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We have Trumpist (ph) tendencies in Europe. Look up Marine Le Pen in France. Look at the Five Star Movement headed by a clown by profession, Beppe Grillo, in Italy.
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— Lionel Barber
Programmers are in the enviable position of not only getting to do what they want to, but because the end result is so important they get paid to do it. There are other professions like that, but not that many.
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— Linus Torvalds
I'm going with the flow. I feel when the time is right to stop, it will be flashing in neon lights for me, like this is it. It could be this year, it could be next year, I have no idea. Anyone in their profession seems to think it's fairly clear when it's the right time. I haven't had that moment of clarity.
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— Lindsay Davenport
Writing on your own is, in a way, a very lonely profession. There's no one there to help you.
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— Lincoln Child
The three most important things for a sportscaster are knowledge of the game, a passion for sports and the profession, and the stamina to struggle.
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— Lesley Visser
Growing up, I knew you were supposed to have a profession - and something better than being a shopkeeper, which is what my parents were.
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— Les Wexner
Cinema is a territory. It exists outside of movies. It's a place I live in. It's a way of seeing things, of experiencing life. But making films, that's supposed to be a profession.
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— Leos Carax
Preaching is not a profession, it's a passion
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— Leonard Ravenhill
Great writers zealously learn the craft of their profession so they can release the power and the depth of their imagination and experience.
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— Leonard Bishop
When dictators and tyrants seek to destroy the freedoms of men, their first target is the legal profession and through it the rule of law.
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— Leon Jaworski
The profession of the law of which he [a judge] is a part is charged with the articulation and final incidence of the successive efforts towards justice; it must feel the circulation of the communal blood or it will wither and drop off, a useless member.
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— Learned Hand
Journalism is a flawed profession, but it has a self-correcting mechanism. The rule of journalism is: talk to everybody.
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— Lawrence Wright
I saw the end of the general magazine business at the end of the '70s, and I knew I had to move into another profession when the advertising dollar moved from magazines to television. The magazine business as we knew it was over. We were no longer the educators of the world.
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— Lawrence Schiller
The ethical practices of lawyers are probably no worse than those of other professions. Lawyers bring some of the trouble on by claiming in a sanctimonious way that they are interested only in justice, not power or wealth. They also suffer guilt by association. Their clients are often people in trouble. Saints need no lawyers: gangsters do.
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— Lawrence M. Friedman
This is still a man's profession, with a lot of men who intellectually and emotionally have not accepted that the military could be women's work.
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— Lawrence Korb
The practice of patience toward one another, the overlooking of one another's defects, and the bearing of one another's burdens is the most elementary condition of all human and social activity in the family, in the professions, and in society.
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— Lawrence G. Lovasik
Making movies is my profession. I like doing it a lot.
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— Lawrence Bender
As a child I wanted to be everything from a doctor, lawyer, flight attendant to an IT pro- fessional and could never make up my mind. I figured as an actor I'd get to play all these professions.
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— Lavrenti Lopes
In my career I have had many wonderful things happen to me, many more than I ever dreamed would ever happen. But I would like for you young brethren especially to know that all that has happened to me in my chosen profession is a mere drop in the bucket compared to the truly important things in my life. The testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ that I have, along with my wife and my family, are my most important possessions.
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— LaVell Edwards
How do we handle adversity? Adversity is going to be with us in everything that we do, almost in every facet of our lives-in our personal associations, in the mission field, in our chosen professions, in our families.
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— LaVell Edwards
My profession is about as far away from growing up in southern Illinois as you can get.
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— Laurie Metcalf
Human nature is the same in all professions.
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— Laurence Sterne
There is no nobler profession, nor no greater calling, than to be among those unheralded many who gave and give their lives to the preservation of human knowledge, passed with commitment and care from one generation to the next.
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— Laurence Overmire
Acting, is not a profession for adults.
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— Laurence Olivier
Stardom isn't a profession, it's an accident.
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— Lauren Bacall
After the age of 30 in the movie profession, you're pretty well over as far as the casting people are concerned.
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— Lauren Bacall
Certainly, when it comes to my profession as a journalist, that allows the government to trace what you're reporting, who you're talking to, and where you've been. So no matter whether or not I have a commitment to protect my sources, the government may still have information that might allow them to identify whom I'm talking to.
— Laura Poitras
Things get complicated at times, so there are certainly moments when you wish your life were different. That's true for everybody, not just people in our profession. But there's nothing I feel like I gave up professionally. I'm absolutely doing what I enjoy.
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— Laura Linney
Giving is a universal opportunity. Regardless of your age, profession, religion, income bracket, and background, you have the capacity to create change.
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— Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
Massage therapists, and others in the holistic arts ... seem to be a particularly gullible bunch. And there are a lot of people who have seized upon that, and marketed their products, their classes, their modalities, and their wild claims to us ... and many of us have fallen for it, hook, line and sinker ... and unfortunately, gone on to convince our clients to buy into it, as well. ... Our profession has turned into the snake oil medicine show.
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— Laura Allen
Designing is not a profession but an attitude. Design has many connotations. It is the organization of materials and processes in the most productive way, in a harmonious balance of all elements necessary for a certain function. It is the intergration of technological, social, and economical requirements, biological necessities, and the psychological effects of materials, shape, color, volume and space. Thinking in relationships.
— Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
I think the thing I really got from Ginsberg was that you can tell a story through kind of painting pictures with words. And when I found out that you could have a profession doing that, it was thrilling to me. It just became my passion immediately, playing with words and poetry.
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— Lana Del Rey
TV is great and can open up doors, but if you aren't there to cook because you love it, don't go. Don't go to "Top Chef" just to be "famous." It's annoying to our profession and what we all love to do. You want to compete against like-minded people.
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— Kristen Kish
Politics is a game and a profession. It doesn't really serve the people the politicians are supposed to serve.
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— Kit Harington
If you're successful at a young age, no matter the profession, there has to come a time when you reevaluate everything, what it means to you. 'Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?'
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— Kirsten Dunst
Acting is a youthful profession.
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— Kirk Douglas
My default position is not to be an actor. My default position is to be a follower of Jesus Christ. If that means I continue in acting, great! I'd love that. But if it means I need to change professions someday because I can't provide for my family, well, that's what I need to do.
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— Kirk Cameron
To refer even in passing to unpublished or struggling authors and their problems is to put oneself at some risk, so I will say here and now that any unsolicited manuscripts or typescripts sent to me will be destroyed unread. You must make your way yourself. Why you should be so set on the nearly always disappointing profession is a puzzling question.
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— Kingsley Amis
Incomprehensible jargon is the hallmark of a profession.
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— Kingman Brewster, Jr.
Abusers are engineers and architects and janitors and police officers and any other walk of life. There's not a job or profession that is exempt.
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— Kim Gandy