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    rugby Quotes

    A vote for Japan is a vote for the future of rugby. We will do our best to make rugby a global sport.
    — Yoshiro Mori
    tags: future  rugby 
    If the game is run properly as a professional game, you do not need 57 old farts running rugby.
    — Will Carling
    tags: running  games  rugby 
    Rugby has always been a game for all shapes and sizes. You have the superstars and the fast guys who score the tries, but you also need the workhorses and the people who play all the other roles. Unless they all work together as a team then it's really going to affect the performance. Everyone's got to rely on everyone else.
    — Warren Gatland
    tags: people  work  games  rugby 
    I didn't have to play rugby that well, and I didn't have to play cricket that well, because I had this voice.
    — Tom Jones
    tags: rugby 
    I've gone from being a brilliant captain of a TV soccer team to an average rugby player on a real team. I've gotten so used to ruling the roost and just saying whatever the hell I wanted, and I had to get back to reality.
    — Tanc Sade
    tags: reality  hell  gone  saying  real  rugby 
    Coming from Australia and playing rugby, you just think that soccer is a bit soft, but I'll tell you what, it's not. It's rough as guts.
    — Tanc Sade
    tags: rugby 
    American football makes rugby look like a Tupperware party.
    — Sue Lawley
    tags: football  rugby  american 
    There are three great international team sports in Australia: cricket, rugby (two codes), and Pom-bashing. But the greatest of these is the last, and it is time we prepared ourselves for the greatest celebration of Pom-bashing since Bodyline, the 1930s cricket tour that became an international incident. That one rankles to this day and is otherwise known as the longest whinge in sporting history.
    — Simon Barnes
    tags: time  rugby 
    I played rugby for years, and I had a rugby jacket that I lost when I was 14. Somehow, my brother found it in storage 15 years later, and he gave it back to me for my 30th birthday. That was amazing and probably one of the best gifts I've ever received.
    — Ryan Reynolds
    tags: lost  gift  rugby  year 
    My dad played rugby, so I used to watch a lot of rugby union and rugby league.
    — Ryan Giggs
    tags: rugby 
    I just think it's rather odd that a nation that prides itself on its virility should feel compelled to strap on forty pounds of protective gear just in order to play rugby.
    — Rupert Giles
    tags: rugby  pounds  pride 
    South African rugby doesn't have to stand back for anyone.
    — Rudolph Straeuli
    tags: rugby 
    Sport was an obvious favourite of mine, and not only golf. I was, and still am, a big rugby fan.
    — Rory McIlroy
    tags: golf  rugby 
    I love the 6 Nations rugby. I feel very Scottish then. I feel very Scottish now, sitting in the middle of Chelsea. But thats part of our heritage - being part of Britain, part of Europe. I love being European.
    — Rory Bremner
    tags: rugby 
    The time I've spent in professional Premiership club rugby has been invaluable.
    — Rob Andrew
    tags: time  rugby 
    I was doing a play in New York, which we had done in New Haven, Connecticut. It was an American premiere of a play called The Changing Room written by a wonderful man named David Story. It was about a rugby team in the North of England. It got just screaming rave reviews. At that time, virtually every major critic went up to the Long Wharf Theater to see a new play like that.
    — Richard Masur
    tags: time  men  stories  rugby  american  england 
    It's like a rugby team. If you're picking for the World Cup final, you're picking experience with youth. Everything is better off having that balance and that mix. I think that, especially, goes for the monarchy as well.
    — Prince William
    In rugby there are those who play the piano - and those who shift them
    — Pierre Danos
    tags: rugby 
    Rugby players are either piano shifters or piano movers. Fortunately, I am one of those who can play a tune.
    — Pierre Danos
    tags: rugby 
    Rugby is a game for the mentally deficient... That is why it was invented by the British. Who else but an Englishman could invent an oval ball?
    — Peter Pook
    tags: games  rugby  invent 
    A rugby tour is like sex. When its good it's great, and when it's bad - hey! It's still pretty good!
    — Peter FitzSimons
    tags: bad  sex  rugby 
    Rugby backs can be identified because they generally have clean jerseys and identifiable partings in their hair... come the revolution the backs will be the first to be lined up against the wall and shot for living parasitically off the work of others.
