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I do like to cook; I'm sort of a mad scientist in the kitchen.
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— Kyle Chandler
It is a good morning exercise for a research scientist to discard a pet hypothesis every day before breakfast. It keeps him young.
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— Konrad Lorenz
Philosophers are people who know less and less about more and more, until they know nothing about everything. Scientists are people who know more and more about less and less, until they know everything about nothing.
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— Konrad Lorenz
One could not be a successful scientist without realizing that, a goodly number of scientists are not only narrow-minded and dull, but also just stupid.
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— Konrad Lorenz
It has been said that the primary function of schools is to impart enough facts to make children stop asking questions. Some, with whom the schools do not succeed, become scientists... and I never stopped asking questions.
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— Knut Schmidt-Nielsen
Through history, people look for something spiritual. The greatest scientists in the world were men of religion and faith, too.
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— Kirstie Alley
One of my objectives when I started Biocon was to make sure that I create a company for women scientists to pursue a vocation.
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— Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
Science was many things, Nadia thought, including a weapon with which to hit other scientists.
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— Kim Stanley Robinson
A lot of scientists act on their beliefs and so do things that look crazy to the rest of us.
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— Kim Stanley
Let's put research into the hands of legitimate scientists, not pot profiteers,
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— Kevin Sabet
I can get where some scientists would say comedians are crazy. What you have to understand: A lot of comedians are dealing with a dark passion. A lot of these are guys coming from a tumultuous life, including myself. Some people need outlets, a way to express yourself.
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— Kevin Hart
I'm not a scientist. I just read articles that are interesting and that capture my imagination, but I think there's a reason why there's so much faith placed in science.
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— Kevin Feige
A lot of scientists on Earth think of things that they could do in zero g. Things like the way metals cure, for example, and the way fluids react in space can tell us a lot about some of the unknowns we have on Earth.
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— Kevin A. Ford
Science is a set of rules that keep the scientists from lying to each other.
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— Kenneth Stafford Norris
Biology is far from understanding exactly how a single cell develops into a baby, but research suggests that human development can ultimately be explained in terms of biochemistry and molecular biology. Most scientists would make a similar statement about evolution.
— Kenneth R. Miller
Most scientists who are religious look for God in what science does understand and has explained. So the way in which my view is different from the creationists or intelligent design proponents is that I find knowledge a compelling reason to believe in God. They find ignorance a compelling reason to believe in God.
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— Kenneth R. Miller
Scientists under all forms of government must be able to participate fully in international efforts.
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— Kenneth G. Wilson
The scientist's inquiry into the causes of things is providing an ever more extensive understanding of nature.
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— Kenneth G. Wilson
Economists and technologists bring the "bits", but it requires the social scientists and humanists to bring the "wits.
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— Kenneth E. Boulding
There are, of course, a number of epistemological questions, some of which lie more in the province of the philosopher than they do the economist or the social scientist. The one with which I am particularly concerned here is that of the role of knowledge in social systems, both as a product of the past and as a determinant of the future.
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— Kenneth E. Boulding
The ability to work with systems of general equilibrium is perhaps one of the most important skills of the economist a skill which he shares with many other scientists, but in which he has perhaps a certain comparative advantage.
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— Kenneth E. Boulding
The frontier orbital approach was further developed in various directions by my own group and many other scientists, both theoretical and experimental.
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— Kenichi Fukui
We think that it is the best scientists working in the frontier fields of science who are best able to judge what is good and what is bad - if any - in the application of their scientific research.
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— Kenichi Fukui
I think I was a born scientist.
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— Ken Wilber
For us scientists, on the other wing, life is not quite so simple. Because we learn the unknown. Unlike, hah-hah, our esteemed friends the philosophers, who learn the unknowable.
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— Ken MacLeod
I'd love to be a mad scientist who plays around with chemistry, and solves all the world's problems and creates a few of them himself.
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— Kellan Lutz
Ask a scientist a very profound question on his science, and he will be silent. Ask a religious person a very simple question on his religion, and he will be frenzied.
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— Kedar Joshi
The pursuit of knowledge is an intoxicant, a lure that scientists and explorers have known from ancient times; indeed, exhilaration in the pursuit of knowledge is part of what has kept our species so adaptive.
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— Kay Redfield Jamison
I think that for thousands of years people have made the observation that there are certain kinds of extreme depressive states that seem to be more likely to produce philosophers, people in the arts, unusually brilliant scientists.
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— Kay Redfield Jamison
Well if manners maketh man make-up maketh woman.And we don't need a phalanx of behavioural scientists to explain why man judge women by their looks.Because the see bether than thay think.
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— Kathy Lette
The business of raising animals for food (with its continuous heavy waste stream of methane and nitrous oxide - leading global warming gases) is responsible for about 18% of global warming. Some scientists actually say the number is closer to 50%.
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— Kathy Freston
I know I love sexy surf guitars, I know I love loud snare. I love really simple repeating bass lines, and I love weird mad scientist keyboard sounds.
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— Kathleen Hanna
It's a common perception that science and religion are mutually exclusive. But there are many scientists who would consider themselves to be spiritual people. Not only that, but in the case of climate change - a scientific issue with strong moral implications and difficult decisions to be made - it's essential to connect the science to our values. And for many of us, our values come from our faith.
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— Katharine Hayhoe
If you can frame climate change as an alternate religion, or as one more of those issues where the pointy-headed liberal atheist scientists are trying to discredit the Bible, then you've already got a ton of people on your side who are concerned about heresy, other religions, or teaching evolution in schools.
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— Katharine Hayhoe
We have to reach out to churches and schools and help people understand science, and we have to build rapport between scientists and people of faith. Then once we get that understanding and rapport built, then everyone will be on board with climate change.
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— Katharine Hayhoe
Scientists are doing an awful lot of damage to the world in the name of helping it. I don't mind attacking my own fraternity because I am ashamed of it.
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— Kary Mullis
Our aim as scientists is objective truth; more truth, more interesting truth, more intelligible truth. We cannot reasonably aim at certainty. Once we realize that human knowledge is fallible, we realize also that we can never be completely certain that we have not made a mistake.
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— Karl Popper
Some scientists find, or so it seems, that they get their best ideas when smoking; others by drinking coffee or whisky. Thus there is no reason why I should not admit that some may get their ideas by observing, or by repeating observations.
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— Karl Popper
There will be well-testable theories, hardly testable theories, and non-testable theories. Those which are non-testable are of no interest to empirical scientists. They may be described as metaphysical.
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— Karl Popper
It is clear that everybody interested in science must be interested in world 3 objects. A physical scientist, to start with, may be interested mainly in world 1 objects-say crystals and X-rays. But very soon he must realize how much depends on our interpretation of the facts, that is, on our theories, and so on world 3 objects. Similarly, a historian of science, or a philosopher interested in science must be largely a student of world 3 objects.
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— Karl Popper