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    renew Quotes

    Karma is like the vine that gathers strength through uninterrupted years, and which fastens its tendrils so closely that it is as strong as the structure to which it adheres. There is no way to destroy its power except by the separation of the parts, these parts renew themselves in other forms of life, but the structure is freed when its root is destroyed.
    — William Quan Judge
    tags: power  strong  renew  karma  strength  year 
    All our salvation consists in the manifestation of the nature, life and spirit of Jesus Christ in our inward new man. This alone is Christian redemption, this alone delivers from the guilt and power of sin, this alone redeems and renews.
    — William Law
    We can't renew America unless more of us, I mean all of us, are willing to join churches.
    — William J. Clinton
    tags: renew  church  america 
    When we give what we can, and give it with joy, we don't just renew the American tradition of giving, we also renew ourselves.
    — William J. Clinton
    tags: joy  giving  renew  american 
    The sea has been called deceitful and treacherous, but there lies in this trait only the character of a great natural power, which, to speak according to our own feelings, renews its strength, and, without reference to joy or sorrow, follows eternal laws which are imposed by a higher Power.
    — Wilhelm von Humboldt
    tags: character  power  joy  lies  sorrow  law  renew  strength 
    If you perform your part, God will fulfill His. And once you put off specifically, you should just as thoroughly believe that God will renew your mind, despite the fact you know not how.
    — Watchman Nee
    tags: believe  facts  renew  god  mind 
    God aims first to renew man's darkened spirit by imparting life to it, because it is this spirit which God originally designed to receive His life and to commune with Him. God's intent after that is to work out from the spirit to permeate man's soul and body.
    — Watchman Nee
    tags: work  soul  body  renew  god  spirit 
    Whenever you find yourself hurrying, call a halt; fix your attention on the mental image of the thing you want, and being to give thanks that you are getting it. The exercise of GRATITUDE will never fail to strengthen your faith and renew your purpose
    — Wallace D. Wattles
    The exercise of gratitude will never fail to strengthen your faith and renew your purpose.
    — Wallace D. Wattles
    There is nothing like a newborn baby to renew your spirit - and to buttress your resolve to make the world a better place.
    — Virginia Clinton Kelley
    tags: world  renew  spirit 
    The plants we've chosen will collect and cycle Earth's minerals, water, and air; shade the soil and renew it with leafy mulch; and yield fruits and greens for people and wildlife.
    — Toby Hemenway
    tags: people  earth  renew  water 
    The purpose of Jesus's coming is to put the whole world right, to renew and restore the creation, not to escape it.
    — Timothy Keller
    tags: world  creation  right  renew 
    Tis a little thing To give a cup of water; yet its draught of cool refreshment, drain'd by fever'd lips, May give a shock of pleasure to the frame More exquisite than when nectarean juice Renews the life of joy in happiest hours.
    — Thomas Noon Talfourd
    tags: joy  pleasure  renew 
    Children are 25 percent of the population but 100 percent of the future. If we wish to renew society, we must raise up a generation of children who have strong moral character. And if we wish to do that, we have two responsibilities: first, to model good character in our own lives, and second, to intentionally foster character development in our young.
    — Thomas Lickona
    Lent is a time to renew wherever we are in that process that I call the divine therapy. It's a time to look what our instinctual needs are, look at what the dynamics of our unconscious are.
    — Thomas Keating
    tags: time  process  divine  renew 
    The past can be used to renew the present, not just to bury it.
    — Terry Eagleton
    tags: past  present  renew 
    When Bangladesh refused to renew my passport, I used U.N. travel documents. You can't disown your country.
    — Taslima Nasrin
    tags: travel  renew 
    They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, shall be healed, delivered and set free. Be set free, in the name of Jesus Christ!
    — T. B. Joshua
    tags: renew  jesus  strength 
    God's Word refreshes our mind and God's Spirit renews our strength.
    — T. B. Joshua
    tags: renew  god  mind  strength  spirit 
    We need quiet time to examine our lives openly and honestly - spending quiet time alone gives your mind an opportunity to renew itself and create order.
    — Susan L. Taylor
    OK, so this pack - tax package includes about 50 tax breaks. None of them are new. They were all existing tax breaks. What this did was make them permanent. It gives some certainty for people when they're filing taxes that they don't have to wonder if Congress is going to renew them year after year.
