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    pray Quotes

    But one should pray in one's heart during a sacred ceremony; this is the purpose of the ceremony, to purify the participants both inside and outside.
    — Thomas Yellowtail
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    God will fill the hungry because He Himself has stirred up the hunger. As in the case of prayer, when God prepares the heart to pray, He prepares His ear to hear (Ps. 10:17). So in the case of spiritual hunger, when God prepares the heart to hunger, He will prepare His hand to fill.
    — Thomas Watson
    tags: heart  hunger  god  spiritual  prayer  pray 
    Christ heals with more ease than any other. Christ makes the devil go out with a word (Mark 9:25). Nay, he can cure with a look: Christ's look melted Peter into repentance; it was a healing look. If Christ doth but cast a look upon the soul he can recover it. Therefore David prays to have a look from God, 'Look Thou upon me, and be merciful unto me' (Psalm 119:132).
    — Thomas Watson
    tags: soul  devil  god  healing  christ  pray 
    To pray against temptation, and yet rush into occasions, is to thrust your fingers into the fire, and then pray they might not be burnt.
    — Thomas Secker
    Kneel down to pray. Step up to serve. Reach out to rescue. Each is a vital page of God's blueprint to make a house a home and a home a heaven.
    — Thomas S. Monson
    tags: god  pray  heaven 
    May we ever watch over one another, assisting in times of need. Let us not be critical and judgmental, but let us be tolerant, ever emulating the Savior's example of loving-kindness. In that vein, may we willingly serve one another. May we pray for the inspiration to know of the needs of those around us, and then may we go forward and provide assistance.
    — Thomas S. Monson
    tags: time  pray  example 
    Pray always, and be believing, and all things shall work together for your good.
    — Thomas S. Monson
    tags: work  pray 
    We learn to pray by praying. One can devote countless hours to examining the experiences of others, but nothing penetrates the human heart as does a personal fervent prayer and its heaven sent response.
    — Thomas S. Monson
    Family prayer is the greatest deterrent to sin, and hence the most beneficent provider of joy and happiness. The old saying is yet true: 'The family that prays together stays together.'
    — Thomas S. Monson
    tags: happiness  joy  saying  prayer  sin  pray 
    When we safeguard (the heavenly virtue of freedom), when we honor it, when we protect it, we will walk with Washington, we will pray with patriots, and we shall have peace on earth, good will to men.
    — Thomas S. Monson
    tags: men  peace  earth  virtue  pray  patriot  honor 
    There is no more beautiful sight in all this world than to see a family praying together. There is real meaning behind the oft-quoted "The family that prays together stays together.
    — Thomas S. Monson
    tags: world  meaning  beautiful  real  pray 
    Perhaps there has never been a time when we had greater need to pray and to teach our family members to pray. Prayer is a defense against temptation. It is through earnest and heartfelt prayer that we can receive the needed blessings and the support required to make our way in this sometimes difficult and challenging journey we call mortality.
    — Thomas S. Monson
    Remember to pray fervently.
    — Thomas S. Monson
    tags: pray 
    Whatever our calling, regardless of our fears or anxieties, let us pray and then go and do.
    — Thomas S. Monson
    tags: fear  anxiety  pray 
    The things we pray for, good Lord, give us grace to labor for.
    — Thomas More
    tags: grace  pray 
    On his mounting the scaffold to be beheaded: 'I pray you, Master Lieutenant, see me safely up, and for my coming down, let me shift for myself.' To the executioner: 'Pick up thy spirits, Man, and be not afraid to do thyne office; my neck is very short; take heed, therefore thou strike not awry, for saving of thyne honesty.'
    — Thomas More
    tags: men  honesty  master  pray  spirit  afraid 
    The greatest discovery of my generation is that we are unique. The greatest discovery of the next generation, I pray, is that we are one.
    — Thomas Leonard
    tags: discovery  pray 
    Rather than set aside daily time for prayer, I pray constantly and spontaneously about everything I encounter on a daily basis. When someone shares something with me, I'll often simply say, 'Let's pray about this right now.
    — Thomas Kinkade
    tags: time  right  prayer  pray  shares 
    The Christian is not always praying; but within his bosom is a heaven-kindled love-fires of desire, fervent longings-which make him always ready to pray, and often engage him in prayer.
    — Thomas Guthrie
    We canot become nonviolent on the basis of intellectual conviction. Commitment to nonviolence demands a very profound conversion of mind and heart. If we take the time to pray with Jesus, we too will be converted in mind and heart. It won�t work if we try to reason it out. The only way is through a change of heart, a coming into a way of being that is the way of Jesus.
