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    poem Quotes

    My colleagues knew I was writing poems. I never hid it from them. I don't think they ever thought I was cheating on them. So, I think they probably saw it as being rather peculiar, that I was doing that sort of thing, but nobody ever suggested I shouldn't be doing it. I think that would be different on Madison Avenue or Wall Street, where you're really expected to be doing 110 percent for the company.
    — Ted Kooser
    If you look at the Directory of American Poets and Writers, you know there are hundreds of poets in New York City. So therefore, just by specific gravity, it seems like a more significant place. Robert Wrigley is a poet who lives in rural Idaho - I think it's really back-country Idaho - and he writes beautiful poems.
    — Ted Kooser
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    I've written some poems that are in the middle ground - who are in between very challenging and abundantly clear, but there's a tremendous investment in the challenging poem, and it's been going on so long that the whole infrastructure supporting it, a lot of critics and theorists and so on are deeply invested in maintaining that status.
    — Ted Kooser
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    When I was a kid, I suppose I got more praise for being able to draw things and paint things than I did for my little amateur poems I was writing. But the thing that I'm trying to do with my painting is that I'm trying to keep it in the realm of pleasure. I don't show my work, I don't try to sell it.
    — Ted Kooser
    Poetry is basically built out of what I think of as being a fairly political act at its core: "I'm not going to listen to how you described things. I'm going to look at them much more intensely and carefully than most people do, and certainly more intensely than our culture wants us to." The mission of the poem, of course, is to try to find the way to do that in the smallest amount of space possible.
    — Ted Genoways
    A poem is the perfect place to celebrate imperfection and exult in the ways you fall short of being the person you want to be.
    — Taylor Mali
    tags: people  poem 
    Feelings, she learned, were hard to fight. She treasured his smiles and compliments and tried not to dwell on the fact that he gave this things to his friend Kel. His dreamy-eyed gazes, poems, and fits of passionate melancholy were for Uline. It was hard not to resent the older girl.
    — Tamora Pierce
    Shonin: I have composed a poem. Kokushi: Let's hear it. Shonin: When I chant, Both Buddha and self Cease to exist. There is only the voice that says, Namu Amida Butsu. Kokushi: Something's wrong with the last couple of lines, don't you think? (after a lapse of time) Shonin: This is how I've written it: When I chant, Both Buddha and self Cease to exist. Namu Amida Butsu. Kokushi: There! You got it!
    — Takuan Soho
    tags: self  wrong  buddha  poem 
    I read a poem every night, as others read a prayer.
    — Tahar Ben Jelloun
    tags: night  prayer  poem  read 
    I am a guest of the French language. My poems in French are born of my interaction with the French language, which is not the same as that of a French poet.
    — Tahar Ben Jelloun
    tags: language  poem  poet 
    neither poems nor prose just a length of rope just the wet earth - that's the way home. neither vodka nor bread just bursts of rage just more new graves - that's youth and that's love. neither sleep nor waking neither joy nor laughter just tears in the night - so the rope, paper, knife.
    — Tadeusz Borowski
    tags: laughter  youth  joy  sleep  earth  night  tears  poem 
    A poem is good if it contains a new analogy and startles the reader out of the habit of treating words as counters.
    — T. E. Hulme
    tags: poem 
    There are not enough poems in praise of bed.
    — Sylvia Townsend Warner
    tags: praise  poem 
    I think Hemingway's [book] titles should be awarded first prize in any contest. Each of them is a poem, and their mysterious power over readers contributes to Hemingway's success. His titles have a life of their own, and they have enriched the American vocabulary.
    — Sylvia Beach
    tags: power  poem  success  american 
    when a poem says something that could not have been said in any other way, in music, prose, sculpture, movement or paint, then it is poetry.
    — Sybil Marshall
    tags: music  poetry  poem 
    A poem is a construction of inner space. Language is to inner space as light is to material space.
    — Sven Birkerts
    tags: language  space  poem 
    Sing a song, read a poem, paint a picture, hear the music... Rise up and touch the stars
    — Susan Polis Schutz
    tags: star  song  music  poem  read 
    A poem is an invocation, rebellious return to the blessedness of beginning again, wandering free in pure process of forgetting and finding.
    — Susan Howe
    tags: process  poem 
    I'm being explicit about really horrifying experiences in my life, but my hope has always been to be responsible as an artist and to avoid indulging in my misery, or to come off as an exhibitionist. I don't want to make the listener complicit in my vulnerable prose poem of depression, I just want to honor the experience. I'm not the victim here, and I'm not seeking other peoples' sympathy. I don't blame my parents, they did the best they could.
    — Sufjan Stevens
    Social media's currency is the single photograph. Whereas, every time I look at a photograph, I look at twenty or thirty photographs. I'm looking for a narrative. And that's a different kind of construct. If you're a poet and you put a line from your poem online, "The trees bending over gracefully," or something, you can get a tick. But that has nothing to do with your longer poem.
