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    reading Quotes

    After many years of thinking, reading and writing and looking, I came to believe that there are two basic, essential values which are indispensable for humane, decent, dignified life: one is freedom, and the other is security.
    — Zygmunt Bauman
    I'm a little bit of a weirdo - I'm kind of a loner, I didn't go to college, I spend a lot of my time reading. I've been working since I was 17, so that's sort of been my life.
    — Zosia Mamet
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    I haven't found it to be particularly enjoyable... ninety percent of the time when I go on dates, I'm thinking, 'I could be reading my book instead.'
    — Zosia Mamet
    tags: time  thinking  reading  book 
    To teach a child an instrument without first giving him preparatory training and without developing singing, reading and dictating to the highest level along with the playing is to build upon sand.
    — Zoltan Kodaly
    It's very rare that you get a part that you actually like. People have a misconception, whether it be because actors lie or because you're reading interviews from giantly, massively famous actors, but you don't just get offered parts, all the time. You actually have to work to get them.
    — Zoey Deutch
    tags: time  people  work  lies  reading 
    I have lots of passions - gardens, art, music and reading. I have eclectic taste and read a huge variety of books.
    — Zoe Wanamaker
    tags: music  reading  book  read  passion  garden 
    As actors you have this trait to imitate very easily. I don't want to imitate anything or limit myself of finding this creature, this woman because I'm looking at magazines and I'm reading comics, and I'm asking people that are avid readers of The Guardians.
    — Zoe Saldana
    tags: people  women  reading 
    I think the written word is my first love. I was just a very imagination - centered child and a big part of that imaginary life came from reading.
    — Zoe Kazan
    It's fun for me to be with someone who loves reading as much as I do, because he'll give me things to read that I wouldn't normally seek out, and I think vice versa.
    — Zoe Kazan
    tags: hell  fun  reading  read 
    It's such a wonderful feeling to watch a child discover that reading is a marvelous adventure rather than a chore.
    — Zilpha Keatley Snyder
    I'm a big reader. My kids love reading, and I think it's important, not just for development but for bonding. You start reading to kids before they can even understand what you're saying to them, so I look at it as a fundamental tool for connection.
    — Ziggy Marley
    Novels need readers of a certain kind, people who are patient and enjoy immersing themselves in another perspective for uninterrupted stretches of time. Reading habits might well be changing. People who pay for novels might overlap significantly with those who engage in Twitter and Facebook.
    — Zia Haider Rahman
    Until I reached my late teens, there was not enough money for luxuries - a holiday, a car, or a computer. I learned how to program a computer, in fact, by reading a book. I used to write down programs in a notebook and a few years later when we were able to buy a computer, I typed in my programs to see if they worked. They did. I was lucky.
    — Zia Haider Rahman
    tags: facts  teen  reading  book  write  money  computer  year 
    People are like almanacs, Bonnie - you never can find the information you're looking for, but the casual reading is well worth the trouble.
    — Zelda Fitzgerald
    tags: people  reading  worth 
    I confess that reading proofs is a pleasure. It stimulates and inspires me.
    — Zane Grey
    I'd say the purest experience for the movie is not to have read the book because I think when you've read the book you're just ticking off boxes. I think that after you see the movie, reading the book is a cool thing. I always say the movie's not meant to replace the book. That's ridiculous. I'm a huge fan of the book.
    — Zack Snyder
    tags: experience  movie  reading  book  read 
    Natalie Lyalin is writing some of the best poems in the world. There is an evil in her gorgeous poem-hearts. She must have sold her heart to the devil to write like this-so beautiful, so funny and so strange. Her images stack and stack down the page without spilling, each line such a bombshell you'll start reading backward to the first line. These poems are like babies-they will pop out of trees.
    — Zachary Schomburg
    If it was a biopic about Glenn Greenwald, I would have immersed myself more fully in his personal life and gotten to know him as much as I could, but because it was much more about his relationship to this particular situation, to The Guardian, to Laura Poitras, and to Ewen MacAskill, and Edward Snowden, I was able to really learn a lot about him from reading his book and reading his many articles and accounts of that time.
    — Zachary Quinto
    I love reading about all of the breakthroughs and all of the new tech, even just the little household things that are coming on the market. I've always been nerdy about that.
    — Zachary Levi
    tags: reading 
    Do you remember that kid that had sex with his high school teacher? I was reading online that he died today. He died from hi-fiveing.
