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Whether you're the wedding cake baker or the gay couple or the Baptist preacher, radical Islam would kill you all if they could.
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— Lindsey Graham
I think our nation's at war with radical Islam. The primary goal of these groups is to attack our nation. Washington's a prime target.
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— Lindsey Graham
I think the American people pretty well understand that radical Islam has an agenda that includes us.
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— Lindsey Graham
I think most Americans understand that radical Islam can't be compromised with or appeased. And the only way we can be safe is to form partnerships over there that will protect us over here.
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— Lindsey Graham
The worst nightmare in the world is a radical Islamic regime with a weapon of mass destruction.
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— Lindsey Graham
In my view, Democrats and Republicans work together too little, and I would try to change that if I got to be president. And when it came to radical Islam, I would go after them before they come back here again.
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— Lindsey Graham
I think the biggest reason otherwise radical people don't want to face the necessity of ending industrial civilization is privilege. We're the ones reaping the benefits. We've sold out the rest of life on earth for convenience, creature comforts, and cheap consumer goods, and it's appalling. I'm sickened by this bargain.
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— Lierre Keith
Certainly I'm participating in an already established and awesome tradition, but it's a tradition that sort of shoots up and through the mainstream in short bursts and pulses and then gets diluted. Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson shot up and then got sucked back down underground under more entertaining and less radical versions of body and self - poetry and prose that posited bodies in more perfect union with good citizenship.
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— Lidia Yuknavitch
As far as a truly radical conscience, you have to take it as part of a larger thing, that it was sort of historical inevitability that with the coming of a leaguer society people would start to use drugs a lot more then they had before.
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— Lester Bangs
A real sacrifice involves a radical change in the character of a game which cannot be effected without foresight, fantasy, and the willingness to risk.
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— Leonid Shamkovich
We've been given this gift, our planet, and we've found no other place in the universe that we can inhabit. I want to do something to create radical change to help save it. It's our responsibility.
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— Leonardo DiCaprio
Even experimental composers, revolutionary composers, self-styled radicals are, in writing revolutionary music, recognizing the music that preceded them precisely by trying to avoid it.
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— Leonard Bernstein
All buildings, large or small, public or private, have a public face, a facade; they therefore, without exception, have a positive or negative effect on the quality of the public realm, enriching or impoverishing it in a lasting and radical manner. The architecture of the city and public space is a matter of common concern to the same degree as laws and language-they are the foundation of civility and civilisation.
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— Leon Krier
I thought I was really a radical, political person, which of course I am not.
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— Lena Dunham
I'm noticing an exciting trend around the country: a resurgence of interest in Christian apologetics (the defense of the faith). This is a reaction to the current attacks on the essentials of Christianity that are coming from militant atheists, radical professors, and Internet gadflies.
— Lee Strobel
To me the notion that Palestinians are actually Jews is, I think, quite revelatory and very radical and a possible bridge that has been ignored, I think, in this entire controversy and there's ample evidence to support it.
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— Lawrence Wright
There's a radical change in the relationship with the human being and society. Art now is an open conversation with the society. Previously there was a necessity for a little bit of screaming and shouting just to get it into the conversation.
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— Lawrence Weiner
I honestly feel, that difficult periods can be used as a means for radical rethinking and reconnection with some of the fundamental qualities that have made human societies and communities worthwhile and valuable. We all just need to strive towards these new ways of being.
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— Lawrence English
I teach a graduate photo seminar at Yale, and I sometimes feel so overwhelmed by the task the students set before themselves to be artists, because - it seems so quaint, but when I picked up a camera with a group of other women, I'm not gonna say it was a radical act, but we were certainly doing it in some sort of defiance of, or reaction to, a male-dominated world of painting.
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— Laurie Simmons
Writing, for me, has to do with liberty of mind. The liberty to intuit, assess, be surprised, even to be ashamed and reconsider. To feel the integrity and generosity of words, but also their disruptive violence and volatility. To even begin to do them justice requires a radical letting go and stringent attention. I was interested in following that impulse toward liberty.
