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Quite often, lyrics get misunderstood - and I never mind that. I guess what all artists want is for their work to touch someone or for it to bethought provoking.
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— Kate Bush
I don't like films giving me answers. I like films that are provoking me, that are making me feel not only being in an easy place.
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— Juliette Binoche
I want to show people as they are, not glorified, no shame - fat, bulges, wrinkles and all. I want the work to be disturbing, unsettling, provocative, challenging, and thought provoking.
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— Judy Dater
The legal system is designed to protect men from the superior power of the state but not to protect women or children from the superior power of men. It therefore provides strong guarantees for the rights of the accused but essentially no guarantees for the rights of the victim. If one set out by design to devise a system for provoking intrusive post-traumatic symptoms, one could not do better than a court of law.
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— Judith Lewis Herman
By needlessly provoking him [Vladimir Putin] and humiliating him, we empower far worse possibilities in Russia.
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— Jill Stein
The numbing mind-ream of knowing you're alone not because people won't accept you but because you find so little worth accepting. An imposed solitude is better than simply tolerating your company in waiting for something better. So loneliness is not such a terrible thing when you consider that the alternative to thought provoking solace is to be surrounded only by remindings of why that solitude is preferable.
— Jhonen Vasquez
To give and receive love, you have to be in touch with pain, you have to be capable of provoking it and feeling it.
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— Jeanne Moreau
Maybe I'm perverse, but the question of "rooting" for a character, or setting out to write a character for whom other people will root, has never had anything to do with why I read or write fiction. As long as the writing and story remain alive, intense, invigorating, provoking, the characters can be as demonic or saintly as the author wants.
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— James Lasdun
When we read, we fancy we could be martyrs; when we come to act, we cannot bear a provoking word.
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— Hannah More
This perpetual round of constrained civilities to persons quite indifferent to us, is the most provoking and tiresome thing in theworld, but it is unavoidable in a country town, where everybody is known.... 'Tis a most shocking and unworthy way of spending our precious irrecoverable time, to those who know not its value.
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— Fanny Burney
The business model of the conservative media is built on two elements: provoking the audience into a fever of indignation (to keep them watching) and fomenting mistrust of all other information sources (so that they never change the channel).
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— David Frum
Five Minute Marketing is entertaining and thought provoking marketing advice by a Canadian for Canadians.
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— Dan Poynter
I suggest that what artists do in all media can be summarized as deliberately performing the operations that occur instinctively during a ritualized behaviour: they simplify or formalize, repeat (sometimes with variation), exaggerate, and elaborate in both space and time for the purpose of attracting attention and provoking and manipulating emotional response.
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— Ellen Dissanayake
An extensive empire must be supported by a refined system of policy and oppression; in the centre, an absolute power, prompt in action and rich in resources; a swift and easy communication with the extreme parts; fortifications to check the first effort of rebellion; a regular administration to protect and punish; and a well-disciplined army to inspire fear, without provoking discontent and despair.
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— Edward Gibbon
Once I feel I'm right, I have enjoyed provoking.
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— E. O. Wilson
It's barely OK for me to be dressed up as a black guy. But part of me kind of enjoys provoking people.
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— Chris Lilley
Provoking, isn't it? that when one is most in need of sensible words, one finds them not.
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— Charlotte Forten Grimke
There are lots of great movies coming out of the U.S. but it's not something I've ever really been interested in. They're great films but I much prefer the smaller independent films, which are more thought provoking and experimental.
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— Billie Piper
Wherever I find envy I take a pleasure in provoking it: I always praise before an envious man those who make him grow pale.
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— Baron de Montesquieu
I like my films to have a certain amount of realism - something that's thought provoking and intelligently written. More than the amount on the pay cheque, I look for a level of respectability as an actor.
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— Arjun Rampal
Not in the name of a necessary protection of the white race did the European break into China, but for the benefit of the Jewish-mercantile greed for profit. He thus dishonored himself, destroying a whole civilization, provoking justified indignation. China fights for its myth, for its race, and its ideals, as does the renewal-movement in Germany against the mercantile race that rules all stock markets and the actions of most governments.
— Alfred Rosenberg
The trumpet does not more stun you by its loudness, than a whisper teases you by its provoking inaudibility.
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— Charles Lamb
The H-bomb rather favors small nations that doesn't as yet possess it; they feel slightly more free to jostle other nations, having discovered that a country can stick its tongue out quite far these days without provoking war, so horrible are war's consequences.
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— E. B. White
Love you will find only where you may show yourself weak without provoking strength.
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— Theodor Adorno
Though the details differ across the world, no known culture lacks some version of the time-consuming, wealth consuming, hostility provoking rituals, the anti-factual, counter-productive fantasies of religion.
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— Richard Dawkins
What is the big deal about Eminem? Since when is offensive language a reason for being unpopular? I like the fact that Eminem is brash and angry and politically incorrect. At least he has an opinion. He's stirring things up. He's provoking a discussion. He's making people's blood boil. He's reflecting what's going on in society right now. That is what art is supposed to do.
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— Madonna Ciccone
The images of mens wits and knowledge remain in books. They generate still, and cast their seeds in the minds of others, provoking and causing infinite actions and opinions in succeeding ages
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— Francis Bacon
Remember, it is not enough to be hit or insulted to be harmed, you must believe that you are being harmed. If someone succeeds in provoking you, realize that your mind is complicit in the provocation. Which is why it is essential that we not respond impulsively to impressions; take a moment before reacting, and you will find it easier to maintain control.
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— Epictetus
If someone irritates you, it is only your own response that is irritating you. Therefore, when anyone seems to be provoking you, remember that it is only your judgment of the incident that provokes you.
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— Epictetus
It is not he who gives abuse that affronts, but the view that we take of it as insulting; so that when one provokes you it is your own opinion which is provoking.
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— Epictetus
Perhaps I was too saucy and provoking.
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— Benjamin Franklin
Say 'provoking' again. Your mouth looks provocative when you do.
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— Becca Fitzpatrick