey Stirling
I was a student at Peking University for close to a decade, while a so-called 'knowledge explosion' was rapidly expanding. I was searching for not just knowledge, but also to mold a temperament, to cultivate a scholarly outlook.
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— Li Keqiang
the person talking to you never looks directly at you, but rather around the room, searching for the answer to the universal cocktail party question, 'Who's here tonight?
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— Letitia Baldrige
The great thing about The Clash of course is that they keep searching for answers beyond that.
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— Lester Bangs
We are all children searching for love.
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— Leonard Nimoy
My memory of those places is better than my pictures. That's why I get much more satisfaction out of shooting thematic work that has to do with an idea that I'm searching for, or searching to express.
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— Leonard Nimoy
When we are in the grasp of illusion - or, for that matter, whenever we have a new idea - instead of searching for ways to prove our ideas wrong, we usually attempt to prove them correct. Psychologists call this the confirmation bias, and it presents a major impediment of our ability to break free from the misinterpretation of randomness.
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— Leonard Mlodinow
From bitter searching of the heart, quickened with passion and with pain we rise to play a greater part this is the faith from which we start.
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— Leonard Cohen
Having begun my life in science searching for the equation beyond time, I now believe that the deepest secret of the universe is that its essence rests in how it unfolds moment by moment in time.
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— Lee Smolin
One of the most frightening things, I think, is the capacity for retroactive searching, so you can go back in time and trace who someone is in contact with and where they've been.
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— Laura Poitras
Justin's testimony about becoming a Christian is that he had been searching various philosophical traditions of the time, and then accidentally encountered a man who posed questions that pointed Justin [Martyr ] in a new direction.
— Larry Hurtado
If you go searching for the Great Creator, you will come back empty-handed. The source of the universe is ultimately unknowable, a great invisible river flowing forever through a vast and fertile valley. Silent and uncreated, it creates all things.
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— Laozi
Stop leaving and you will arrive, Stop searching and you will see, Stop running away and you will be found.
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— Laozi
Searching for precious goods leads astray.
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— Laozi
For those searching for something more than just the norm. We lay it all down, including what others call sanity, for just a few moments on waves larger than life. We do this because we know there is still something greater than all of us. Something that inspires us spiritually. We start going down hill, when we stop taking risks.
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— Laird Hamilton
I wanted to talk about certain things in a way that I hadn't seen them talked about. There is vast literature about caring for people romantically, about caring for children, but there's not a lot about caring for older people, eldercare. I was searching for a book that would speak to me, that wouldn't be sociological, that would offer some insight, some solace.
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— Kyo Maclear
You make films to give people something, to transport them somewhere else, and it doesn't matter if you transport them to a world of intuition or a world of intellect...The realm of superstitions, fortune-telling, presentiments, intuition, dreams, all this is the inner life of a human being, and all this is the hardest thing to film... I've been trying to get there from the beginning. I'm somebody who doesn't know, somebody who's searching.
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— Krzysztof Kieslowski
You will always miss her. There will be days - even years from now - when the missing will be so sharp it will take your breath away. But there will be good days, too, months and years of them. In one way or another you'll be searching for her all your life.
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— Kristin Hannah
I listened to the rock music of that time, but as you know and can easily hear: my music of that era had nothing to do with the common music of this era. I was experimenting, I was searching for something new.
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— Klaus Schulze
Being on stage is so much fun and enjoyable. Because it's a lot of fun, we work really hard on music programs and our eyes automatically open up. Because this is where I'm most confident and where I'm at my best, I found a way to enjoy all of it. And I'm still searching for more ways.
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— Kim Tae-yeon
Nothing is so hard that it can't be found by searching.
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— Kim Harrison
We ascribe meanings because it is our nature to do so..We can no more see a thing without searching for a meaning than we can see a snag in a robe without pulling on the loose thread.
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— Kij Johnson
Like the ocean is your god-self; It remains for ever undefiled. And like the ether it lifts but the winged. Even like the sun is your god-self; It knows not the ways of the mole nor seeks it the holes of the serpent. But your god-self does not dwell alone in your being. Much in you is still man, and much in you is not yet man, But a shapeless pigmy that walks asleep in the mist searching for its own awakening.
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— Khalil Gibran
When you start searching for your name, you might be thrilled with what a lot of people say and it just takes one person. And it can hurt your feelings, but I have been aware of the fan bases and stuff like that and realize how deeply involved they are.
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— Kevin Costner
The anti-evolution forces have been searching for a new strategy that would accomplish the same end. That purpose is, if not to get evolution out of the schools altogether, then at least undermine it as much as possible in the minds of students.
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— Kenneth R. Miller
Lots of people look for happiness through sensations, whether it's through sex, the taste of food, the sound of music, the sensations of movies and plays, creating a certain environment in their home, and so on. Looking for happiness through sensations keeps you constantly searching for the next "fix" and for more varied sensations. Sensations become addictions, and nothing is ever enough.
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— Ken Keyes Jr.