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    sarcasm Quotes

    What with the reviews of critics, the sarcasms of one's friends, the reproaches of one's own taste, there's precious little peace after publishing a book.
    — Winifred Holtby
    tags: peace  friends  sarcasm  book 
    The object of a comedy is not to correct morals or ridicule the vices of society; no, a comedy should depict the discrepancies between life and purpose, should be the fruit of bitter indignation aroused by the degradation of human dignity, should be sarcasm, and not an epigram, convulsive laughter and not an amused grin, should be written with bile and not diluted salt, in a word, it should embrace life in its highest significance.
    — Vissarion Belinsky
    I can fluently speak five languages: English, emoji, sexting, sarcasm and sass.
    — Tyler Oakley
    tags: sarcasm 
    My natural-born sarcasm, when it's unimpeded, can be a bit overbearing at times and I'm the first to admit that.
    — Tom Bergeron
    tags: time  sarcasm 
    Some intentionally injure others through mocking, sarcasm with no intent to help. Others are trying to help.
    — Sterling W Sill
    tags: sarcasm  help 
    Growing up and living in England, I'm surrounded by grey skies and sarcasm, so when I came to America, my first impressions were bright, hopeful, cheerful.
    — Stanley Donwood
    tags: living  sarcasm  sky  america  england 
    Hey, Carlos," the Professor says when he walks in. "How was REACH?" "It sucked." "Can you be more specific?" my guardian asks. "It really sucked," I elaborate, sarcasm dripping from every word.
    — Simone Elkeles
    tags: sarcasm 
    They didn't have novels back then. (Tory) History says they didn't have books, yet what's this thing in my hand? It's square, bound paper that's been written on. Looks like a book to me. (Acheron) Thank you, Captain Sarcasm. How nice of you to join us again. (Tory)
    — Sherrilyn Kenyon
    tags: sarcasm  novel  book 
    You really don't want to take that tone with me. (Varyk) Well, I do have several others we can choose from. Contemptuous. Angry. Snide. Aggravated. How about I just settle on extreme sarcasm and we call it even? (Dev)
    — Sherrilyn Kenyon
    tags: sarcasm  extreme 
    If you want to know the Correct term for me, I'm a Dark-Hunter." Nick digested that word slowly. "Which means what? You hunt darkness?" "Yes, Nick. That's exactly what I do. There's just not enough of it." Now, there was some sarcasm you could cut with a knife.
    — Sherrilyn Kenyon
    tags: sarcasm 
    Any game plan? Xypher asked Sin. Don't die. I like it. Simple, bold. Impossible. Works for me. Kat scoffed at his sarcasm. What are you bitching about, Xypher? You're already dead. He laughed. You know, for once, it's good to be me.
    — Sherrilyn Kenyon
    tags: work  sarcasm  impossible  die  sin  games 
    Alright, you'll get your bonus, buy play nice with her. Keep your sarcasm to a minimum. (Kyrian) Yes, O Great Lord and Master. Be nice to woman, keep mouth shut. (Nick)
    — Sherrilyn Kenyon
    tags: women  master  sarcasm 
    Don't you have class today? (Kyrian) Boy, I'm a backwoods Cajun, I ain't never got no class, cher. (Nick) (He cleared his throat and dropped the thick Cajun accent.) And no, today's registration. I've got to figure out what I'm taking next semester. (Nick) I have a few things I need you to do today. (Kyrian) And that is different from any other day how? (Nick) Sarcasm, thy name is Nick Gautier. (Kyrian)
    — Sherrilyn Kenyon
    tags: sarcasm  boys 
    You know, your sarcasm isn't appreciated right now. I've been drugged, beaten, nearly raped, saved, drugged again, hijacked, and now threatened by you. Tell me, what else should I look forward to? Torture, or just a good maiming? (Kiara)
    — Sherrilyn Kenyon
    tags: sarcasm  right 
    This music won't do. There's not enough sarcasm in it.
    — Samuel Goldwyn
    tags: sarcasm  music 
    Neither irony or sarcasm is argument.
    — Samuel Butler
    tags: sarcasm  irony 
    Neither irony nor sarcasm is argument.
    — Rufus Choate
    tags: sarcasm  irony 
    The clear problem of the outlawing of insult is that too many things can be interpreted as such. Criticism, ridicule, sarcasm, merely stating an alternative point of view to the orthodoxy, can be interpreted as insult.