    — Peter FitzSimons
    tags: work  living  revolution  rugby 
    Playing rugby at school I once fell on a loose ball and, through ignorance and fear, held on despite a fierce pummelling. After that it took me months to convince my team-mates I was a coward.
    — Peter Cook
    tags: fear  school  rugby  ignorance 
    Part of being a great restaurant chef is having an ability to bring all those people together, rather like a captain on a rugby field or a coach. It's also being a great teacher, because I'm only one person in a kitchen of 10 and I need to be able to bring all those people together and to teach them. I need to be able to communicate my thoughts and my process to them.
    — Paul Rankin
    I was absolutely a non-starter at games. My report for rugby said, 'Nigel's chief contribution is his presence on the field.' I used to pray for rain and sometimes it did rain - and we played anyway.
    — Nigel Rees
    tags: rain  pray  games  rugby 
    Soccer is a continuous game, rugby is a continuous game, but for the physical elements that are involved in playing a football game and the number of plays that you play, I don't know thatit was ever intended to be a continuous game.
    — Nick Saban
    tags: games  football  rugby 
    I know American football. I know a little bit about soccer. I know baseball, I know basketball. But, rugby is a foreign language.
    — Morgan Freeman
    I was an ambassador for Betway during the Rugby World Cup and at the moment I'm working as an ambassador for Artemis Investment Management. I also organised the first Rugby Aid in 2015. We had celebrities playing rugby against former England team players and raised a ton of money for Rugby For Heroes [a charity for former servicemen and women]. Only one celeb got crunched quite badly - Jaime Laing from Made in Chelsea ended up with cracked ribs.
    — Mike Tindall
    In 2011 I stopped playing rugby for England so during the Six Nations, which is on during February and March, I was able to grab a week's skiing. But I still had to take it pretty easy because I didn't want to get injured while I was playing for Gloucester. In 2013, when I retired fully from rugby, I finally had the chance to go a couple of times a season.
    — Mike Tindall
    tags: chance  time  rugby  england 
    I started going on ski trips at senior school. I can't remember exactly where but we skied in the Tirol in Austria a couple of times and also went to Val d'Isère in France. When I was 15, rugby took over and there wasn't time to ski any more. I didn't ski again until I was 33.
    — Mike Tindall
    tags: time  school  rugby 
    I think the main message is that world rugby needs New Zealand and New Zealand needs world rugby.
    — Mike Miller
    tags: world  rugby 
    The two sports are as different as Ping-Pong and rugby. In boxing, you don't know what's going to happen. In wrestling, it's already prearranged. But the thing I didn't know about wrestling is that you really get hurt. Because, you know, you're wrestling in front of a live audience, and you end up doing things like jumps or slams, and 40 percent of the time you don't land right.
    — Mickey Rourke
    tags: time  live  hurt  right  rugby 
    Wrestling and boxing is like Ping-Pong and rugby. There's no connection.
    — Mickey Rourke
    tags: rugby 
    It's Thursday afternoon, and we have sports. These are the choices for the girls: watching an invitational cricket game; studying in one of the classrooms; or watching the senior rugby league. As you can imagine, I'm torn.
    — Melina Marchetta
    tags: choice  rugby  imagine 
    I get too excited about football and rugby.
    — Matthew Lewis
    tags: football  rugby 
    I knew very little about Rugby. But, I think it helps in terms of an American audience the game is enough like football in that it's a battle for field position and you score by running into what looks a lot like an end zone. I think in terms the nuance of the game, Americans won't get that stuff. I think in terms of the peanut butter and jelly version of what you need to know, I think it's pretty clear.
    — Matt Damon
    With all the traveling and promotion I've been doing for 'Murderball,' its been difficult keeping up with my rugby training.
    — Mark Zupan
    tags: rugby 
    As a teenager, I was always this strange mixture of kind of vice-captain of the rugby team and sensitive artist type the rest of the time. I was sent away to this public school in the middle of nowhere, and I think we managed to completely miss out on normal youth culture.
    — Mark Haddon
    I have some very special guests tonight, and I would like to give a big welcome to the Wayne State men and women's rugby team for coming to the game tonight and to be on my TV Show
    — Mark Cuban
    tags: men  games  rugby 
    Britain has bred many great explorers, but they seem to get so little coverage compared to soccer and rugby players.
    — Lewis Pugh
    tags: rugby 
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