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    revenge Quotes

    No war can end war except a total war which leaves no human creature on earth. Each war creates the causes of war: hate, desire for revenge and have-nots, desperate with need.
    tags: desires hate human earth revenge war
    — Zelda Popkin
    No matter how many times people try to criticize you, the best revenge is to prove them wrong.
    tags: time people revenge wrong
    — Zayn Malik
    The terrorists want civil war. Al-Qaida is attacking Shiites. The Shiite militias are taking revenge on the Sunnis. And the Sunnis are become more extremist, with some joining al-Qaida.
    tags: revenge war
    — Zalmay Khalilzad
    Virtue is its own revenge.
    tags: revenge virtue
    — Yip Harburg
    In a country like Iraq with its culture of blood feuds - is that the more locals are killed, the more motivation there is for the insurgency, for the insurgents the more feelings of revenge there are, and in the end the more the operational security of the soldiers suffers, because any soldier who kills an infant today is grooming the killer of his mate tomorrow.
    tags: culture revenge blood tomorrow
    — Yaroslav Trofimov
    When you torture a person for long periods you might get a very passionate human rights defender but most probably you will get a beast whose only concern is to seek his revenge in the best way possible.
    tags: people human revenge right
    — Yanar Mohammed
    For the taking of revenge, a man locks himself up alone and thinks. His stomach must be empty for his head to be full. Vengeance comes a little from the heart and a lot from the mind; one must take oneself apart from the noise of men and of things, even from what resembles them; only the voices of bells and of thunder are allowed. Let the room in which you meditate be dark, narrow and warm.
    tags: men heart dark alone oneself revenge
    — Xavier Forneret
    A sort of war of revenge on the intellect is what, for some reason, thrives in the contemporary social atmosphereThe ideas of a time are like the clothes of a season: they are as arbitrary, as much imposed by some superior will which is seldom explicit. They are utilitarian and political, the instruments of smooth-running government.
    tags: time contemporary revenge government political war ideas
    — Wyndham Lewis
    If another girl ever steals your man, there's no better revenge than letting her keep him. REAL MEN CAN'T BE STOLEN.
    tags: men revenge girls real
    — Wiz Khalifa
    The joy of writing. The power of preserving. Revenge of a mortal hand.
    tags: power joy revenge writing
    — Wislawa Szymborska
    Hunger, revenge, to sleep are petty foes, But only death the jealous eyes can close.
    tags: death sleep revenge eyes hunger
    — William Wycherley
    Anger and the thirst of revenge are a kind of fever; fighting and lawsuits, bleeding,-at least, an evacuation. The latter occasions a dissipation of money; the former, of those fiery spirits which cause a preternatural fermentation.
    tags: anger revenge fighting occasion spirit
    — William Shenstone
    We mourn the blossoms of May because they are to whither; but we know that May is one day to have its revenge upon November, by the revolution of that solemn circle which never stops - which teaches us in our height of hope, ever to be sober, and in our depth of desolation, never to despair.
    tags: despair revenge revolution hope
    — William Peter Blatty
    It will be harder because they are going to want revenge, they need revenge.
    tags: revenge
    — William Gallas
    She once used me with that insolence, that in revenge I took her to pieces; sifted her, and separated her failings; I studied 'em, and got 'em by rote. The catalogue was so large, that I was not without hopes, one day or other to hate her heartily.
    tags: hate revenge hope
    — William Congreve
    History of Ireland-lawlessness and turbulency, robbery and oppression, hatred and revenge, blind selfishness everywhere-no principle, no heroism. What can be done with it?
    tags: selfishness revenge hatred oppression
    — William Allingham
    The pleasure of revenge is a fleeting emotion that is soon replaced by the affliction of conscience.
    tags: emotion revenge pleasure conscience
    — Wes Fesler
    I did have the resource of having taught Greek mythology and the history of Western civilization, and you can go back into the plays of Aeschylus and follow what happens when people seek revenge, and there are people plucking their eyes out. And Greek mythology is filled with all kinds of monsters and whatnot.
    tags: people revenge eyes civilization mythology
    — Wes Craven
    Everything that's love can't be fear, and everything that's fear can't be love. You're either in one or the other. Almost every time you turn on the television set, you're in fear. You get aligned with fear. When you're aligned with fear, instead of with God-consciousness, you just keep attracting more fear-more stuff to be afraid of, more shortages, revenge, anger, wars, killing, and disease.