    — Thomas Gumbleton
    tags: time  work  heart  commitment  jesus  pray  mind 
    Send the harmony of a Great Desire vibrating through every fiber of your being. Pray for a task that will call forth your faith, your courage, your perseverance, and you spirit of sacrifice. Keep your hands and your soul clean, and the conquering current will flow freely.
    — Thomas Dreier
    You can graduate a man's progress in religion by the amount of prayer, not by the number of hours perhaps, but by the earnest supplication that he puts up to God. There is no exception to the rule. Show me a man who prays and his strength and his power cannot by exaggerated. Just give to a man this power of prayer and you give him almost omnipotence.
    — Thomas De Witt Talmage
    tags: men  power  progress  rules  god  prayer  pray  strength 
    To extend our memories by monuments, whose death we daily pray for, and whose duration we cannot hope, without injury to our expectations in the advent of the last day, were a contradiction to our belief.
    — Thomas Browne
    Pray thee, spare, thyself at times: for it becomes a wise man sometimes to relax the high pressure of his attention to work.
    — Thomas Aquinas
    tags: men  work  attention  pray  wise 
    It is clear that he does not pray, who, far from uplifting himself to God, requires that God shall lower Himself to him, and who resorts to prayer not to stir the man in us to will what God wills, but only to persuade God to will what the man in us wills.
    — Thomas Aquinas
    tags: men  god  prayer  pray  uplifting 
    Study to do another's will rather than thine own. Choose ever to have less rather than more. Seek ever the lower place and to be subject to all; ever wish and pray that the will of God may be perfectly done in thee and in all. Behold such a man enters the bounds of peace and calm.
    — Thomas a Kempis
    tags: men  peace  wishes  god  pray 
    (On entering Carmel) I came to save souls and especially to pray for priests.
    — Therese of Lisieux
    tags: soul  pray 
    To pray is to descend with the mind into the heart, and there to stand before the face of the Lord, ever-present, all seeing, within you.
    — Theophan the Recluse
    tags: heart  seeing  pray  mind 
    He prays best who, not asking God to do man's work, prays penitence, prays resolutions, and then prays deeds-thus supplicating with heart and head and hands.
    — Theodore Parker
    tags: work  heart  god  pray 
    The Law found more than it lost when Christ said, "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven' (Matthew 5:44-45). This most important commandment summarizes in a word the universal discipline of patience, since it does not allow us to do evil even to people who deserve it.
    — Tertullian
    I pray to the birds. I pray to the birds because I believe they will carry the messages of my heart upward. I pray to them because I believe in their existence, the way their songs begin and end each day-the invocations and benedictions of Earth. I pray to the birds because they remind me of what I love rather than what I fear. And at the end of my prayers, they teach me how to listen.
    — Terry Tempest Williams
    This is my living faith, an active faith, a faith of verbs: to question, explore, experiment, experience, walk, run, dance, play, eat, love, learn, dare, taste, touch, smell, listen, speak, write, read, draw, provoke, emote, scream, sin, repent, cry, kneel, pray, bow, rise, stand, look, laugh, cajole, create, confront, confound, walk back, walk forward, circle, hide, and seek.
    — Terry Tempest Williams
    I pray to the birds because they remind me of what I love rather than what I fear. And at the end of my prayers, they teach me how to listen.
    — Terry Tempest Williams
    tags: fear  prayer  pray 
    I may not say it all the time or I may not pray as much as I need to, but I am not forgetting where I came from and how I got to be where I am today.
    — Terrell Owens
    tags: time  pray 
    That goes with the saying that you call on God a lot of times and you pray for things and it may not happen at that moment.
    — Terrell Owens
    tags: time  moment  saying  god  pray 
    Christ has no body now but mine. He prays in me, works in me, looks through my eyes, speaks through my words, works through my hands, walks with my feet and loves with my heart.
    — Teresa of Avila
    tags: work  heart  body  eyes  christ  pray 
    Let him never cease from prayer, who has once begun to pray, even though his life is ever so bad. For prayer is the only way to amend one's life and without prayer it will never be mended. Let him not be tempted of the devil, as I was, to give up prayer on account of one's unworthiness. Let such a one rather believe that if he will only repent and pray, our Lord will still hear and answer.
    — Teresa of Avila
    tags: believe  devil  bad  prayer  pray 
    We are always in the presence of God, yet it seems to me that those who pray are in His presence in a very different sense.
    — Teresa of Avila
    tags: god  pray 
    Here we don't pray for the weak, we prey on the weak.
    — Teresa Mummert
    tags: pray 
    I will not insult you by trying to tell you that one day you will forget. I know as well as you that you will not. But, at least, in time you will not remember as fiercely as you do now - and I pray that that time may be soon.
    — Terence Rattigan
    tags: time  pray  insult 
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