    — Susan Davis
    tags: people  wonder  renew  tax  congress  year 
    Yesterday's success formula is often today's obsolete dogma ... We must continually challenge the past so that we can renew ourselves each day.
    — Sumantra Ghoshal
    tags: past  challenge  renew  success 
    If you have ever felt hopeless hang on The night you're enduring may seem long but there is joy coming in the morning. Incredible changes are going to take place in your life as you begin to relinquish your past and renew your present.
    — Sue Augustine
    tags: joy  past  present  night  renew 
    I must follow my Lord. No matter what. I must renew my allegiance every morning. It is His voice I must listen to, not the voices of those around me, however strident, however persuasive. It is His Word that must govern my life, not the words of others. God Himself has written a Book (think of it!) that must be the authority in my life.
    — Stu Weber
    tags: renew  authority  god  book 
    Today, we are tabling a motion seeking the support of the House for the Government's decision to renew our military mission against ISIL for up to an additional 12 months. Our objectives remain the same: we intend to continue to degrade the capabilities of ISIL, that is, to degrade its ability to engage in military movements of scale, to operate bases in the open, to expand its presence in the region, and to propagate attacks outside the region.
    — Stephen Harper
    Frequently renew settled and holy resolutions. A soldier unresolved to fight may be easily defeated...The weakness of our graces, the strength of our temptations, and the diligence of our spiritual enemies, require strong resolutions.
    — Stephen Charnock
    For a seeker, Guru Purnima is a day of significance, is a day of New Year. It is the day to review one's progress on the spiritual path and renew one's determination and focus on the goal, and to resolve what one wants to do in the coming year
    — Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
    Every day you have to renew your commitment. Some of the strategies should become habitual over time and not a huge effort.
    — Sonja Lyubomirsky
    Every generation renews itself in its own way; there's always a reaction against whatever is standard.
    — Sol LeWitt
    tags: renew  standard 
    Social media demands a lot of us on top of our already demanding lives. So let's disconnect as we need to and renew our interest and ourselves.
    — Simon Mainwaring
    tags: live  renew  media 
    Every dawn renews the Beginning, and to behold the earth struggling out of the formless void, out of the night, is to witness the act of creation.
    — Sholem Asch
    tags: creation  earth  night  renew 
    This is what holidays, travels, vacations are about. It is not really rest or even leisure we chase. We strain to renew our capacity for wonder to shock ourselves into astonishment once again.
    — Shana Alexander
    tags: travel  wonder  renew  leisure 
    I attended [Sir Humphry] Davy's lectures to renew my stock of metaphors.
    — Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    tags: metaphor  renew  stock 
    He that can swim needs not despair to fly; to swim is to fly in a grosser fluid, and to fly is to swim in a subtler. We are only to proportion our power of resistance to the different density of matter through which we are to pass. You will be necessarily upborne by the air if you can renew any impulse upon it faster than the air can recede from the pressure.
    — Samuel Johnson
    tags: power  despair  renew 
    Democrats believe we should renew our commitment to creating tax credits for hybrid vehicles, increasing fuel efficiency standards for cars, and investing in ethanol, biofuel, hydrogen fuel cell technology.
    — Rosa DeLauro
    If there is one place on the face of the earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India. For more than 30 centuries, the tree of vision, with all its thousand branches and their millions of twigs, has sprung from this torrid land, the burning womb of the Gods. It renews itself tirelessly showing no signs of decay.
    — Romain Rolland
    tags: men  living  existence  earth  renew  god  india  vision  dreams 
    One of the first items of Congressional business in 2006 will be an effort to renew the USA Patriot Act.
    — Roger Wicker
    tags: renew  business  patriot 
    The happy individual is able to renew daily and with full consciousness all the basic expressions of human identity: work, love, communication, play, and rest.
    — Robert Grudin
    Her lips are roses over-washed with dew, Or like the purple of Narcissus' flower; No frost their fair, no wind doth waste their power, But by her breath her beauties to renew.
    — Robert Greene
    tags: beauty  power  renew 
    What is it that we all believe in that we cannot see or hear or feel or taste or smell - this invisible thing that heals all sorrows, reveals all lies and renews all hope? What is it that has always been and always will be, from whose bosom we all came and to which we will all return? Most call it Time. A few realize that it is God.
    — Robert Brault
    tags: time  believe  lies  sorrow  renew  god 
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