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I'm a romantic, but I'm not a romantic in the traditional sense. I like to romanticize what happens to me. Whatever happens to me - you could quantify it as good or bad - I romanticize it. I think along the lines of 'When that thing happened, it made me who I am.' That kind of thing. It's a different way of being romantic.
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— Zooey Deschanel
Blossoming and unfolding are basically the same thing, but blossoming is more romantic.
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— Zooey Deschanel
I like romantic comedy as a genre, but I think it can get stuck in its ways.
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— Zooey Deschanel
Romantic comedies are usually about when love works.
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— Zooey Deschanel
We are deceiving ourselves if we believe that a literary work written and published in a country where 70 per cent of the population is illiterate, can change the political and social life of the is up to political organization..and not to romantic literature.. to change the present situation.
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— Zakaria Tamer
Honestly, people told me to. It was weird, I graduated from school, I never thought I'd live in L.A. and I always wanted to be to New York. I assumed that would be my trajectory - that romantic ideal of moving there and doing plays Off-Broadway and being scrappy about it. Then we did a showcase in New York and a showcase in L.A., and for whatever reason the response that I generated in L.A. was significantly more enthusiastic.
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— Zachary Quinto
We all support the idea of a strong marriage, we all clearly like a good party. Call us hopeless romantics, call it the triumph of hope over experience - most of us think when people love each other and want to make that long-term commitment, that is a wonderful thing. So why would we stop a loving couple getting married just because they are gay?
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— Yvette Cooper
I don't make romantic films. I make films about human relationships.
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— Yash Chopra
I'm a footballing romantic just like Johan Cruyff. We like football that is attractive, attacking and easy on the eye. When you win playing like this it's twice as satisfying. I've always played attacking football: my footballing ideals are very clear and well defined. I've grown up at Barcelona with that style and that's the one I like. I think it's good to win like that, by taking the initiative right from the off.
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— Xavi
Natural Born Killers is really a misunderstood romantic comedy.
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— Woody Harrelson
Classic mountaineering grows out of a traditional romantic imagination. Its heart is the feeling, its path is blood, sweat and tears, and its restriction is God.
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— Wojciech Kurtyka
I was intoxicated by the romantic poetry of our great writers. I arranged the world according to my private use, looking at it through the poems I had devoured.
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— Wladyslaw Stanislaw Reymont
They say the first love's most important. That's very romantic, but not my experience.
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— Wislawa Szymborska
I'm very attached to movie theaters and I love going to them. Nothing will ever replace that. It's very romantic and beautiful. I used to want to live inside of one, with a bathtub, a bike and a bed, and just watch movies.
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— Winona Ryder
Society makes suicide so romantic. I mean, you watch these TV movies about teen suicide and you want to jump in front of a bus. Because your biggest fantasy is your own funeral. No one will admit to it, but it's true.
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— Winona Ryder
The era I love most is the Federal period, just after the Revolution and the formation of the United States. The birth of America as a nation coincided with the Romantic era and I've always been thoroughly into the Romantics and I've always been thoroughly into America, particularly at the time when it was a brand new idea, when it was something brand new in the world. It was a very exciting time in the world because of the birth of America
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— William Monahan
It may be that, while we plodding realists go on, for ever preoccupied with our daily chores, abstracting a microscopic pleasure from each microscopic duty, your true romantic has the truer vision, and beholds, afar off, in all its lurid splendour and terrible proportions, the piquant adventure we call life.
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— William McFee
Passion Of Mind movie is one of my rare romantic things. I'm ready for another. Shooting that, I remember France. We were in the south of France, and Paris. That's the first thing that comes to mind for that. I just remember that that was a beautiful place to be when we shot it.
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— William Fichtner
Scotsmen are metaphisical and emotional, they are sceptical and mystical, they are romantic and ironic, they are cruel and tender, and full of mirth and despair.
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— William Dunbar
Kissing scenes are never romantic or sexy, they're actually super technical, like, "Move your head, you're blocking her light," or, "Stop looking like an idiot when you kiss her." You do it again and again because of the camera angles and takes and whatnot. So by the end of it, it's not even kissing. All the anything is totally drained out of it.
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— Will Poulter
I'm into all that sappy stuff - a surprise picnic, nice dinner, or traveling. I'm kind of an old romantic.
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— Will Estes
I love watching the romantic comedies of the late '50s and early '60s. I used to have a rule that if Tony Randall's in it, it can't be bad.
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— Whit Stillman
I think if anybody had a roll of dice with a lot of money at stake, they would not want Wes Craven and a romantic comedy.
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— Wes Craven
Any romantic feelings for a 12-year-old are like entering into a fantasy world.
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— Wes Anderson
I broke my nose in gym when a ball hit me. I took a girl to her debutante ball the next week wearing a tux and a big, honking bandage. Not the romantic night she had in mind.
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— Wentworth Miller
Know that you are part of a joyful Universe. Allow your romantic, ecstatic, blissful emotions to appear more frequently in your daily life. When you feel joy, experience it and express it! As the New Testament says, 'Joy is the fruit of the Spirit.'
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— Wayne Dyer
There's nothing romantic, nothing grand, nothing heroic, nothing brave, nothing like that about drinking. It's a real coward's death.
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— Warren Zevon
More generally, I made an effort to leave out things that weren't relevant to the main narrative themes of the book, namely that there were two sides to Steve Jobs: the romantic, poetic, countercultural rebel on one side, and the serious businessperson on the other.
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— Walter Isaacson
It is the addition of strangeness to beauty that constitutes the romantic character in art.
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— Walter Hagen
I joined the army on my seventeenth birthday, full of the romance of war after having read a lot of World War I British poetry and having seen a lot of post-World War II films. I thought the romantic presentations of war influenced my joining and my presentation of war to my younger siblings.
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— Walter Dean Myers
The mind is the great poem of winter, the man,Who, to find what will suffice,Destroys romantic tenementsOf rose and ice.
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— Wallace Stevens
There's a fascination frantic in a ruin that's romantic.
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— W. S. Gilbert
All I have is a voice to undo the folded lie, the romantic lie in the brain of the sensual man-in-the-street and the lie of Authority whose buildings grope the sky: There is no such thing as the State and no one exists alone; Hunger allows no choice to the citizen or the police; We must love one another or die.
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— W. H. Auden
Money is the necessity that frees us from necessity. Of all novelists in any country, Trollope best understands the role of money. Compared with him even Balzac is a romantic.
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— W. H. Auden
You are the most dangerous kind of female the world can ever know. You carry the seeds for your own destruction and the destruction of everyone who loves you. And a great many will love you for your beautiful face for your seductive body; but you will fail them all because you will believe they all fail you first. You are an idealist of the worst kind - the romantic idealist. Born to destroy and self destruct.
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— Virginia C. Andrews
In a big Bollywood romantic film, taking my shirt off and spreading the hand towards the mountain with dancers behind me are not my cup of tea.
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— Vir Das
I'd like to be the romantic lead one day, but I've got to grow my hair first.
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— Vinnie Jones
I really like romantic comedies and light movies and everything but I think - I don't know where it comes from - but when you're doing violent movies, you're closer to reality.
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— Vincent Cassel
I'm romantic to some degree, if I really like somebody. I'm more romantic if there's someone that I like than I am a romantic just for romantics sake.
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— Vince Vaughn
To take a journey of a thousand miles, you have to begin with the first step from the place where you stand; the romantic description of the journey and the things the body sees on the way and the description of the scenery are of no use unless you lift your foot and take the first step.
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— Vimala Thakar