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Blogging has helped create an expanded awareness of the creative nonfiction genre, generally. But I suspect many bloggers continue to be unaware that they are (or have the potential to be) "literary" or "artful."
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— Lee Gutkind
See your reality as a life that has many tracks or potentials that you call "the future."
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— Lee Carroll
I don't think the music industry has done any damage to my faith - it's probably strengthened it because it's made me see how necessary and relevant it is. I think if you don't keep your guard up, obviously there's a lot of potential for being half-hearted throughout the whole process because you can compare yourself to other people instead of the ultimate standard.
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— LeCrae
I'm just blessed that I was able to have guys around me that had some of the same goals. The man above gave me a gift and he gave me friends and a mentor that can help me reach my goal and reach my potential. And we all had the same goal, so it wasn't hard for us to get, you know, off track because we all wanted the same thing.
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— LeBron James
A cosmology that admits of only one male god limits women's capacity to envision their full potential as human beings.
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— Layne Redmond
But it is as silly to think about peer-to-peer as applying just to music as it would have been to think about the Internet as applying just to pornography. Whatever the initial use of the technology, it has nothing to do with the potential of the architecture to serve many other extremely important functions.
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— Lawrence Lessig
For us artists there waits the joyous compromise through art with all that wounded or defeated us in daily life; in this way, not to evade destiny, as the ordinary people try to do, but to fulfil it in its true potential - the imagination.
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— Lawrence Durrell
Haiti is 10.4-million people, of whom 35 per cent are children under 15. The country has always had great potential - and this is still the case. Our ill fortune has long been a matter of bad governance. And now things have changed.
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— Laurent Lamothe
I started getting more and more active around immigration reform because this was such a waste of lives, such a waste of potential, such a waste for our country not to have the human capital that we developed - geared toward improving our entire society.
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— Laurene Powell Jobs
Every man or woman is a potential poet or artist. Everyone has the capacity to bring to their work the dignity, purposefulness, and presence of the artist.
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— Laurence Boldt
While some rules are necessary and good for us, living a life based on others' rules, needs, and expectations can stifle your self-expression and creativity, and keep a lid on your potential.
— Lauren Mackler
A critical key to achieving success lies in your ability to activate your potential to create the results you seek... start by being aware of your self-sabotaging patterns.
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— Lauren Mackler
Obviously, I've seen what the press has done to my cousins. I would never let that rule my life, but I'm not the kind of person to rebel or do things. I don't know. I don't let the potential for bad press dictate who I am, but I keep that in mind. How can you not?
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— Lauren Bush
I want to do my hard dives really well, I want to see what my true potential in this sport really is. I want to grasp that.
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— Laura Wilkinson
... character reigns preeminent in determining potential.
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— Laura Hillenbrand
I think if I had been writing fiction, where the work is entirely dependent on the writer's creativity and the potential directions the narrative might take are infinite, I might have frozen
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— Laura Hillenbrand
Of course, giving is deeply emotional. But supplementing emotion with research makes it more likely that a gift can have a bigger impact. It's like any investment. After all, you wouldn't put funds into stocks or bonds without understanding the potential return. Why wouldn't you do the same when investing in society?
— Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
There are genocidal tendencies that are at the heart of the human potential, and I think if we don't talk about it, we're not preparing ourselves for a better future.
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— Laszlo Nemes
The potential of greater good goes right along with the potential for greater evil.
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— Larry Wall
Excellence matters, and technology advances so fast that the potential for improvement is tremendous. So, since becoming CEO again, I've pushed hard to increase our velocity, improve our execution, and focus on the big bets that will make a difference in the world.
— Larry Page
While there have been many potential scenarios discussed, today we have only confirmed that we designed Xbox One to enable our customers to trade in and resell games at retail.
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— Larry Hryb
You can't do anything in life. The social barriers in life are so intense and horrific that every encounter is just fraught with so many problems and dread. Every social situation is a potential nightmare.
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— Larry David
The best form of leadership is to be conscious of the leadership potential with the followers and to let them unleash this potential in a spontaneous way. When a great leader accomplishes this task with effortless ease, the followers say, "We did it ourselves."
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— Laozi
I feel it's important, in presenting a work of art, that everything ends up serving a purpose. There are all these variables involved - large and small, obvious and ephemeral - and each has the potential to become an active, considered part of the work. So my goal is simply to approach each step as an opportunity to produce work that carries visual weight but retains this sense of openness and possibility.
— Landon Metz
What makes a great endurance athlete is the ability to absorb potential embarrassment, and to suffer without complaint.
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— Lance Armstrong
In my view, Indian Railways has immense untapped potential.
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— Lalu Prasad Yadav
Education and the workforce: I think these two things go together in terms of human potential.
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— L. Todd Rose
When you move off a point of power, pay all your obligations on the nail, empower all your friends completely and move off with your pockets full of artillery, potential blackmail on every erstwhile rival, unlimited funds in your private account and the addresses of experienced assassins and go live in Bulgravia and bribe the police.
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— L. Ron Hubbard
I'm doing the exact same thing and adding a little bit more flexibility. I'm going to bench here. I'm not a kicker who's just going to hang out at practice. I'm going to be in the weight room pushing linebackers, defensive ends, tight ends. I'm going to push everyone. whatever I'm doing, I'm putting up numbers that someone else would do. Not only do I love working out, but at the same time it's able for others to maximize their potential.
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— Kyle Brindza
I have a loose blueprint of where I want the show to go. I stress, quite frankly to remind myself, that I hold onto that vision very loosely, so that I can be moving towards something, but I don't ever want to feel like I'm in a box that'll stop me from exploring a potential new direction.
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— Kurt Sutter
A group of women who valued motherhood, but valued it on their own timetable, began to make a new claim, one that had never surfaced in the abortion debate before this, that abortion was a woman's right. Most significantly, they argued that this right to abortion was essential to their right to equality - the right to be treated as individuals rather than as potential mothers.
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— Kristin Luker
For me, as a documentary filmmaker, I'm interested in telling stories of real people whose experiences tell us something about ourselves or our history, or who we are and our potential.
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— Kristi Jacobson
The things that go wrong for you have a lot of potential to become part of your gift to the world.
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— Krista Tippett
We always have the potential to rise. Rise out of our slump. Rise out of our negative thoughts. Rise out of our comfort zone. Rise out of our complaints. GET UP AND RISE. Rising is a choice that's one powerful thought away.
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— Kris Carr
In an age where community involvement and partnerships with civil society are increasingly being recognized as indispensable, there is clearly a growing potential for cooperative development and renewal worldwide.
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— Kofi Annan
As we move forward, you cannot resolve the potential food crisis or shortages without science being part of the solution. Science has to be part of the solution but African governments - and these are decisions for governments, whether they embrace or do not embrace genetically modified food - and for the moment, most African companies do not accept genetically modified seeds.
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— Kofi Annan
Literacy is, finally, the road to human progress and the means through which every man, woman and child can realize his or her full potential.
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— Kofi Annan
The right to development is the measure of the respect of all other human rights.That should be our aim: a situation in which all individuals are enabled to maximize their potential, and to contribute to the evolution of society as a whole.
— Kofi Annan
As I travel around the world, people think the only place where there is potential conflict [over] water is the Middle East, but they are completely wrong. We have the problem all over the world.
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— Kofi Annan
Writing stretches me to my limits and affirms my potential, all while making me aware of my flaws, my mortality, and how much more I have to learn. It's a singular feeling, both spiritual and corporeal, and I like to think it sparks the same inspiration and curiosity in a child that it does in an old man.
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— Kit Williamson