    tags: fear time anger revenge war afraid
    — Wayne Dyer
    Revenge, the sweetest morsel to the mouth that ever was cooked in hell.
    tags: hell revenge
    — Walter Scott
    Revenge is the most destructive emotion. Know that retribution against someone who has hurt you will not neutralise the bitterness of your pain. It will eat away at your very being. Be positive and remember the past cannot be changed.
    tags: pain past hurt emotion revenge positive
    — Walter Mikac
    There's a tricky tone where you try to get some humor into a movie that's also a tough tale of murder and revenge. You have to ice skate rather carefully between the humor and the action tension part of the drama.
    tags: humor action murder revenge drama movie
    — Walter Hill
    When a player keeps a calm demeanor on the court, it's easier for his ability to shine. The best response to an opposing player's physical or psychological tactics is to keep cool and come right back at him with the force of your game, not your fists. Revenge is always sweeter if your team wins the game.
    tags: revenge right games
    — Walt Frazier
    The wind,Tempestuous clarion, with heavy cry,Came bluntly thundering, more terribleThan the revenge of music on bassoons.
    tags: revenge music
    — Wallace Stevens
    It has been said that the sin of ingratitude is more serious than the sin of revenge. With revenge, we return evil for evil, but with ingratitude, we return evil for good.
    tags: evil revenge sin
    — W. Eugene Hansen
    Revenge is like a ghost... It takes over every man it touches... Its thirst cannot be quenched... Until the last man standing has fallen.
    tags: men revenge ghost
    — Vladimir Makarov
    There is one thing that I feel I still have to do and that is gain revenge over Lennox Lewis. If Lewis came back I would find the motivation to return to boxing and beat him.
    tags: revenge
    — Vitali Klitschko
    If revenge motivates you, go for it! But the main thing is to set your game in order.
    tags: revenge games
    — Viswanathan Anand
    There is no hate such as that born out of love betrayed- and my brain screamed out for revenge.
    tags: hate revenge brain
    — Virginia C. Andrews
    ... and still I stayed to plan all my revenge, my vengeance against those who had turned me from good to evil, and made of me what I was going to be from this day forward.
    tags: evil revenge
    — Virginia C. Andrews
    If a person's mind is controlled by forces of revenge and jealousy, it cannot express love & sympathy. And even if they show love and sympathy to others it will yield no good result. The thought will not be reflected in love but in hate.
    tags: thoughts hate revenge jealousy mind
    — Virchand Gandhi
    I don't play monsters. I play men besieged by fate and out for revenge.
    tags: fate men revenge
    — Vincent Price
    Revenge is more wild, less calculated...deeply personal. Retribution is a punishment that is morally right and fully deserved. (Mitch Rapp)
    tags: personal revenge right wild punishment
    — Vince Flynn
    It would be flattering to call it a modern Dirty Harry, but I think this film deals more with the loss of his wife than the traditional revenge vigilante films.
    tags: loss revenge film wife
    — Vin Diesel
    Do not handicap yourself with the idea of revenge, for the trend of things will revenge your wrong not only upon the individuals responsible for your persecution, but on the society that has permitted this lawlessness.
    tags: society revenge wrong ideas
    — Vidkun Quisling
    All his life he had lived by the law. Often his job had been to stop acts of revenge....And now revenge was all that life had left for him.
    tags: law revenge job
    — Vernor Vinge
    One false idea is that anyone can hurt you. Events can ruin your reputation, take your money, mistreat you, revenge itself upon you, deceive, betray, abandon you, but cannot hurt you.
    tags: hurt revenge ideas money
    — Vernon Howard
    Success is the sweetest revenge.
    tags: revenge success
    — Vanessa L. Williams
    Our revenge is to live. We may be hunted like animals but we will not become animals. We have all chosen this - to live free, like human beings, for as long as we can. Each day of freedom is a victory. And if we die trying to live, at least we die like human beings.
    tags: animals freedom live human revenge victory die
    — Tuvia Bielski
    Since I only got one life to ive, God forgive me for my sins, let me make it and i'll never steal again, or deal again, my only friend is my misery. Wantin revenge for the agony they did to me.
    tags: friends revenge misery god sin
    — Tupac Shakur
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