revenge Quotes

Revenge, we find, the abject pleasure of an abject mind.
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— Juvenal
Revenge is sweeter than life itself. So think fools.
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— Juvenal
I'm thinking in my head I'd like to have five minutes alone with this guy to get some payback. But you got to keep a level head. You just got to get to the house, search, find anything you can to put these guys away and bring some justice and get some revenge for our brothers who were lost.
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— Justin Miller
Many of you wished me dead. Many of you perhaps still do. But I hold no grudges and seek no revenge. I demand only this...that you join with me in building a new Rome, a Rome that offers justice, peace and land to all its citizens, not just the privileged few. Support me in this task, and old divisions will be forgotten. Oppose me, and Rome will not forgive you a second time. Senators, the war is over.
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— Julius Caesar
It was all about wanting to get revenge. Pathetic, really, but it still is the motivation.
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— Julian Clary
Some children like to make castles out of their rice pudding, or faces with raisins for eyes. It is forbidden - so sternly that, when they grow up, they take a horrid revenge by dying meringues pale blue or baking birthday cakes in the form of horseshoes or lyres or whatnot.
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— Julia Child
If you put together all the ingredients that naturally attract children - sex, violence, revenge, spectacle and vigorous noise - what you have is grand opera.
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— Judith Martin
No matter what someone else has done, it still matters how we treat people. It matters to our humanity that we treat offenders according to standards that we recognize as just. Justice is not revenge - it's deciding for a solution that is oriented towards peace, peace being the harder but more human way of reacting to injury. That is the very basis of the idea of rights.
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— Judith Butler
If you are asking whether states and state actors can only respond through revenge, then you are suggesting that diplomatic solutions are hopeless.
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— Judith Butler
I think maybe the destructive pleasure got turned into the destructive pleasure of war (something we see still in the images of US soldiers urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban soldiers). Something of the pleasure in destruction gets unleashed, and then becomes part of war effort rationalised first as revenge (or justice defined as revenge). But then it takes new forms, as we see now.
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— Judith Butler
Revenge is the single most satisfying feeling in the world!
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— JR
For madness must be punished in a world in which mere sanity is prized. The revenge of the ordinary upon the gifted.
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— Joyce Carol Oates
The best revenge is living well without you.
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— Joyce Carol Oates
You have to be okay with wins and losses. You can't just be looking for the wins and, when the losses happen, you can't buy more and more because you're sure it's going to bounce. We call that revenge trading.
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— Josh Brolin
There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness.
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— Josh Billings
There is no passion of the human heart that promises so much and pays so little as revenge.
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— Josh Billings
Revenge commonly hurts both the offerer and sufferer; as we see in a foolish bee, which in her anger invenometh the flesh and loseth her sting, and so lives a drone ever after.
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— Joseph Hall
If you look at revenge we are still winning three one you know, so I don't think it is a question of revenge, is a question of a personal thing
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— Jose Mourinho
I forgive everyone. There's no reason to hold anything against someone. Revenge is over with.
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— Jose Aldo
I've always been interested in themes of memory, paranoia, and revenge.
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— Jonathan Nolan
Revenge is an infection of the spirit.
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— Jonathan Maberry
If I murmur in the least at affliction, if I am in any way uncharitable, if I revenge my own case, if I do anything purely to please myself or omit anything because it is a great denial, if I trust myself, if I take any praise for any good which Christ does by me, or if I am in any way proud, I shall act as my own and not God's.
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— Jonathan Edwards
Resolved, never to do anything out of revenge.
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— Jonathan Edwards
Revenge is not a good thing. Revenge is like politics: one thing always leads to another until bad has become worse, and worse has become worst.
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— Jonas Jonasson
In any walk of life, a positive, upbeat outlook trumps any adversarial act. Revenge is counterproductive. Unproductive emotions limit one's ability to move forward, to focus, to think positively, to act creatively.
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— Jon Huntsman, Jr.
There is that stereotype of a nerd with the high pants and pocket protector and that kind of thing. That can sustain comedy for maybe a movie - hence the 'Revenge of the Nerds' franchise - but not for hopefully years on the air. It's a sight gag, not a story.
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— Johnny Galecki
To work a fell revenge a man's a fool, if not instructed in a woman's school.
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— John William Fletcher
The wicked will gnaw their tongues for anguish and pain; they will curse God and look upwards. There the dogs of hell, pride, malice, revenge, rage, horror, despair, continually devout them.
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— John Wesley
Convulsive anger storms at large; or paleAnd silent, settles into full revenge.
tags: anger revenge
— John Tillotson
Zeal is that pure and heavenly flame,The fire of love supplies ;While that which often bears the name,Is self in a disguise.True zeal is merciful and mild,Can pity and forbear ;The false is headstrong, fierce and wild,And breathes revenge and war.
tags: self revenge fire war
— John Newton
Anger is uneasiness or discomposure of the mind upon the receipt of any injury, with a present purpose of revenge
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— John Locke
Revenge proves itself to be its own executioner.
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— John Ford
Revenge proves it's own executioner.
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— John Ford
Suppose that by revenge you might destroy one enemy; yet, by exercising the Christian's temper you might conquer three"Œ""Œyour own lust, Satan's temptation, and your enemy's heart.
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— John Flavel
Those who write ill, and they who ne'er durst write,Turn critics out of mere revenge and spite.
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— John Dryden
Not sharp revenge, nor hell itself can find, A fiercer torment than a guilty mind, Which day and night doth dreadfully accuse, Condemns the wretch, and still the charge renews.
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— John Dryden
Revenge, revenge, Timotheus cries, See the Furies arise!
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— John Dryden
On more than one occasion David, in his urge to explore the darker corners of the bookshelves, had found himself wearing strands of spider silk in his face and hair, causing the web's creator to scuttle into a corner and crouch balefully, lost in thoughts of arachnoid revenge.
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— John Connolly
Some wars have been due to the lust of rulers for power and glory, or to revenge to wipe out the humiliation of a former defeat.
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— John Boyd Orr
I can't tell you what art does and how it does it, but I know that often art has judged the judges, pleaded revenge to the innocent and shown to the future what the past suffered, so that it has never been forgotten. Art, when it functions like this, becomes a meeting-place of the invisible, the irreducible, the enduring, guts, and honor.
tags: future past revenge honor
— John Berger