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    satan Quotes

    Perhaps evil is the crucible of goodness... and perhaps even Satan - Satan, in spite of himself - somehow serves to work out the will of God.
    — William Peter Blatty
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    Satan cannot deny but that great wonders have been wrought by prayer. As the spirit of prayer goes up, so his kingdom goes down. Satan's strategems against prayer are three. First, if he can, he will keep thee from prayer. If that be not feasible, secondly, he will strive to interrupt thee in prayer. And, thirdly, if that plot takes not, he will labour to hinder the success of thy prayer.
    — William Gurnall
    Satan will be ready to help forward such thoughts as a fit medium to lift thee up , and slacken thy care in duty for the future. Such discoveries do indeed bear witness to the truth of thy grace, but not to the degree and measure of it. The weak child may be, yea, is, oftener in the lap than the strong.
    — William Gurnall
    Set a strong guard about thy outward senses: these are Satan's landing places, especially the eye and the ear.
    — William Gurnall
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    The devil had as good have let Paul alone, for he no sooner comes into prison but he falls a preaching, at which the gates of Satan's prison fly open, and poor sinners come forth.
    — William Gurnall
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    The enemy is a spiritual enemy. He's called the principality of darkness. The enemy is a guy called Satan.
    — William G. Boykin
    Surely there is something in madness, even the demoniac, which Satan flees, aghast at his own handiwork, and which God looks on in pity.
    — William Faulkner
    tags: madness  god  satan 
    The disposition to give a cup of cold water to a disciple is a far nobler property than the finest intellect. Satan has a fine intellect, but not the image of God.
    — William Dean Howells
    tags: water  god  disciple  satan  property 
    Restraining prayer, we cease to fight; Prayer keeps the Christian's armor bright; And Satan trembles when he sees The weakest saint upon his knees.
    — William Cowper
    tags: christian  prayer  satan 
    Satan trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon their knees.
    — William Cowper
    tags: satan 
    It's difficult to tell whether people are looking at you because they recognize you from your work, or whether it's just because you're six foot three and have the eyebrows of Satan.
    — Will Poulter
    tags: people  work  satan 
    Prayer is the master strategy that Godgives for the defeat and rout of Satan.
    — Wesley L Duewel
    tags: master  strategy  prayer  satan 
    Prevailing prayer is prayer that pushes right through all difficulties and obstacles, drives back all the opposing forces of Satan, and secures the will of God. Its purpose is to accomplish God's will on earth. Prevailing prayer is prayer that not only takes the initiative but continues on the offensive for God until spiritual victory is won.
    — Wesley L Duewel
    Satan was the originator of sin
    — Wayne Grudem
    tags: sin  satan 
    Often Satan injects pride into the believer's spirit, evoking in him an attitude of self-importance and of self-conceit. He causes him to esteem himself a very outstanding person, one who is indispensable in God's work. Such a spirit constitutes one of the major reasons for the fall of believers.
    — Watchman Nee
    Put very simply, Satan's power in the world is everywhere. Yet wherever men and women walk in the Spirit, sensitive to the anointing they have from God, that power of his just evaporates. There is a line drawn by God, a boundary where by virtue of his own very presence Satan's writ does not run. Let God but occupy all the space himself, and what room is left for the evil one?
    — Watchman Nee
    tags: evil  men  women  power  world  virtue  space  god  satan  spirit 
    Satan can only attack us from the outside in. He may work through the lust and sensations of the body or through the mind and emotion of the soul, for those two belong to the outward man.
    — Watchman Nee
    tags: men  work  emotion  soul  lust  body  satan  mind 
    When a believer has crossed into the domain of the spiritual he daily ought to maintain a combat attitude in his spirit, praying therewith for the overthrow of all the works of Satan done through the evil powers.
    — Watchman Nee
    We may be forced to consume considerable time before the spirit cooperates. For example, God would like to enlarge the scope of our prayer to include the nations in order to defeat all the behind-the-scene works of Satan. Or He may want us to intercede for all sinners worldwide for the entire church.
    — Watchman Nee
    tags: time  work  god  prayer  church  satan  spirit  example  sinner 
    The devil is merely a fallen angel, and when God lost Satan he lost one of his best lieutenants.
    — Walter Lippmann
    tags: lost  devil  god  angel  satan 
    Pat Robertson has written in a book a few years ago that we should have a world government, but only when the Messiah arrives. He wrote, literally, any attempt to achieve world order before that time must be the work of the Devil. Well join me - I'm glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan.
    — Walter Cronkite
    The death of Satan was a tragedyFor the imagination.
