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I sometimes think humor and satire are more effective techniques for expressing social statements than direct comment.
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— Kristin Hunter
When you have satire, it has to be real. No matter how outrageous the comedy becomes, you have to believe in the characters.
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— Kevin Kline
Poetry can be criticized only through poetry. A critique which itself is not a work of art, either in content as representation ofthe necessary impression in the process of creation, or through its beautiful form and in its liberal tone in the spirit of the old Roman satire, has no right of citizenship in the realm of art.
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— Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel
Satires which the censor can understand are justly forbidden
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— Karl Kraus
Satire chooses and knows no objects. It arises by fleeing from them and their forcing themselves upon it.
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— Karl Kraus
Satire that the censor understands is rightly censored.
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— Karl Kraus
Through my satire I make little people so big that afterwards they are worthy objects of my satire and no one can reproach me any longer.
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— Karl Kraus
It is difficult not to write satire.
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— Juvenal
Satire is what closes Saturday night.
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— Juvenal
What you want to do is talk about ideas, you write a novel, you have a lecture about those ideas. Satire and comedy are really the only film mediums where you can get into ideas and have people leave the theater without being moralized.
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— Justin Simien
Satire that is seasonable and just is often more effectual than law or gospel.
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— Josh Billings
What a newspaper needs in its news, in its headlines, and on its editorial page is terseness, humor, descriptive power, satire, originality, good literary style, clever condensation and accuracy, accuracy, accuracy.
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— Joseph Pulitzer
Simonides, a poet famous in his generation, is, I think, author of the oldest satire that is now extant, and, as some say, of the first that was ever written.
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— Joseph Addison
A satire should expose nothing but what is corrigible, and should make a due discrimination between those that are and those that are not the proper objects of it.
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— Joseph Addison
Among the writers of antiquity there are none who instruct us more openly in the manners of their respective times in which they lived than those who have employed themselves in satire, under whatever dress it may appear.
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— Joseph Addison
The world is so full of ill-nature that I have lampoons sent me by people who cannot spell, and satires composed by those who scarce know how to write.
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— Joseph Addison
There is nothing that more betrays a base ungenerous spirit than the giving of secret stabs to a man's reputation. Lampoons and satires that are written with wit and spirit are like poisoned darts, which not only inflict a wound, but make it incurable.
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— Joseph Addison
A jealous man is very quick in his application: he knows how to find a double edge in an invective, and to draw a satire on himself out of a panegyrick on another.
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— Joseph Addison
Hippo in a skirt: this was a comic reference to one of Solomon's principal wives, the one from Moab. Childish? Yes. But in the days before printing we had limited opportunities for satire.
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— Jonathan Stroud
To me, that's where a lot of satire lies. News used to hold itself to a higher plane and slowly it has dissolved into, well, me.
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— Jon Stewart
If you're going to give people 20 minutes of news satire, you've also got to give them Tiffani-Amber Thiessen or you're going to have rioting in the streets.
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— Jon Stewart
It's a great time to be doing political satire when the world is on a knife edge.
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— John Oliver
There have been brilliant satires about the tax bureaucracy before, from the Beatles song "The Taxman' to the film "Harry's War,' but in some ways Jim Greenfield's The Taxman Cometh outdoes them all. His tale of a little guy who can't take it anymore is both compelling and timely, given the tax scandals we read about in Washington almost every day.
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— John Fund
The end of satire is the amendment of vices by correction; and he who writes honestly is no more an enemy to the offender than the physician to the patient when he prescribes harsh remedies.
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— John Dryden
Satire is a kind of poetry in which human vices are reprehended.
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— John Dryden
Satire among the Romans, but not among the Greeks, was a bitter invective poem.
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— John Dryden
I like the George Romero films, which were really great, social satire movies; really twisted.
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— John Cusack
If you're going to get into social criticism with absurdity and satire, you can't be politically correct when you do that.
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— John Cusack
When you see a culture where the intellectual architects of the invasion are not shamed for their behavior but rewarded within the mainstream media culture, black comedy, satire, absurdism is the only response.
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— John Cusack
Satire is meant to have teeth; satire is meant to be dangerous. But it also happens to be fun because subversion and telling the right kind of people to go to hell is supposed to feel good.
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— John Cusack
It's supposed to feel good to throw a brick at the right people. There is a long tradition of naming and ridiculing and shaming and calling the villains what they are. Usually it was the artistocracy of the day and satire was the only way to speak truth to power.
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— John Cusack
I love Starship Troopers. That's really smart. I think he really could portray fascism in a comedic way. It's funny because both José [Padilha] and [Paul] Verhoeven were accused of being fascists for their movies because they had fascist leads. So, it's not going to have his tone, but there's going to be political satire in it.
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— Joel Kinnaman
Satire must always accompany any free society. It is an absolute necessity. Even in the most repressive medieval kingdoms, they understood the need for the court jester, the one soul allowed to tell the truth through laughter,
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— Joe Randazzo
I've found that there's a pretty wide range of silly. I don't want to do outright parody, because I like keeping my own characters and stories at the core of the books. And to be honest, I'm not smart enough to do the kind of wickedly sharp satire you get from someone like Pratchett.
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— Jim C. Hines
Of all sorts of flattery, that which comes from a solemn character and stands before a sermon is the worst-complexioned. Such commendation is a satire upon the author, makes the text look mercenary, and disables the discourse from doing service.
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— Jeremy Collier
Occasionally, the horrors of life in North Korea do show up in our American satire.
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— Jennifer Armintrout
Comedy has to be done en clair. You can't blunt the edge of wit or the point of satire with obscurity. Try to imagine a famous witty saying that is not immediately clear.
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— James Thurber
Truth is quite beyond the reach of satire. There is so brave a simplicity in her that she can no more be made ridiculous than an oak or a pine.
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— James Russell Lowell
If there is a god, I think he has a sense of humour. He does not require human beings to protect him from satire.
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— James K. Morrow
Satire is not a social dynamite. But it is a social indicator: it shows that new men are knocking at the door.
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— Jacob Bronowski