prayer Quotes

Neither lemonade nor anything else can prevent the inroads of old age. At present, I am stoical under its advances, and hope I shall remain so. I have but one prayer at heart; and that is, to have my faculties so far preserved that I can be useful, in some way or other, to the last.
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— Lydia M. Child
Prayer may be elevating if combined with work, and they who labor with head, hands or feet have faith and are generally quite sure of an immediate and favorable reply.
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— Luther Burbank
I you're in prayer, take care of your heart.If you're eating, take cre of your throat.If you're in another man's house, take care of your eyes.If you among people, take care of your tongue.
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— Luqman
And my one prayer to God, the miracle worker, was that I would wake up lighter-skinned.
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— Lupita Nyong'o
When God's first in your life and your family's second, the perspective is that the platform as player is for the purpose of lifting up His name and glorifying Him in all you do. No matter what the platform is, that's the goal and that's the prayer before tonight's game and before every game.
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— Luke Zeller
Every day I wake up and I lay in bed counting my blessings and saying my prayers for how fortunate I am to have great fans and health and family.
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— Luke Bryan
Without Prayer nothing good is done. God's works are done with our hands joined, and on our knees. Even when we run, we must remain spiritually kneeling before Him.
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— Luigi Orione
My only wish isto transform friends of God into friends of man, believers into thinkers, devotees of prayer into devotees of work, candidates for the hereafter into students of the world, Christians who, by their own procession and admission, are half animal, half angel into persons, into whole persons.
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— Ludwig Feuerbach
Safe Harbor is a state of mind... its the place - in reality or metaphor - to which one goes in times of trouble or worry. It can be a friendship, marriage, church, garden, beach, poem, prayer, or song.
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— Luanne Rice
My prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death is all for Allah, The Lord of The Worlds.
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— Louis Farrakhan
Fidel Castro was a revolutionary spirit from the practical spiritual side of it, but not with "religiosity"; not with prayer and fasting and charity in that sense, but he gave it all, to make humanity better.
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— Louis Farrakhan
Prayer has never made you right, because right now our world of Islam is filled with abject hypocrisy in its religiosity.
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— Louis Farrakhan
Prayer is a ritual! But at the root of prayer is the idea of complete bowing down in submission to the Will of God.
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— Louis Farrakhan
Chosen soul, how will you bring this about? What steps will you take to reach the high level to which God is calling you? The means of holiness and salvation are known to everybody, since they are found in the Gospel; the masters of the spiritual life have explained them; the Saints have practiced them...These means are: sincere humility, unceasing prayer, complete self-denial, abandonment to Divine Providence, and obedience to the will of God.
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— Louis de Montfort
When the Holy Rosary is said well, it gives Jesus and Mary more glory and is more meritorious than any other prayer.
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— Louis de Montfort
I now never make the preparations for penetrating into some small province of nature hitherto undiscovered without breathing a prayer to the Being who hides His secrets from me only to allure me graciously on to the unfolding of them.
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— Louis Agassiz
It's a big world. Don't get trapped by tiny dreams and feeble problems. Time for big prayers and bold faith.
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— Louie Giglio
God's purposes and plans will not fail. Before you spend all your prayer time telling Him about yours, ask about His.
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— Louie Giglio
Join a company of young men and women who have made a covenant by sacrifice to turn a nation through united massive fasting and prayer.
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— Lou Engle
Good poetry is like effective prayer, it feeds the human spirit, it nourishes, it puts us in touch with forces far greater than ourselves
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— Lorna Goodison
I believe that prayer is our powerful contact with the greatest force in the universe.
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— Loretta Young
I believe in the efficacy of prayer and I have a deep and sorrowful sympathy for one who is without faith. I believe our Father answers every prayer-all prayers-with His matchless, inscrutable wisdom, with infinite compassion and with love.
tags: compassion believe faith prayer wisdom father
— Loretta Young
You should always say your prayers with tireless diligence, as the Apostle directs, saying: 'Continue in prayer and watch in the same' (Col. 4:2). For humble patience, tirelessness and persistence in prayer conquer the unconquerable God and incline Him to mercy.
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— Lorenzo Scupoli
Farewell! if ever fondest prayer For other's weal avail'd on high, Mine will not all be lost in air, But waft thy name beyond the sky.
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— Lord Byron
Father of Light! great God of Heaven! Hear'st thou the accents of despair? Can guilt like man's be e'er forgiven? Can vice atone for crimes by prayer.
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— Lord Byron
All prayers are answered. We need to distinguish between a prayer unanswered, and one not answered how or when we would like it to be.
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— Lloyd John Ogilvie
Hope is good. Without it, well, you do the math. But hope has to be like a prayer. Putting it out there to something more powerful than yourself.
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— Lisa Unger
Meditation goes in. Prayer goes out. But they both aim for the same place of union between you and the devine.
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— Lisa Jones
The only things that really need to be accomplished in the home are daily scripture study and prayer and weekly family home evening.
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— Linda S. Reeves
Organized religion has a part in the evolution of personal religion. It is the material upon which personal religion is grafted, but the process of grafting must be individual. Every human soul must, through thought, prayer, and study, cultivate his [sic] own religion to suit himself.
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— Lily Montagu
Death comes suddenly and life is fragile and brief. No one can alter this either by prayers or spells.
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— Lian Hearn
She entered a state where prayer and poetry became one and the everyday world seemed full of holiness and significance.
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— Lian Hearn
I believe that those who die for Ireland have no need for prayer
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— Liam Mellows
To pull the metal splinter from my palm my father recited a story in a low voice. I watched his lovely face and not the blade. Before the story ended, he'd removed the iron sliver I thought I'd die from. I can't remember the tale, but hear his voice still, a well of dark water, a prayer. And I recall his hands, two measures of tenderness he laid against my face.
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— Li-Young Lee
I don't need politicians doing a 24-hour prayer with Oral Roberts to get our country back on track.
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— Lewis Black
sometimes i wonder does god just not care are is he to busy ignoring your prayers
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— Lewis Black
It has been said by many great Christians that prayer is our secret weapon. If we desire to be free from every enemy stronghold over our lives and fully fortified to live the superhuman existences God intended us to live, then we must learn how to pray.
tags: desires enemies secret live existence enemy god christian prayer pray learn
— Leslie Ludy
If you don't pray often, you won't gain a love for praying. Prayer is work, and therefore it is not very appealing to our natural sensibilities. But the simple rule for prayer is this: Begin praying and your taste for prayer will increase. The more you pray, the more you will acquire the desire for prayer, the energy for prayer, and the sense of purpose in prayer.
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— Leslie Ludy
Each time thou wishest to decide upon performing some enterprise, raise the eyes to heaven, pray God to bless thy project; if thou canst make that prayer, accomplish thy work.
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— Leopold Schefer
Notice, we never pray for folks we gossip about, and we never gossip about the folk for whom we pray! For prayer is a great deterrent.
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— Leonard Ravenhill