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It bothers me to know there is the possibility that I as a Christian would be not only an underdog, but that I would be trodden upon if I claimed that I was a Christian.
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— Lee Greenwood
When you take a picture you haven't a clue that it is going to be what it is. Maybe you have a clue but you don't really know. There are too many possibilities. Part of the game is how many balls you can juggle. It is to me. When you are 12 you can juggle two. Maybe when you are 50 you can juggle five. That is an interesting concept to me: how much I can put in and still make it pull together?
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— Lee Friedlander
With uncertainty in oil markets, a buildup of speculative pressures and the large U.S. current account deficit, there is a real possibility that Paulson's crisis-management skills will be tested.
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— Lawrence Summers
I would never be so arrogant to think that someone should model their life after me. But the idea of possibility the idea that I get to live my dreams out in public, hopefully will show to other folks that it's possible. So I prefer the term 'possibility model' to 'role model.'
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— Laverne Cox
Only the careless leave a possibility unattended due to assumptions.
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— Laurie R. King
There's a spectrum of possibilities. You can underline the bass, or not at all. You can create something that is well-anchored or that is floating and never arriving. You can make a melodic line dominant or barely visible. The conducting gesture is akin to painting or sculpture.
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— Laurence Equilbey
I was born from nothing and to nothing I will return. And yet, when i say the word nothing, when i admit, at last, 'I am nothing,' i feel mysteriously like something again, ground zero, genesis, the pull of possibilities.
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— Lauren Slater
I feel like there's a space of personal freedom for me where my art-making happens. When I go to that space, I'm completely in this world of possibility.
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— Laura Owens
I've done a little yoga, not as a professional, and every time I have a good teacher I see the immense possibilities and subtleties in this discipline. It's a little bit like music.
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— Laura Huxley
When I was put in a situation where I'm going there, you have to look at the team and the possibility that hey, we can probably do some good things over there.
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— Latrell Sprewell
The magic possibility of framing a certain space and time is what brought me to photography. This process of recording elements of 3 dimensions in the flow of time, and fixing them in a 2 dimensional image, creates a new context for the elements of the photograph.
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— Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
I think working with actors is a little bit how a chef would work with a potato or a piece of meat. You have to kind of have a look at the potato or the piece of meat and see what kind of possibilities are in the ingredient. I know I'm using the wrong metaphor. I think my job is to see what potato is there and from there, just work under their conditions.
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— Lars von Trier
I am crazy about time cuts. I have a theory that the audience tie everything together so they don't see time cuts but the time cuts give us the possibility of jumping in time, which means a psychological evolution can be cut down.
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— Lars von Trier
It is more difficult to manipulate with film than, for instance, video. The problem with video is that it gives you a thousand possibilities.
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— Lars von Trier
But the possibility of abuse may be a good reason for leaving capabilities out of other computer languages, it's not a good reason for leaving capabilities out of Perl.
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— Larry Wall
America traditionally represents the greatest possibility of someone's going from nothing to something. Why? In theory, if not practice, the government stays out of the way and lets individuals take risks and reap rewards or accept the consequences of failure. We call this capitalism - or, at least, we used to.
— Larry Elder
We need to break free from the habits of mind and behavior, to discover the possibilities of who we can become.
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— Larry Brooks
Such displays of the Australian spirit engender pride, regardless of background, religion and political persuasion. They are unifying... This spirit of leadership should be reflected in our national symbols and one appropriate way to do that is by finally making the changes needed to make Australia a republic... A country's history does not change because it takes a step forward, but its possibilities for the future do.
— Larissa Behrendt
I definitely think that movies have the possibility to be something positive, and are really becoming teaching tools for a lot of kids growing up.
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— Larisa Oleynik
There is no earthly reason why a solo string instrument or voice, having the possibility to play or sing pure intonation, should want, or try, to be tempered.
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— Lara St. John
If the majority doesn't laugh at you, beware that you must be saying something wrong. When the majority thinks you are a fool, only then is there some possibility of you being a wise man.
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— Laozi
The eternal void is filled with infinite possibilities
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— Laozi
I feel it's important, in presenting a work of art, that everything ends up serving a purpose. There are all these variables involved - large and small, obvious and ephemeral - and each has the potential to become an active, considered part of the work. So my goal is simply to approach each step as an opportunity to produce work that carries visual weight but retains this sense of openness and possibility.
— Landon Metz
I'm more interested in, you know, SpaceX and Tesla, what's going to happen with our intergalactic possibilities.
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— Lana Del Rey
There was a possibility I could have been out of the NBA. It's taught me something that was a little deeper than basketball. I'm talking about life decisions.
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— Lamar Odom
I do not rule out the possibility of being prime minister of India one day, but there is still time.
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— Lalu Prasad Yadav
How sweet Japanese woman is! All the possibilities of the race for goodness seem to be concentrated in her.
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— Lafcadio Hearn
Also everyone's hearts are in the right place when you do a small movie. You're not doing it for the money; you're not doing it for the possibility of an Oscar nomination. You are doing it because you love the material.
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— Kyra Sedgwick
In reggae I have a model of artistic excellence and possibility that is challenging and inspiring. The poem remains a demanding thing - an object to be understood and shaped into my own sense of self, the same is true of the play, the novel, the short story. Yet, for some reason, I approach these existing genres with the kind of confidence that the reggae artist approaches any song floating around out there.
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— Kwame Dawes
I really love action. I really love doing my own stunts. I would love to do more of that. I've done a lot of TV, but my heart is really in film. I really look forward to the film possibilities. I would love to dance in a movie again. I love all those creative aspects, like playing an instrument or dancing. I look forward to all that stuff, in future roles.
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— Ksenia Solo
It's not only moving that creates new starting points. Sometimes all it takes is a subtle shift in perspective, an opening of the mind, an intentional pause and reset, or a new route to start to see new options and new possibilities.
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— Kristin Armstrong
I think that with some education there are real possibilities at the high school and college level, but more so at the college level, to bring people into cycling.
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— Kristin Armstrong
Humanity needs this technology as much as it needs all other technologies that have now connected us and set before us the terrifying and wondrous possibility of actually becoming one human race.
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— Krista Tippett
Every life comes with a story ... and a possibility for a great adventure.
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— Kobi Yamada
It is one of God's blessings that we cannot foreknow the hour of our death; for a time fixed, even beyond the possibility of living, would trouble us more than doth this uncertainty.
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— King James I
The man who says "I may be wrong, but-" does not believe there can be any such possibility.
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— Kin Hubbard
A doctor is not a religious man. You should never give people vague hope or possibility.
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— Kim Du-han
In film, the possibilities are greater. You can go beyond the fourth wall. You can go to these incredible locations and you're put into circumstances that are physically sensuous. It sometimes requires much more of a physical talent.
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— Kim Cattrall
I like that feeling when you're making art, that you're taking the energy out of your body and putting it into a physical object. I like things that are labor-intensive : you make a little thing and another little thing and another little thing, and eventually you see a possibility.
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— Kiki Smith
You want to fall, that's all. You think it can't go on like that. It's as if your life is a perch on the edge of a cliff and going forward seems impossible, not for a lack of will, but a lack of space. The possibility of another day stands in defiance of the laws of physics. And you can't go back. So you want to fall, let go, give up, but you can't. And every breath you take reminds you of that fact. So it goes.
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— Kevin Powers