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When the year starts the objective is to win it all with the team, personal records are secondary.
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— Lionel Messi
The Christian use of religion as a personal love affair both shocked me, and attracted me.
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— Lionel Blue
On a personal note, I think it won't be until after I've retired that I'm fully aware of what I've done or what I've gone on to achieve in my career.
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— Lionel
Sometimes, it`s easier to tell a stranger something very personal. It`s like there`s less risk, opening yourself up to someone who doesn`t know you.
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— Linwood Barclay
While I may not get any money from Linux, I get a huge personal satisfaction from having written something that people really enjoy using, and that people find to be the best alternative for their needs.
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— Linus Torvalds
In personal conversations with technical people, I call myself a hacker. But when I'm talking to journalists I just say "programmer" or something like that.
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— Linus Torvalds
Playing with different genres and perspectives and ways of telling stories is one of the perks of being a novelist, but at the same time, I want precision. And in order to be precise about stuff, you have to get personal. Symbolism is very boring.
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— Linn Ullmann
I'd like to keep my personal life private. In reality, I know that's not possible. In the present, I'm trying to pretend it's possible.
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— Lindsey Vonn
Our experience of many life circumstances is a function of our personal perspective and not the circumstance itself.
— Lindsay Wagner
Personal relationships are always the key to good business. You can buy networking; you can't buy friendships.
— Lindsay Fox
Art is for healing ourselves, and everybody needs their own personal art to heal up their problems.
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— Linda Ronstadt
The bad thing about living in a small town was that everything became a personal issue. The good thing about living in a small town was that everything became a personal issue. During times of trouble, the support system was massive.
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— Linda Howard
Some 3,500 Muslims now serve in the U.S. military. The overwhelming majority of them are loyal Americans who see no conflict between their personal religious duty and service to their country. But there can no place in our military for those persons of any faith who do. America has now seen the horrors of what 'diversity at any cost' can lead to.
— Linda Chavez
Organized religion has a part in the evolution of personal religion. It is the material upon which personal religion is grafted, but the process of grafting must be individual. Every human soul must, through thought, prayer, and study, cultivate his [sic] own religion to suit himself.
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— Lily Montagu
What was your greatest challenge? Staying alive as a business, staying ahead of the game, and melding my business life with my personal life.
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— Lillian Vernon
It had been drilled into us that when an audience pays to see a performance, it is entitled to the best performance you can give.Nothing in your personal life must interfere, neither fatigue, illness, nor anxiety-not even joy.
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— Lillian Gish
Personal change, growth, development, identity formation-these tasks that once were thought to belong to childhood and adolescence alone now are recognized as part of adult life as well. Gone is the belief that adulthood is, or ought to be, a time of internal peace and comfort, that growing pains belong only to the young; gone the belief that these are marker events-a job, a mate, a child-through which we will pass into a life of relative ease.
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— Lillian B. Rubin
Society and personality live in a continuing reciprocal relation with each other. The search for personal change without efforts to change the institutions within which we live and grow will, therefore, be met with only limited reward.
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— Lillian B. Rubin
It was a very emotional dinner... Everyone shared personal stories about her and gave her words of encouragement and inspiration. Everyone tried to remain positive.
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— Lil' Kim
I think it's really, really important to mix it up as an actor, to try to get as much kind of varied experience as you can, not only for your own personal growth as an actor but for the audience to keep them guessing about what you're going to do.
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— Liev Schreiber
Understand: the task of an activist is not to negotiate systems of power with as much personal integrity as possible-it's to dismantle those systems.
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— Lierre Keith
What is your personal carrying capacity for grief, rage, despair? We are living in a period of mass extinction. The numbers stand at 200 species a day. That's 73,000 a year. This culture is oblivious to their passing, feels entitled to their every last niche, and there is no roll call on the nightly news.
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— Lierre Keith
I set goals, but they're mostly very personal goals. I never try and set a goal where 'I want to win this,' or 'I want to do this,' where other people can affect what I do. If I want to swim a new best time, I sit down and work out the best way of doing that. Whether I can shave a few tenths of a second off a turn or the start, my goal is putting them all together in a race. That's the way I set my goals.
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— Liam Tancock
Why would anyone ever tell anything personal to a journalist?
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— Liam Neeson
I accept that it was a mistake to allow distinctions to be blurred between my professional responsibilities and my personal loyalties to a friend. Mr Speaker, I am sorry for this. I have apologised to the Prime Minister, to the public, and, at the first opportunity available, to the House.
— Liam Fox
Don't engage with people who are bullying. And as difficult as it might seem, it's not personal, it has to do more with them. But it's something THEY have to work on.
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— Lexi Ainsworth
It is my belief, based partly on personal experience but partly also arrived at by looking around at others, that childhood lasts considerably longer in the males of our species than in the females.
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— Lewis Thomas
On a personal side, I found Bo Burlingham's Small Giants to be a great window into how business can be an extension of social change and the critical role the entrepreneur plays in creating progress in society.
— Lewis Schiff
The city is a fact in nature, like a cave, a run of mackerel or an ant-heap. But it is also a conscious work of art, and it holds within its communal framework many simpler and more personal forms of art. Mind takes form in the city; and in turn, urban forms condition mind.
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— Lewis Mumford
Erik Erikson has commented: Potentially creative men like (Bernard) Shaw build the personal fundament of their work during a self-decreed moratorium, during which they often starve themselves, socially, erotically, and, at last but not least, nutritionally, in order to let the grosser weeds die out, and make way for the growth of their inner garden.
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— Lewis Hyde
Because arrogance is born in personal vanity, arrogant people are driven without mercy. They can never get enough power to fill the soul's needs or enough respect to overcome the fear that they deserve less than they are getting.
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— Lewis B. Smedes
I have always felt that a man's religion was his personal and private affair.
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— Leverett Saltonstall
Personal power means being secure and confident inside yourself.
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— Lev Raphael
To this hour, the great science and duty of politics is lowered by the petty leaven of small and personal advantage.
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— Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Janice Gould is one of our best poets. The music of her poetry will delight you, and her gentle courageous accounts of tribal, family, and personal history make this book unforgettable. Doubters and Dreamers is a master-piece.
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— Leslie Marmon Silko
Sometimes I do feel exposed. I have this kind of theory about different channels or levels of relaying experience - when I tell someone, one on one, in a personal context, about something that's happened to me - that has a very different valence, a different charge, than when/if I've said it in a public forum.
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— Leslie Jamison
What counts is a way to get along with people that will bring us personal satisfaction and, at the same time, not trample upon the egos of those we deal with.
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— Les Giblin
How can you analyse what is funny? What's funny to one isn't funny to another... What's funny to you is a personal thing.
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— Les Dawson
Once you get on stage, everything is right. I feel the most beautiful, complete, fulfilled. I think that's why, in the case of noncompromising career women, parts of our personal lives don't work out. One person can't give you the feeling that thousands of people give you.
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— Leontyne Price
It's not just global warming, it's not just a loss of biodiversity, it's not just the pollution of our oceans and the clearing of our rainforests and all these complicated systems, The [11th Hour] movie talks about the world economy, it talks about politics, it talks about personal transformation and environmental consciousness that we need to have in this generation to implement a lot of these changes that need to occur.
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— Leonardo DiCaprio