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    renew Quotes

    Sometimes what I'm looking for is the thing that will help renew people's interest in a writer that they may have written off as not their kind of writer.
    — John D'Agata
    tags: help  renew 
    To work hard. To open new doors for our kids, for our grandkids. To renew our spirit. That's what America is about.
    — Joe Kyrillos
    tags: work  renew  america  spirit  kids 
    Dozens of America's wealthiest taxpayers - including hedge fund legend Michael Steinhardt, super trial lawyer Guy Saperstein, and Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's fame - have appealed to President Obama not to renew the Bush tax cuts for anyone earning more than $1 million a year.
    — Joe Conason
    tags: fame  renew  america  tax  year 
    You may be reborn a thousand times, but you can never know the real, for only that which dies, that which comes to an end, can renew itself.
    — Jiddu Krishnamurti
    tags: time  real  die  renew 
    Sometimes I think marriage licenses should be like driver's licenses. They expire after a number of years, and in order to keep going you have to renew. Wouldn't that be kind of genius? It would force you both to look at the relationship, and if it's not working, the marriage would expire so you could go on your merry way, or on the positive side of it, you could look at each other and say we really want to renew. What a way to keep it fresh!!
    — Jenny McCarthy
    Stay in the race. Keep running. Keep walking. Keep praying. The Lord will renew your strength.
    — Jeffrey R. Holland
    tags: renew  running  strength  race 
    Now is the time when we must renew ourselves and live as if we and all of life is sacred, and as if everything we do makes a difference.
    — Jean Houston
    tags: time  live  renew  sacred 
    There is an opportunity for us to renew ourselves. There's an opportunity for us to leave the past behind and present something different for the future.
    — Jay Weatherill
    The universe forgives those who give until their hearts are aching and their spirits weak, and finds a way to renew all strength and cure all ills, in this world or the next, if a soul can just have faith.
    — Janet Morris
    You never want to look in a mirror," Lula said. "Men love mirrors. They look at themselves doing the deed and they see Rex the Wonder Horse. Women look at themselves and think they need to renew their membership at the gym.
    — Janet Evanovich
    tags: women  wonder  renew 
    Out of man's mind in free play comes the creation Science. It renews itself, like the generations, thanks to an activity which is the best game of homo ludens: science is in the strictest and best sense a glorious entertainment.
    — Jacques Barzun
    tags: creation  renew  mind  games 
    Some people imagine that by returning to tradition, you will renew it. This is not true, for by returning to tradition, you renew nothing. But by setting out from it and adding to it, you renew its power, because only by addition can you prepare the future path for the living sap within it.
    — Jabra Ibrahim Jabra
    tags: people  power  living  future  true  renew  path  imagine 
    We could say, then, that man is an instrument the world employs to renew its own image constantly.
    — Italo Calvino
    tags: men  world  renew 
    The old need the company of the young so that they renew their contact with life.
    — Indira Gandhi
    tags: young  renew  company 
    Verily, I constantly renew my Islam until this very day, as up to now, I do not consider myself to have ever been a good Muslim.
    — Ibn Taymiyyah
    tags: renew 
    I know of nothing more useful to you than four matters: surrender to Allah, to humbly entreat Him, to think the best of Him, and to perpetually renew your repentance to Him, even if you should repeat as in seventy times in a day.
    — Ibn Ata Allah
    tags: time  renew 
    To make a covenant with the Lord to always keep His commandments is a serious obligation, and to renew that covenant by partaking of the sacrament is equally serious. The solemn moments of thought while the sacrament is being served have great significance. They are moments of self-examination, introspection, self-discernment...a time to reflect and to resolve.
    — Howard W. Hunter
    tags: time  thoughts  moment  renew 
    God the Father has reconciled His created but fallen world through the death of His Son, and renews it into a Kingdom of God by His Spirit.
    — Herman Bavinck
    tags: death  world  renew  god  spirit  father  son 
    Indeed, when God's glory dwells in me, there is nothing too far away, nothing too painful, nothing too strange or too familiar that it cannot contain and renew by its touch. Every time I recognize the glory of God in me and give it space to manifest itself to me, all that is human can be brought there and nothing will be the same again.
    — Henri Nouwen
    tags: time  human  space  renew  god 
    If the portraits of our absent friends are pleasant to us, which renew our memory of them and relieve our regret for their absence by a false and empty consolation, how much more pleasant are letters which bring us the written characters of the absent friend.