    — Zach Galifianakis
    tags: sex  school  reading  kids 
    When I took drum lessons as a kid the teacher would always ask me if I practiced, and I'd be like 'nope' and he'd be like: "Well you're not going to be able to play the beat." So I would ask him to show me, and he'd show me and I'd be able to hear it and play it, so I've always not really been good at reading things.
    — Zac Farro
    tags: lessons  reading  kids 
    Even though poetry was written for the 'minds ear' as well as the physical ear, the minds ear can be trained only by the other ... which comes back to reading poetry aloud.
    — Yvor Winters
    tags: mind  reading  poetry 
    I decided I don't want to go for the top job now. I could be working for another 25 years and I'd like to be reading bedtime stories to my children for another two or three years.
    — Yvette Cooper
    tags: children  job  child  reading  stories  year 
    In my own research, teaching and consulting experience I have to combine lessons from the field in a relatively inductive and open fashion with theoretical frameworks and conceptual arguments. The skills to deal with theory and conceptualization are a direct result of my formal education - reading, learning and conversations with other PhD students.
    — Yves Doz
    I wish I had time to do more reading, but I just haven't had much time. But I still find time for writing. I've always preferred writing over reading, even though those things do go hand in hand. But when I do have time, even if it's not writing music, just writing in general - ideas and stories and things like that.
    — Youth Lagoon
    A man is like a novel: until the very last page you don't know how it will end. Otherwise it wouldn't be worth reading.
    — Yevgeny Zamyatin
    tags: men  reading  worth 
    I feel that for years of teaching in the country and reading criticism in books, I feel like the things most needed in our culture are the understanding of the meanings of our music. We haven't done that good of job teaching our kids what our music means or how we developed our taste in music that reminds us and teaches us who we are.
    — Wynton Marsalis
    I have always loved the process of making the music, reading the letters from the fans who get married to my music, have children to my music and play my music at their funerals.
    — Wynonna Judd
    I am interested not in individual readings, but in constructing networks of images and meanings capable of reflecting the complexity of the subject.
    — Wolfgang Tillmans
    tags: meaning  reading 
    After reading a paper by a young theoretical scientist, Pauli, shaking his head sadly, commented:That is not even wrong.
    — Wolfgang Pauli
    Two hours on television just doesn't automatically happen. I'm up early, I'm reading newspapers online, talking to my staff, coming up with ideas.
    — Wolf Blitzer
    tags: reading  ideas 
    The very function of creativity, of the elaboration of the human condition only enlarges the human spirit and, I mean, as a writer I don't want to read political literature all the time. It would be terribly boring and, you know, abrasive, but just reading the insights, you know, partaking of the insights of a writer into phenomena, into society, into human relationships, both on a micro level and on a macro level, is already a function.
    — Wole Soyinka
    In European and American society, many pundits started to lament the death of literature; looking at youth who were getting more and more attracted to sitcoms - hard, adventure films and said, our children are no longer reading, or else they're reading cartoons.
    — Wole Soyinka
    My horizon on humanity is enlarged by reading the writers of poems, seeing a painting, listening to some music, some opera, which has nothing at all to do with a volatile human condition or struggle or whatever. It enriches me as a human being.
    — Wole Soyinka
    In Soviet times the border was closed so we couldn't get out of the country, and I had been reading Robinson Crusoe. I wanted to see the ocean, I wanted to see boats, I wanted to see black people, because we didn't have that in the Soviet Union. I was all excited by that stuff.
    — Wladimir Klitschko
    tags: time  people  ocean  reading  black 
    I am reading Sienkiewicz. What tormenting reading. What a powerful genius! And there never was such a first-rate writer of the second-rate class.
    — Witold Gombrowicz
    tags: powerful  reading 
    I'm old-fashioned and think that reading books is the most glorious pastime that humankind has yet devised.
    — Wislawa Szymborska
    tags: reading  book 
    I had this big complex because I didn't go to college. There was a whole era where I got linked to everybody. People that I had never met. I was like, "How? I'm home alone reading chapter 12 of a book."
    — Winona Ryder
    I remember that even my first impression of Italian cinema was pictures by paparazzi because my mom was reading all of these trash magazines with paparazzo pictures.
    — Wim Wenders
    tags: reading 
    Even during my career, when I read all those great things about me, it's almost like I was reading about someone else. It's almost like there was another person.
    — Willie McCovey
    tags: people  career  reading  read 
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