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Melodies are important. I always kind of pride myself on my melodies.
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— Lee DeWyze
I pride myself in the fact that in the six months tour of Cinderella, I didn't take one show off.
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— Lea Salonga
Pride is a sweetmeat, to be savoured in small pieces; it makes for a poor feast.
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— Laurie R. King
Certainly it was ordained as a scourge upon the pride of human wisdom, that the wisest of us all, should thus outwit ourselves, and eternally forego our purposes in the intemperate act of pursuing them.
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— Laurence Sterne
I thought that what I felt for you was right," Luce said. "I loved you until it hurt me, until our love was consumed by your pride and rage. The thing you called love made me disappear. So I had to stop loving." She Paused. "Our adoration never diminished the Throne, but your love diminished me. I never meant to hurt you. I only meant to stop you from hurting me.
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— Lauren Kate
Values are principles and ideas that bring meaning to the seemingly mundane experience of life. A meaningful life that ultimately brings happiness and pride requires you to respond to temptations as well as challenges with honor, dignity, and courage.
— Laura Schlessinger
There is seemingly no biological benefit to acting with conscience; if there were, only moral individuals would survive and procreate. Sadly, we know that's not true. The benefit of conscience is that you won't suffer guilt (private) or shame (public), and that by your own self-imposed definition, you are a moral human, a special kind of animal who takes unique pride in elevating him/herself above the termites.
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— Laura Schlessinger
When you choose wrong because it suits you right now, the message you give others is that when it suits you, you may likely do wrong again. You become a threat and liability to others. That's a pragmatic reason, outside of pride in morality, not to do wrong.
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— Laura Schlessinger
I know today that appreciating your own beauty does not come solely from therapy, make up application, or plastic surgery- although these things can help. Rather, it comes from a little door that opens in our minds and helps us celebrate our differences and find pride in our uniqueness.
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— Laura Mercier
A lazy person will try to always find some way to do something; they'll always be looking for ways of doing something faster, more efficiently, and if you really want to control the world, that's a really sort of hubristic notion - excessive pride, the thing that Zeus zaps you for having.
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— Larry Wall
Gay life in 1970 was very bleak, compartmentalized. You didn't take it to work. You had to really lead a double life. There were bars, but you sort of snuck in and snuck out. Activism and gay pride simply didn't exist. I don't even think the word 'gay' was in existence.
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— Larry Kramer
I think being gay and gay people are the most wonderful things in the world. I wish all of us could have the power and pride to benefit from what is rightfully ours. Why isn't there an enormous building in Washington called the 'National Association of Lesbian and Gay Concerns' to lobby for us?
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— Larry Kramer
Satan's number one weapon is pride. God's number one defense is humility.
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— Larry Burkett
Such displays of the Australian spirit engender pride, regardless of background, religion and political persuasion. They are unifying... This spirit of leadership should be reflected in our national symbols and one appropriate way to do that is by finally making the changes needed to make Australia a republic... A country's history does not change because it takes a step forward, but its possibilities for the future do.
— Larissa Behrendt
Some help others in order to receive blessings and admiration. This is simply meaningless. Some cultivate themselves in part to serve others, in part to serve their own pride. They will understand, at best, half of the truth. But those who improve themselves for the sake of the world - to these, the whole truth of the universe will be revealed.
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— Laozi
Having reached a high level of realization (or having accomplished anything in life), don't get excited or puffed up with pride but remain calm, humble, and in "perfect equanimity" if you want to continue in this deep state of consciousness.
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— Laozi
He who prides himself upon wealth and honor hastens his own downfall.
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— Laozi
Displaying riches and titles with pride brings about one's downfall.
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— Laozi
I used to focus more on scoring. Now I take a lot of pride and pleasure in helping someone else do well.
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— Landon Donovan
Ever since our first fathers by infection took this morbum sathanicum, this devilish disease, pride, of the devil, such tinder is our nature, that every little spark sets us on fire; our nature hath grown so light, that every little thing puffeth us up, and sets us aloft in our altitudes presently.
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— Lancelot Andrewes
You've got to play with pride and guts.
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— Lamar Odom
No one wrote better about the sin of pride, the corruption of power and the redemption of love. I will miss you, Gabriel García Márquez.
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— Laila Lalami
Teaching children the joy of honest labor is one of the greatest of all gifts you can bestow upon them. Let us also teach our children to see that the work assigned is carried to its completion and to take pride in what they accomplish.
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— L. Tom Perry
The second that you make a man truly free, he becomes truly good. And it is only that individual who has lost his belief in himself and his own pride of goodness and his own pride of being and his own honor who is dangerous.
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— L. Ron Hubbard
In 1991, the government unleashed the power of India and created a partnership between itself and industry. As a result, India has emerged as an economic success story, and that is a matter of pride for all of us.
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— Kumar Mangalam Birla
When you move away from where you grew up, I think you tend to have even more pride of where you came from.
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— Kristopher Belman
Louisiana taught me another level of humility. Everyone is so content, not socially content but spiritually. Everyone is happy with who they are and loves their city regardless of what has happened here with Katrina and all the different stories. They have a sense of pride and it really rubbed off on me.
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— Kofi Siriboe
Far happier he, who, young and full of pride And radiant with the glory of the sun, Leaves earth before his singing time is done. All wounds of Time the graveyard flowers hide, His beauty lives, as fresh as when he died.
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— Kobo Abe
Everyone is shy - it is the inborn modesty that makes us able to live in harmony with other creatures and our fellows. Achievement comes not by denying shyness but, occasionally, by setting it aside and letting pride and perspiration come first.
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— Kirkpatrick Sale
I mean, I take that with the biggest amount of pride there could possibly be because I have so many idols of gymnasts that were before me. I think having perspective now on how hard it is for all of the starts to line up for something like that to happen, I'm just very proud of that moment and that whole atmosphere.
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— Kim Zmeskal
L.A. prides itself on newness or being the last frontier or just not liking old things and tearing them down to build new things.
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— Kim Gordon
Do you know what is really embarrassing and makes your pride hurt? Lacking some skill? Not being able to earn some money? It's not that. Fearing something once, and being scared of it forever.
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— Kim Du-han
To me, my feelings and pride are important. Although I like you it's not enough to be used like that.
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— Kim Do-Jin
To suggest that Quebecers willingly give up the chance to exercise fully their influence within the federal government would be to betray the historical role Quebec has always played in Confederation, and to undermine the legitimacy of their pride and ambitions.
— Kim Campbell
Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.
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— Khalil Gibran
O love, whose lordly hand Has bridled my desires, And raised my hunger and my thirst To dignity and pride, Let not the strong in me and the constant Eat the bread or drink the wine That tempt my weaker self. Let me rather starve, And let my heart parch with thirst, And let me die and perish, Ere I stretch my hand To a cup you did not fill, Or a bowl you did not bless.
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— Khalil Gibran
Love prides itself not only in the one who loves, but also in the beloved.
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— Khalil Gibran
Who are you that men should rend their bosom and unveil their pride, that you may see their worth naked and their pride unabashed? See first that you yourself deserve to be a giver, and an instrument of giving.
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— Khalil Gibran
Pride does not listen. It knows.
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— Kevin Vanhoozer
Founders: there is no shame in failing, take pride in that you have the guts to try something new.
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— Kevin Rose