    — Wallace Stevens
    tags: death  satan  imagination 
    Brother, you can believe in stones, as long as you don't throw them at me. You are free to worship whoever you want, but other people's beliefs are not your concern, whether they believe that the Messiah is God, son of Mary, or that Satan is God, son of Mary. Let people have their beliefs.
    — Wafa Sultan
    tags: belief  people  believe  god  worship  satan  son 
    A nation of intellectuals, a nation of thugsJesus is hate, a nation of Satan is love!
    — Vinnie Paz
    tags: hate  satan 
    Satan's ultimate goal is to destroy the family, because if he would destroy the family, he will not just have won the battle; he will have won the war.
    — Victor L. Brown
    tags: satan  war  goal 
    Paul was not ignorant of Satan's devices, but we are not so wise. Among his most successful devices today are these: exalting tolerance above truth; emphasizing the head more than the heart; making size more important than sort; stressing the positive to the neglect of the negative; putting happiness above holiness; majoring on this world instead of the next.
    — Vance Havner
    Satan does some of his worst work on exhausted Christians when nerves are frayed and the mind is faint.
    — Vance Havner
    tags: work  christian  satan  mind 
    Any man who takes Jesus Christ seriously becomes the target of the devil. Most church members do not give Satan enough trouble to arouse his opposition
    — Vance Havner
    tags: men  devil  jesus  church  christ  satan 
    Faith has no value of its own, it has value only as it connects us with Him. It is a trick of Satan to get us occupied with examining our faith instead of resting in the Faithful One.
    — Vance Havner
    tags: value  faith  satan 
    If I do manage to come up with a scheme [to naming], however, I stick to it, which is why my cats are named after gods-Loki and Athena, who are, respectively, absolutely straightforward and affectionate, and dumber than dirt. I learned my lesson. I will name my next cat 'Satan' or 'Marduk' or something, thereby ensuring a kind, gentle beast who treats my upholstery like a shrine.
    — Ursula Vernon
    tags: lessons  cat  satan 
    Consider Christmas - could Satan in his most malignant mood have devised a worse combination of graft plus bunkum than the system whereby several hundred million people get a billion or so gifts for which they have no use, and some thousands of shop clerks die of exhaustion while selling them, and every other child in the Western world is made ill from overeating - all in the name of the lowly Jesus?
    — Upton Sinclair
    The biggest lie about grace that Satan wants the church to buy is the idea that it's dangerous and therefore needs to be kept in check.
    — Tullian Tchividjian
    tags: grace  lies  church  satan  ideas  dangerous 
    The Clinton era is over. I think that there would even have been a certain amount of rejoicing among some Republicans if Gore had won or if Ralph Nader had won or if Satan had won.
    — Tucker Carlson
    tags: satan 
    Yeah, yeah I think that's one of the biggest misconceptions towards the band. The biggest one is that we're Satan worshippers, but next to that just the fact that we're normal
    — Tom Araya
    tags: facts  satan 
    How does Satan accuse us? By causing us to look at our sin rather than our Savior.
    — Timothy Keller
    tags: sin  satan 
    Minister: Welcome, brother! Do you reject Satan and all his works? Bunny Breckinridge: Sure.
    — Tim Burton
    tags: satan 
    Satan's time of tempting is usually after an ordinance; and the reason is, because then he thinks he shall find us most secure. When we have been at solemn duties, we are apt to think all is done, and we grow remiss, and leave off that zeal and strictness as before; just as a soldier, who after a battle leaves off his armour, not once dreaming, of an enemy. Satan watches his time, and when we least suspect, then he throws in a temptation.
    — Thomas Watson
    To be angry is to yield to the influence of Satan. No one can make us angry. It is our choice. If we desire to have a proper spirit with us at all times, we must choose to refrain from becoming angry. I testify that such is possible.
    — Thomas S. Monson
    Do not yield to Satan's enticements; rather, stand firm for truth. The unsatisfied yearnings of the soul will not be met by a never-ending quest for joy amidst the thrills of sensation and vice. Vice never leads to virtue. Hate never promotes love. Cowardice never gives courage. Doubt never inspires faith.
    — Thomas S. Monson
    tags: truth  joy  hate  soul  doubt  virtue  faith  satan  courage  inspire 
    There is oftentimes a great deal of knowledge where there is but little wisdom to improve that knowledge. It is not the most knowing Christian but the most wise Christian that sees, avoids, and escapes Satan's snares. Knowledge without wisdom is like mettle in a blind horse, which is often an occasion of the rider's fall.
    — Thomas Brooks
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