    — Stuart Franklin
    tags: time  poem  poet 
    I've already written 300 space poems. But I look upon my ultimate form as being a poetic prose. When you read it, it appears to be prose, but within the prose you have embedded the techniques of poetry.
    — Story Musgrave
    tags: space  poetry  poem  read 
    I'm going to spend my life writing poems, turning them into music that will affect people and touch their hearts. I'm going to write the songs that people can't write for themselves.
    — Stevie Nicks
    tags: people  heart  song  music  writing  write  poem 
    I keep all my poems in my journals and lock them away. They are the start of everything.
    — Stevie Nicks
    tags: poem 
    If you must write prose or poems, the words you use should be your own. Don't plagiarize or take 'on loan'. There's always someone, somewhere, with a big nose, who knows, who'll trip you up and laugh when you fall.
    — Steven Morrissey
    tags: write  poem 
    Once a year I try writing a poem, usually because I've read some poetry that amazed me and I want to do that.
    — Steve Toltz
    tags: writing  poetry  poem  read  year 
    I began composing the next poem, the one that was to be written next. Not the last poem of those I had read, but the poem written in the head of someone who may never have existed but who had certainly written another poem nonetheless, and just never had the chance to commit it to ink and the page.
    — Steve Erickson
    tags: chance  poem  read 
    Most of the time I'm not really attracted to writing that's focused on filling and fighting it out within a well-defined container. I like work that gets out in the world and lets the world shape the poem.
    — Stephen Vincent Benet
    tags: time  work  world  fighting  writing  poem 
    A phrase may come to me as I am walking, and, once I write it down in my journal, the rest of the poem will unravel from that catalyst.
    — Stephen Vincent Benet
    tags: write  poem 
    Paul Valery speaks of the 'une ligne donnee' of a poem. One line is given to the poet by God or by nature, the rest he has to discover for himself.
    — Stephen Spender
    tags: nature  god  poem  poet 
    When you read and understand a poem, comprehending its rich and formal meanings, then you master chaos a little.
    — Stephen Spender
    tags: meaning  master  chaos  poem  read 
    Music straightjackets a poem and prevents it from breathing on its own, whereas it liberates a lyric. Poetry doesn't need music; lyrics do.
    — Stephen Sondheim
    tags: music  poetry  poem  lyrics 
    I feel the most natural thing is for music to come that way because it's sort of like poetry. Though I do think with poets that I like, like Charles Olson or Ezra Pound, they were rewriting constantly, until the poem becomes a diamond.But with music I don't really feel that way.
    — Stephen Malkmus
    tags: music  poetry  poem  poet  pounds 
    Everyone's taste is different. But I think the best way to defend against regrets after opening night is to try your best to tell the story you want to tell. In terms of smaller changes over time, I think good plays are like poems. Every syllable counts.
    — Stephen Karam
    tags: time  regret  night  stories  poem 
    Poems are difficult to silence.
    — Stephen Greenblatt
    tags: silence  poem 
    All good poems are victories over something.
    — Stephen Dunn
    tags: victory  poem 
    I don't let a poem go into the world unless I feel that I've transformed the experience in some way. Even poems I've written in the past that appear very personal often are fictions of the personal, which nevertheless reveal concerns of mine. I've always thought of my first-person speaker as an amalgam of selves, maybe of other people's experiences as well.
    — Stephen Dunn
    If the motive of writing is for some people a kind of exercise in dirty laundry, that's one thing. I've always thought of my poems as meant to be overheard, as I think all of these poems are. It seems to me if you get experience right, even your most painful or humiliating experiences - if you get those experiences right for yourself and make discoveries as you go along and find for them some formal glue - they will be poems for others.
    — Stephen Dunn
    I wrote poetry for seven or eight years, maybe longer, before I could say I was a poet. If people asked, I'd say I wrote poetry; I wouldn't go further. I was in my mid- to late-thirties before I felt that I was a poet, which I think meant that I had begun to embody my poems in some way. I wasn't just a writer of them. Hard to say what, as a poet, my place in the world is. Some place probably between recognition and neglect.
    — Stephen Dunn
    tags: people  world  poetry  poem  poet  year  neglect 
    There's a certain pleasure in violating the strictures of your education. The trick is, if you're going to explore ideas in a poem, to be suspicious of ideas and suspicious of your own mind at the same time. It's often a matter of orchestration and pacing. Of shaping some kind of dialectic flow.
    — Stephen Dunn
    tags: time  pleasure  education  mind  poem  ideas 
    My poems always begin with a metaphor, but my way into the metaphor may be a word, an image, even a sound. And I rarely know the nature of the metaphor when I begin to write, but there is an attentiveness that a writer develops, a sudden alertness that is much like the feel of a fish brushing against a hook.
    — Stephen Dobyns
    tags: nature  metaphor  write  poem 
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