    — Rowan Atkinson
    My major vice is sarcasm with a side of caffeine addiction.
    — Rosemary Clement-Moore
    tags: sarcasm  addiction 
    What I claim is to live to the full the contradiction of my time, which may well make sarcasm the condition of truth.
    — Roland Barthes
    tags: time  truth  live  sarcasm 
    Sarcasm is not the rapier of wit its wielders seem to believe it to be, but merely a club: it may, by dint of brute force, occasionally raise bruises, but it never cuts or pierces.
    — Rex Stout
    tags: believe  sarcasm 
    I'll be spending the holidays with my family. Nothing special, just some light bickering and biting sarcasm.
    — Ray Romano
    tags: sarcasm 
    But I'll be fine. I'll be with Tod. He's a good guy, you know." He just hides it under all the sarcasm and curls.
    — Rachel Vincent
    tags: sarcasm 
    There`s a good sense of fun and lack of sarcasm in the Texans, maybe a little earnestness which is kind of why I found it quite Australian.
    — Rachel Griffiths
    tags: sarcasm  fun 
    The arrow always tipped with ill nature and sarcasm is deadliest to him who sends it.
    — Prentice Mulford
    tags: nature  sarcasm 
    Sarcasm is a Manchester trait.
    — Peter Hook
    tags: sarcasm 
    You had to learn at a certain age what sarcasm is, you know?
    — Penny Marshall
    tags: age  sarcasm  learn 
    The more repression there is, the more need there is for irreverence toward those who are responsible for that repression. But too often sarcasm passes for irony, name-calling passes for insight, bleeped-out four-letter words pass for wit, and lowest-common-denominator jokes pass for analysis. Satire should have a point of view. It doesn't have to get a belly laugh. It does have to present criticism.
    — Paul Krassner
    I'll speak for myself, but there's a lot of humor to be found in sarcasm and darkness. You talk to any paramedic, they survive by developing a pretty off-kilter sense of humor.
    — Nicolas Cage
    tags: humor  darkness  sarcasm 
    My brothers are both 6 ft. 5 in., and if you have younger brothers who are bigger than you then you have to learn the ancient martial art of sarcasm.
    — Nick Moran
    tags: sarcasm  learn 
    The best way to measure the loss of intellectual sophistication - this "nerdification," to put it bluntly - is in the growing disappearance of sarcasm, as mechanic minds take insults a bit too literally.
    — Nassim Nicholas Taleb
    tags: loss  sarcasm  mind  insult 
    La Zona is such a closed area, a dangerous, outlaw area. My time in the Zona was a time outside of society, almost out of the real world. And the girls there had such a sense of irony and sarcasm. They were also really interested in my film. They'd be like, "Thank God we live in Mexico, because our kind of prostitution has a heart. We wouldn't want to sit behind a glass cage or be sold by our own mothers. We have free will."
    — Michael Glawogger
    My son Cooper has just turned ten and the sarcasm fairy has already started to take up residence inside his body. Not only am I living with my mother - again! - but I've also got her mini-me to contend with.
    — Melissa Rivers
    tags: living  sarcasm  body  mother  son 
    Sarcasm, as it turned out-even when it was instinctive and quick-cut into the time one had to manufacture one's escape.
    — Mel Odom
    tags: time  sarcasm 
    Sarcasm doesn't translate in print at all.
    — Megan Fox
    tags: sarcasm 
    I was so furious I was actually dizzy with it. There were so many bitchy, sarcastic observations to make, I was having a sarcasm stroke. "My God! You people! You're - you're so stupid you're making my eyeballs throb. They're throbbing, dammit!
    — MaryJanice Davidson
    tags: sarcasm 
    Sarcasm is always perceived as an attack.
    — Marshall Sylver
    tags: sarcasm 
    With a touch of sarcasm. "Glass is an amazing material. Versatile.
    — Maria V. Snyder
    tags: sarcasm 
    Sarcasm helps me overcome the harshness of the reality we live, eases the pain of scars and makes people smile.
    — Mahmoud Darwish
    tags: people  pain  reality  live  smile  sarcasm  help 
    Nothing sharpens the arrow of sarcasm so keenly as the courtesy that polishes it; no reproach is like that we clothe with a smile and present with a bow.
    — Lord Chesterfield
    tags: present  smile  sarcasm 
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