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— Laurie Sheck
I think it's radical to censor information because the government asks you to. That's radical.
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— Laura Poitras
I grew up in a culturally radical home, where strong emotions were forbidden.
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— Lars von Trier
What does impress both the unsaved and saved alike are those rare individuals who have learned to control their lifestyles and use the abundance they have to help others and spread God's Word. ... Let me propose a radical idea from God's Word: Determine God's best for your life, and be satisfied with it, even if it means moving down in lifestyle.
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— Larry Burkett
Life didn't just happen to them. They experienced life at a deeper level than I had ever experienced it. I had been a radical, a left-wing politico, and meeting the Indian people made me realize that the politics of the left and the right were so much less important than the politics of the heart and the spirit.
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— Larry Brilliant
The time draws near, when a radical change must take place for the whole world in the management of diplomacy.
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— Lajos Kossuth
I'm as radical as libertarians come.
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— L. Neil Smith
Bernie Sanders says that the biggest banks that dominate the economy should be broken up into smaller banks. This would be far more radical than Hillary Clinton's proposals to regulate Wall Street.
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— Kshama Sawant
When the New Deal programs were passed in the mid 1930s, millions of workers were joining unions, striking, and occupying factories to fight for a better life. It was this radical labor movement that forced the establishment to make concessions.
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— Kshama Sawant
What Bernie Sanders is calling for is incredibly important. Things like a $15/hour minimum wage, single-payer healthcare, taxing the rich, and free education. The radical reforms he has popularized are a key part of any socialist program today.
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— Kshama Sawant
Big Oil, Wall Street and big business as a whole - they stand in the way of the kinds of change needed. They are fiercely against the radical reforms Bernie Sanders is popularizing.
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— Kshama Sawant
The intersection of spiritual, dark music and radical ecology is quite natural.
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— Kristoffer Rygg
I've been a radical for a long time. I guess it's too bad. I'd be more marketable as a right-wing redneck.
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— Kris Kristofferson
In retrospect, it's ridiculous that anyone saw me as a fashion icon, since all I was trying to do was to dumb down my middle-class look by messing with my hair. Throughout the eighties I was invariably half-sure and half-confident about whatever it was I wore"Still, I've always believed-still do-that the radical is far more interesting when it looks benign and ordinary on the outside.
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— Kim Gordon
[Ronald]Reagan and[George W.] Bush were far more radical than other presidents.
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— Kevin Drum
Because having your story told, as a woman, as a person of color, as a lesbian or as a trans person, or as any member of any disenfranchised community... is sadly often still a radical idea. There is so much power in storytelling and there is enormous power in inclusive storytelling and inclusive representations .
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— Kerry Washington
Those who have chosen the path of least resistance in life, who cannot bear to bring themselves to make a stern value-judgment in criticism of their own most intimate feelings, achieve what they deserve: not self-understanding but radical self-superficialization, not a discovered but a self-ascribed identity that explains nothing, reveals nothing, means nothing, and ultimately accomplishes nothing culturally or intellectually.
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— Kenny Smith
America and its allies are engaged in a war against a terrorist movement that spans all corners of the globe. It is sparked by radical ideologues that breed hatred, oppression, and violence against all of their declared enemies.
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— Kenny Marchant
Energetic action on debt would make a radical difference to the prospects of many of the poorest countries in the world, at no practical cost to creditor countries.
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— Kenneth Clarke
In fact, at this point in history, the most radical, pervasive, and earth-shaking transformation would occur simply if everybody truly evolved to a mature, rational, and responsible ego, capable of freely participating in the open exchange of mutual self-esteem. There is the 'edge of history.' There would be a real New Age.
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— Ken Wilber
There needs to be radical development in equality law to create the environment to allow women to stay in work.
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— Ken Livingstone