    — Heloise
    The spirit of tanka interests me more than following rigid conventions. As I understand it, the tradition allows a variety of approaches, from simple description and heartfelt expression to classical allusion and evocative wordplay. Succeeding generations rediscover and renew the form so that it retains its vitality.
    — Harryette Mullen
    tags: renew  spirit 
    At this time, we should renew our faith in God. We celebrate the hour in which God came to man. It is fitting that we should turn to Him. . . But there are many others who are away from their homes and their loved ones on this day. Thousands of our boys are on the cold and dreary battlefield of Korea. But all of us, at home, at war, wherever we may be, are within reach of God's love and power. We can all pray. We should all pray.
    — Harry S. Truman
    tags: time  men  power  renew  boys  god  faith  pray  war 
    In general, I agree with Jacob Grimm and feel that we ought to permit changes and uncontrolled growth in language. Even though that also allows potentially threatening new words to develop, language needs the chance to constantly renew itself.
    — Gunter Grass
    tags: chance  growth  language  renew 
    I've worked with Sourav and I enjoy his company. I found him to be likeable and a very nice fellow. It will be good to renew the acquaintance.
    — Greg Chappell
    tags: renew  company 
    Kissed mouth don't lose its fortune, on the contrary it renews itself just as the moon does.
    — Giovanni Boccaccio
    tags: renew  moon 
    By recollecting the pleasures I have had formerly, I renew them, I enjoy them a second time, while I laugh at the remembrance of troubles now past, and which I no longer feel.
    — Giacomo Casanova
    tags: time  past  pleasure  renew 
    The Patriot Act has increased the flow of information within our government and it has helped break up terrorist cells in the United States of America. And the United States Congress was right to renew the terrorist act - the Patriot Act.
    — George W. Bush
    Still, accomplishment is unreliable. "Succeeding," whatever that might mean to you, is hard, and the need to do so constantly renews itself (success is like a mountain that keeps growing ahead of you as you hike it), and there's the very real danger that "succeeding" will take up your whole life, while the big questions go untended.
    — George Saunders
    tags: questions  danger  real  renew 
    Institutions may crumble and governments fall, but it is only that they may renew a better youth, and mount upwards like the eagle.
    — George Bancroft
    tags: youth  renew  government 
    The music of a marathon is a powerful strain, one of those tunes of glory. It asks us to forsake pleasures, to discipline the body, to find courage, to renew faith and to become one's own person, utterly and completely.
    — George A. Sheehan
    As for a fashion designer, you have those very precise deadlines to keep so you have to renew yourself constantly every three or six months. When you think about it, it's so intense.
    — Gaspard Ulliel
    We owe to democracy, at least in part, the regime of discussion with which we live; we owe it to the principal modern liberties: those of thought, press and association. And the regime of free discussion is the only one which permits the ruling class to renew itself... which eliminates that class quasi-automatically when it no longer corresponds to the interests of the country.
    — Gaetano Mosca
    There is a vortex of energy at the bottom of Walden Pond. That's where the inter-dimensional opening is. As people swim in Old Walden Pond, it soothes them, it renews them. It's a little bit like the pool in Cocoon - I suppose, any power spot is.
    — Frederick Lenz
    tags: people  power  energy  renew 
    You need to feel good about your life. Winning is a great idea, but you can get stuck in it too. It's just another way of looking at life, an idea. You need to renew yourself and your spirit.
    — Frederick Lenz
    tags: winning  renew  spirit  ideas 
    If art is to flourish in the twenty-first century, it must renew its moral authority by rededicating itself to life. It must be an enriching, ennobling and vital partner in the public pursuit of civilization. It should be a majestic presence in everyday life just as it was in the past.
    — Frederick Hart
    Every night when I go to bed, I hope that I may never wake again, and every morning renews my grief.
    — Franz Schubert
    tags: grief  night  renew  hope 
    (Milosevic's passing) should not keep us from our efforts to provide peace and stability in the Balkans; on the contrary, it should renew them.
    — Frank-Walter Steinmeier
    tags: peace  renew 
    I try to renew and create something new every time.
    — Franca Sozzani
    tags: time  renew 
    Pray to God that He might create is us a clean heart and renew a right spirit within us.
    — Felix Mendelssohn
    tags: heart  right  renew  god  pray  spirit 
    Literature is the supreme means by which you renew your sensuous and emotional life and learn a new awareness.
    — F. R. Leavis
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